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Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain based in Germany. The chain is made of two separate groups, Aldi Nord, headquartered in Essen—and Aldi Süd, headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr.


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Mike 12/11/2018
We love the Aldi's in St. Petersburg, Largo and Pinellas Park. Your prices the the best in town. Your vegetables and fruits and fresh and priced less than any other stores. Your other items like holiday goods, kitchen items, Summer goods, pet items, etc., hands downs are the best priced.and.are warrantied. Our budgets thank you.
Jill 11/01/2018
Please build one closer to us. LOVE the German food section!! Crab cakes are as good as a restaurant. Fresh fruits & vegetables we all can afford. Love variety of cheeses. Best of ALL... I love you have to put .25 in for a grocery buggy...folks are more circuitous @ returning them...a view from a Floridian that gets sick of seeing them being stolen in front yards. All over 1 quarter...great idea Aldi's..
T.M.S-M 10/25/2018
I have been shopping at Aldi from the day they first opened there doors. I am a big fan of aldi really like all the new added items they have to offer. Especially the seasonal items (ex. Halloween & Christmas) Great store to shop for every thing
Annie 10/19/2018
Please put an Aldis in Brooklyn Michigan. We only have Country Market. Always too busy. parking is awful and prices 2 to 3 dollars higher than Jackson Michigan.
Luis 10/19/2018
My husband shops there all the time— too expensive here in Staten Island, N.Y.
Martha 10/11/2018
ALDI is My favorite store I shop there more then any where asle.
Ute Burrell 10/08/2018
I shop here every week, I am German and wish the store would have more German products
Anonymous 10/07/2018
Don’t like bags of fruit & veggies. Smaller quantities, please.
Debbie F 10/04/2018
I liked when they used to put recipes in their flyers while the ingredients were on sale. Had some yummy dinners
Jane 10/03/2018
I love Aldi’s. Prices are reasonable and they have great specials. I love looks for bargains.
Willie Mae Harris 09/22/2018
I love their nice gifts and food prices. Thanks for coming to Martinsville, Va.
Bettie 09/04/2018
I do not think they use coupons. Have used them for years and have never seen one in the paper or any where else. I do not buy this at all. I love them and I save a lot of money and when you live on SS it is even better. Try it and I think will like it also. They are not redoing the ones here in Lawrenceville and it is going to be bigger and better.
Glenda Kavanagh 09/04/2018
Please put an Aldi in Travelers Rest SC. I have to travel 15 miles to get to the closest one. It would be great!!!!!
Bonnie Anderson 08/30/2018
Please consider putting an Aldi in Detroit Lakes, our K mart closed and that would be a perfect place for your store, large parking lot, right on Highway 10, Detroit Lakes has close to 10,000 residents and is in the lake area with many more lake people in the area. We are 60 miles from Fargo and have many retired people in the lake area, who do not want to drive to that area. Please consider this area. Thanks, Bonnie Andersoni
Theresa Carlton 08/22/2018
I can't find the fit and active orange, strawberry and cherry ice pops
Lee 07/24/2018
They REALLY NEED AN ALDIS IN VENICE FLORIDA THE WALMART IN VENICE IS ALWAYS PACKED & NO WHERE TO PARK !! And their prices are not good ! They have 1 in North Port fl & Port Charlotte! Please put 1 in VENICE FLORIDA Thanks ALDI
Sobel Roz 06/29/2018
It’s great and less money and nice help
Pia 06/14/2018
You guys need one in Colorado, there are lots of Germans living here! So I guess I go to Aldi in Germany every year! We all live Aldi here also
Winnie Wilsonrm 04/18/2018
I simple just love to go to Aldi they have a great selection of meats great quality and affordable prices. In this economy you certainly will get more for your money.
PJ 03/21/2018
Need one in Lyon County, Ky! Have direct access to Interstates I-69, I-24, Cumberland River and close Rail Delivery. This county has only one Grocery Store for several communities, towns and Barkley Lake vacation area! We currently drive 48 and 46 miles to the closest Aldis in Hopkinsville & Paducah, Ky. Thank you in advance for consideration!
Illuma BERNSTEIN 03/01/2018
Need an Aldi store in Galloway township on RT. 9 and Smithville Blvd
Carla Bono 02/13/2018
I wish they would put an Aldis in Wagoner Ok we have no grocery stores except Wal-Mart super center..I have to drive 30 miles round trip to grocery shop..
christy L lewis 01/22/2018
Aldi is a great place to shop! They have variety, great items at low prices and the people are nice.
Patricia A. Szczepanski 11/14/2017
Shop here all the time. 24-7.
Winnie Wilson 10/30/2017
I love Aldi,you can always find great stuff, l am in Aldi every monday on my way from work.great floral arrangements at affordable prices, meat fresh and fruits are at a price you can affford, so go to Aldi you truly can save in this economy.
Judi Hileman 10/26/2017
Mostly I love Aldi !!! Sometimes they take too long to call up another cashier!! Too many times low on stock! Bread is too hard for me in 2 days! Love e the 4 pack of rolls! I’ve told everyone to go!
brenda rimel 10/21/2017
I love shopping at aldi's good food great prices....So much better than wal marts
Trudy Laub 10/16/2017
I love Aldi but it is like a freezer in the store. I keep gloves in my car for shopping in Aldi. I frequently forget something because I just want to get out of the store.
Carol 09/26/2017
When & where are you coming to Arizona????? I just moved here & miss you!
Delores 08/31/2017
I am German. And I love Aldi. Great deals. Great savings when ever we shop at Aldi.
joan borngesser 07/28/2017
every purchase is the best deal in town.. for sure. I have shopped there for over 18 years.
Dianne Grimm 06/21/2017
Love Aldi, saves our budget cash every month.
Patricia Penaloza 06/08/2017
Best food shopping,and money saving. I love it!!!
sandra thompson 06/06/2017
Renovation of Aldi in Plainfield is complete and it's beautiful. So easy to get through the aisles now. Also had some great "grand reopening" deals.
Claudia Smithson 03/08/2017
I'm so glad you came to Florida! I'm from Michigan and was very happy you finally started them here thank you!!
Karen petersen 02/07/2017
Wish Aldi was in Surprise, AZ!
Christine 01/14/2017
I would like an Aldi in Sacramento California.
Geneva Prather 10/03/2016
Love, love, love Aldis. Drive out of town every week to shop there. Has cut my grocery bill in half. New store opens in my town in 3 weeks. Can't wait!!
Steve L Gabbert 09/18/2016
I love Aldi's. Everything I get there has always been Good. So Thankful for Aldi's
Akila 07/21/2016
I love Aldi and feeling happy that it is reachable for me to get all my basic things everytime 😊

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