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Aldi is a global discount supermarket chain based in Germany. The chain is made of two separate groups, Aldi Nord, headquartered in Essen—and Aldi Süd, headquartered in Mülheim an der Ruhr.


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Judith C. 11/30/2023
Only place I shop, it is affordable and products are excellent. If product is not to your liking or standards, Aldi will refund or replace..I can finally buy meat and produce...
Charlotte Richeson 09/14/2023
We love shopping at Aldi's. We live about 15 miles from there, but my husband drives out there anyway. Wish we had one closer to us. Thank you Alids
Angelica B Osuna 09/11/2023
Went to your store in National City and bought all the necessary harvest items, bakery, pillows, decorating pumpkins, just beautiful!!! Spent $128.00, worth every penny. Thank you!!!
Vickie Bohlen 09/03/2023
I love Aldis. The staff is also very friendly and helpful. I don't like the phone ringing sound for the self check out. I still use the person line. Affordable prices and something for everyone.
Donna Hoel 08/12/2023
Great store. Good savings. Good store brands.
A Miller 08/02/2023
Your weekly ads are impossible to enlarge so that aging eyes can read. What a disappointment. I love the store but can't read your ads.
C.Rosen 07/26/2023
It’s close to me. I go there often. I like the store and shop there often.
Robert Walsh 07/02/2023
The Aldi's in our town has made a huge mistake in running their store. They have reduced the number of cashers at most times to 1 employee. Their attitude seems to be stand in line and check it out yourself. They of course have monitoring equipment to make sure items are properly scanned. Our store in Middletown, CT has gone dramatically downhill over the past year or so. I am hopeful they go back to their roots and provide good products at a reasonable price and treat their customers with dignity and respect. Sorry to see this happening and hope they return to their old business plan.
Dianne 06/08/2023
My main problem is I've been overcharged at least the last four times I've shopped there. Luckly I check my receipt before I leave the store.
Angelica B Osuna 05/31/2023
Best place to buy groceries! Great variety!
Sandy 03/11/2023
You can get great deals at Aldi
Linda connors 03/11/2023
Love the selection and prices are great.
Eleanor DiCarlo 02/23/2023
Love the store. Wish it was bigger. Buy each week for myself and then buy for my granddaughter each week and take it to her in Hanover, PA.
Anonymous 02/13/2023
Wish you would locate a store to, Vandalia Ohio we sure could use you here, a lot of citizens would be happy and grateful.
Joann Kinder 02/12/2023
A new store here in Saint John’s & I love it, shop there all the time. Like products & prices. Love all the fresh fruit & veggies.
Janet Martin 02/12/2023
Fantastic place to shop. I don't know how they manage to offer the prices they charge, but they are extremely reasonable and very much appreciated.
Anonymous 02/11/2023
I like Aldi's the food is good and the prices beat the other supermarkets that is my store
doru 02/05/2023
OK. Quality and normal prices. Friendly, polite service staff. German quality.
DJG 01/22/2023
I shop in Fall River Mass. Most of the prices are very good or good. Sometimes they don’t have the same items 2weeks in a row so grab it when you see it. Elderly or handicapped should have help available to put groceries in car.
Yolanda Barajas 01/18/2023
💜💜 your discount on groceries and the wide selection!! Thanks for letting us shop
Mila. 01/18/2023
Prices acceptable, quality very good.
Joey 01/07/2023
The prices are good and so are the products.
Lindee Teague 12/28/2022
I always enjoy shopping at Aldi’s. You never know what you can find.
Anonymous 12/22/2022
Aldi is my go to always. However disappointed in my last purchase of So Soft toilet tissue 12pk. Been using it for years but the quality is that of fine grade sandpaper now. Really hate that I feel that because of the quality of the product I may have to waste my time and money by getting those things at the big box (stinks). The only complaint after shopping there even when inconvenient to make the trip across town
Julie Grosskopf 12/20/2022
I love Aldi's. High quality food at low prices. The isle of scheme is Amazing.
Glory Seagraves 12/11/2022
Our Aldi's in Ontario Ohio is amazing!!!
HeidiSchoch 12/03/2022
I am glad that Aldi is in Peachtree City Ga. It is so nice to Shop to see all the German Food the have I wish they would be more!
Martine Chery 11/30/2022
I like to shop at Aldi like it
A. Rau 11/16/2022
love their selection and prices. - also the employees are always ready and willing to help.
Becky 11/10/2022
Aldi does not accept any type of coupons! Please don't advertise them in any coupons! Aldi is the best store store for saving money! Their brands are very good in most products! They get fresh produce daily & their app is great. It has the weekly ad in List form (easier to see details on mobile & to make Shopping List!) Their Finds aisle is like shopping in a small Variety store! Best candles that you can smell in a lg area IF you see something you like, BUY IT, it very likely won't be there when you go back! We save about 40% weekly on groceries by shopping at Aldi!!
Mike Moore 10/27/2022
Write down the cost per item from your local supermarket onto your next shopping list. Then go to ALDI and compare. You will not believe the advantage for the same basic items when you shop ALDI.
Jerri 10/22/2022
I’m always amazed at how much I can get for my food dollars! LUV YA, ALDI’S!
Anonymous 10/16/2022
I love Aldi’s, I shop there every week. In Hartville, Ohio
Frieda Proctor 10/12/2022
I love my Lantana Aldi’s❤️ Fresh produce and the Aldi’s finds are great. Their manager is amazing, she’s always stocking, checking out soooo visible! The store is clean.
Mary 09/29/2022
I thoroughly love Aldi prices & unique products ! Easy to shop & convenient store size.
Elaine Dittman 09/27/2022
Great place to shop for great deals and great food!
Marg 09/25/2022
Like the SC store very much. Thanks for trying to help poor folks with the food/meat prices at Aldi.
J Funyak 09/19/2022
love our Altoona,Ebensburg and Johnstown PA Aldi’s Always well stocked and fresh
Debbie Reichert 09/01/2022
We love Aldi’s. We have 3 in Erie PA are and shop all three. Their products are good! Their aisle of non foods/specials are our favorites! Have bought everything from a computer to underwear and satisfied with all of it. If you have any problems….they handle it very professionally. I recommend them to everyone!!!
Sara June Allen 08/22/2022
I really like shopping at Aldi inTulsa Oklahoma 74133 fresh produce it all good and I save money also. Thank You

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Money Saving Tips at Aldi

1. Make a shopping list: Plan what you need to buy before going to the store. This will help you avoid impulse purchases and stick to your budget.

2. Check the weekly ads: Aldi releases weekly ads that feature special deals and discounts. Look through them and plan your shopping accordingly.

3. Shop for generics: Aldi offers a range of private label or generic products that are usually cheaper than their branded counterparts. These products are often just as good in terms of quality and taste.

4. Buy in bulk: Aldi sells many items in bulk, such as rice, pasta, and canned goods. Buying in bulk can save you money in the long run.

5. Look for clearance items: Aldi often puts items on clearance to make room for new inventory. Keep an eye out for these deals and stock up on items you frequently use.

6. Use cash or a debit card: Aldi doesn't accept credit cards, which can help you avoid overspending and paying interest on credit card balances.

7. Bring your own bags: Aldi charges for bags, so bringing your own reusable bags can save you money.

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