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Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain based in Germany. The chain is made of two separate groups, Aldi Nord, headquartered in Essen—and Aldi Süd, headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr.


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Martine Chery 11/30/2022
I like to shop at Aldi like it
A. Rau 11/16/2022
love their selection and prices. - also the employees are always ready and willing to help.
Becky 11/10/2022
Aldi does not accept any type of coupons! Please don't advertise them in any coupons! Aldi is the best store store for saving money! Their brands are very good in most products! They get fresh produce daily & their app is great. It has the weekly ad in List form (easier to see details on mobile & to make Shopping List!) Their Finds aisle is like shopping in a small Variety store! Best candles that you can smell in a lg area IF you see something you like, BUY IT, it very likely won't be there when you go back! We save about 40% weekly on groceries by shopping at Aldi!!
Mike Moore 10/27/2022
Write down the cost per item from your local supermarket onto your next shopping list. Then go to ALDI and compare. You will not believe the advantage for the same basic items when you shop ALDI.
Jerri 10/22/2022
I’m always amazed at how much I can get for my food dollars! LUV YA, ALDI’S!
Anonymous 10/16/2022
I love Aldi’s, I shop there every week. In Hartville, Ohio
Frieda Proctor 10/12/2022
I love my Lantana Aldi’s❤️ Fresh produce and the Aldi’s finds are great. Their manager is amazing, she’s always stocking, checking out soooo visible! The store is clean.
Mary 09/29/2022
I thoroughly love Aldi prices & unique products ! Easy to shop & convenient store size.
Elaine Dittman 09/27/2022
Great place to shop for great deals and great food!
Marg 09/25/2022
Like the SC store very much. Thanks for trying to help poor folks with the food/meat prices at Aldi.
J Funyak 09/19/2022
love our Altoona,Ebensburg and Johnstown PA Aldi’s Always well stocked and fresh
Debbie Reichert 09/01/2022
We love Aldi’s. We have 3 in Erie PA are and shop all three. Their products are good! Their aisle of non foods/specials are our favorites! Have bought everything from a computer to underwear and satisfied with all of it. If you have any problems….they handle it very professionally. I recommend them to everyone!!!
Sara June Allen 08/21/2022
I really like shopping at Aldi inTulsa Oklahoma 74133 fresh produce it all good and I save money also. Thank You
Donna Hastings 08/21/2022
I love ALDIs and do almost all my grocery shopping there. They guarantee their foods, and have great prices. I think I save about 30 % on groceries each month using their brands.
Pamela 08/21/2022
I moved from an area that had an Aldi. I shopped faithfully there for over 10 years. Then we moved to an area that didn't have Aldi. I prayed every day to please build an Aldi for me and my neighbors. Then my dreams came true, we got an Aldi. Thank you grocery gods, now I can save money on my groceries. I missed Aldi, now I'm happy! Everybody needs an Aldi : )
Kathryn Homer 08/18/2022
Can't beat it for price, options and variety.
Ellen 08/14/2022
Aldi's is MY store! I go to other grocery stores an the prices are $1-$2 or more. I can not buy food there. I am O.K. with Aldi prices.
Lois Freeland 08/10/2022
I live on social security, which means, paycheck to paycheck. If it was not for Aldi I would not be able to eat healthy.
Evelyn Riley-Moore 08/09/2022
I want to see the weekly ad for the Aldi in my neighborhood, Covington Highway, Lithonia, GA. The savings were great before the recent price increases for groceries. I shopped weekly at Aldi because I could save but now I had to reduce my visits to Aldi because you have made a multitude of price increases that forces me to think twice about buying things I want and not need.
Merine Lewis 07/29/2022
My favorite place to shop it's less than 5 minutes from my house OMG do I love there prices
Mindy Bamder Habib 07/27/2022
I love you store and was a regular shopper until 4 1/2 yrs ago when I became slightly disabled. I need an electric cart to get through the store especially since they have gotten larger. I wish you could make your stores more handicap accessible. I can get to your store infact you just put one in my town. I just can’t walk well enough to do my shopping. Please, please, please consider making this addition. Thank you Mindy Bander Habib
Louise. Rigaud 07/24/2022
I love Aldi. You find great buys at a lower price. Variety of nuts packages, all different kind of cheeses at a good price. Love their specialty Greek yogurt etc
Carol Jackson 07/02/2022
I LOVE the store. Was upset when I read some closed. AND LOVE GERMAN items! And love lower prices.
Phyllis pragliola 06/13/2022
Love Aldi, looking forward to the new store on Bell to open, closer for me.
Barbara Watkins 06/08/2022
Like Aldi's you never know what bargain you will find. Great store.Nice people......
Judy Carroll Cipo 06/02/2022
I like going to Aldi’s but their produce is bad after two days,it must be 3rd picks.Also their prices are equivalent to Walmarts not really cheap anymore.
Kelly 05/27/2022
Why on a Wednesday at the Aldi's on S. Signal Butte Rd Mesa, AZ Be out of most of the weekly ad inventory at 5:15 pm
Deb pope 05/17/2022
Love my store. Highway 96, Franklin tn . Stephanie , Chris and oooh I forget her name but vicious and always ready to help
Barbara Ulmer 05/12/2022
My favorite store with so many wonderful foods from around the world…great for easy entertaining!!
Ellie McGuire 05/11/2022
I love shopping at Aldi. They have wonderful produce, dairy products and meats. I wish there was one in Walhalla but each time I travel to Seneca, Easley or Anderson SC, I shop at Aldi. The prices are more reasonable than anywhere else I have shopped. You may have to wait a little longer to get checked out but it is well worth the wait.
El 05/01/2022
Love this store. Great prices and everything is so fresh!
Susan D. 04/23/2022
I handicapped senior. The check is great. So speedy. I hate standing in line and they still have checkers that are friendly.
Ruth Ann Gibbs 04/06/2022
Awesome place to SAVE money. I have suggested several times that they should carry BANDAIDS. EVERY home has use of them
Edward 04/03/2022
Aldi's used to offer good food discounts. They are no longer there. Their advertisements feature low balling items such as cucumbers and othefr items for a dollar or less, to give you the illusion their prices are low. They aren't. Almost everything as gone up in price, viz: their wine, from $1.99 to 2.45. It almost doesn't pay to go to Aldi's anymore...........
DorcasHarrington 03/28/2022
Every where I go..I can't find catfish.. I live in Bolingbrook IL and there is none!! Help
Sharon 03/27/2022
Please bring back the low sugar oatmeal. It took over 6 months for Aldi’s to bring back the 45 calorie bread. I am on Weight Watchers in it’s hard to follow when you don’t have the products that Weight Watchers is saying that you do supply on the shelves. Stop with the false advertisement please and make sure that I am able to maintain my goal weight by having the products that you state that you do Karrie. Thank you for listening
Carol 03/14/2022
Clancy’s pretzels BOLD & SPICY The best, addicting snack. I’ve had Dotties brand, expensive. Aldies has their own, same thing I have everyone addicted!
Cynthia F. 03/10/2022
I have found some great finds at Aldi. Very disappointed in price increase. Aldi is still my to go first store!
Shirish Parikh 03/10/2022
It’s a very reasonably priced food market also has many utensils for Avery reasonable price.
Bob K 02/28/2022
Germany candy's and cheese are great 👍

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