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Old Country Buffet  
Old Country Buffet carries quality food at affordable prices for the perfect family dining experience. Come see for yourself today


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Anonymous 01/24/2019
If people are 60 & Older, there’s a flat discount from 1-4 pm. otherwise, surch for Coupons. Read the Coupon. Granity & Beverage are Not Included. No Restaurant on this Planet Includes Beverage, especially fast food garbage & Sports Stadiums. Supermarket & so on. For Diabetes. There’s a lot of sugar food. So, I’d look for sugar free deserts, skip desserts & sub. Fruit & Veggies.
Anonymous 12/05/2018
People whom are asking for Diabetes Dessert Speak to the General Manager.She/He will take your Info & call Corporate HQ. for changes. This sight is for Performance Feedback & is Not Necessary Read by Corp. Personal. Coupons obviously have a discount advantage. Read the Coupon. It’s simpke English. Beverage, Granity & Tax is Not Included. It’s common among Buffets, Beverage obviously is an extra.cost to the meal. OCB is Not Expensive. There’s a lot of overhead Labor Cost, Food & Supply’s, Rent & Insurance & so on.
Judy Heath 10/20/2018
My husband is a diabetic and I have low blood sugar.. We ate in Auburn the other day and it was great..BUT ON THE DESSERT BAR YOU ONLY HAD ONE SUGAR-FREE ITEM.AND IT WAS PUDDING.. Would appreciate it if you can have sugar-free cookies, cake or pies.. Their are a lot of diabetic people out there and this would be greatly appreciated..
Anonymous 09/08/2018
“Beverage is NOT Included” Majority of Restaurants global; Beverage is extra. Especially @ Sport Stadiums, Therefore: “There’s no point Complaining”
Bernice gilland pkwc 01/10/2018
Love eating at buffet the food is delicious . The associates great they give you very good service I would recommend country buffet to everyone .
Bernice Gilland 01/31/2017
I love old country buffet. The food is great and their associate are the best ever I will eat there as I often as I can
Carmen 01/04/2017
Where is the Rest. Now. Since the one in Lincoln Ave was closed
Bill McQuerry 05/11/2011
Food is good. But the coupon offer gives you three dollars off, but it is eaten away because it does not include a beverage. So the net is only $1.00 not three for the coupon.

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