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LongHorn Steakhouse is an American casual dining restaurant chain that is owned and operated by Darden Restaurants, Inc.


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Anonymous 10/14/2021
We always enjoy eating there. Their steaks and burgers are delicious.
Ellen P. Childs 10/09/2021
One of our favorite restaurants, however I'm disappointed that my husband, James D Childs and I don't get coupons for our birthday and anniversary for free appetizers or desserts even though we signed up for the Longhorn Steakhouse Club.
Pearl Hall 09/29/2021
Love food. Coupons would be nice, give seniors discount.
Kay 09/21/2021
West palm beach manager was very rude at the end of the evening. It was late but he snapped at my party. And me. Also said business was bad and they no longer would accept coupons for free appetizer. Not pleasant at all. Food was good with steaks salads etc
Patricia Hord 09/10/2021
Love longhorn,we go there about 4 times a week, could you please have more of a selection on the menu,such as appetizers, dinners etc.Thank you.
Edna Carlton 08/25/2021
Have never had a bad meal at Longhorn. I prefer the Dalton, GA Location. Always have had good service.
Sue Gretzinger 07/31/2021
The best steaks and Caesar salad in the area…looking forward to a wonderful dinner tonight to celebrate my sister’s 70th birthday.
Audrey Dunayer 07/17/2021
We never get senior citizens discounts at longhorn.
MARION Diaz 06/20/2021
My first time and the food was amazing! The best steak in Lafayette! This is now my favorite place to dine. The employees was fast and friendly!!
Monique Cleveland 06/02/2021
They need to send out more coupons for Longhorn..
Kathy hunter 05/10/2021
Management never called me back regarding the very bad dinner we had. Longhorns used to be great in HA. The one in Rancho Cucamonga has been lacking. Our food took forever then 2 of our guests meals were incorrect.
Ann 05/04/2021
Great food and service
Kathy A 05/02/2021
Longhorn has gotten us thus far through this ridiculous pandemic. Only once was I disappointed, ordered the strawberry salad, but got zero “strawberries”. They did attempt to make it with more lettuce tho! When I can’t eat, this usually saves my day!
Linda Wrazen 04/27/2021
Great food and service. It’s very clean. We are going tomorrow.
garza 02/28/2021
My wife, grand son and I, were there just yesterday, which by the way was our 39th. anniversary being married. My wife normally has the 8 oz, steak and my grand son normally eats one of the larger steaks, while I normally eat, steak and lobster. I have to admit, it is not a cheap place to eat, but the food has not disappointed us, not once. I love their salad and dressing, their baked potatoes are great, their steaks are delicious and tender, while their desert are to kill for. I am not a connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I do have a very good palate and I for one, love good food. I will say, if your food is lacking, I will not go back to try anything else. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for an excellent dining experience. Thanks Longhorn, for helping me please my finicky Wife and her appetite. I will be going back.
Donald Matlock 12/22/2020
Great steakhouse
Robin Dawson 12/06/2020
I love to eat at longhorn the best chicken . I eat there 3 times a week.
Noelia Lopez 11/10/2020
We like Longhorn. We visit them in Puerto Rico . And when we travel in USA
Irwin Morris 11/04/2020
very disappointed - called in for a reservation - told not necessary - get there and had to wait outside in the cold for 25 minutes watching other's walk in and get seated - complained and was told "they called in for a reservation" - still ate there - will think better before I go back
Marie watson 10/07/2020
Great food good service, love to eat there
Kilanalua@ gmail.com 09/12/2020
They never have any coupons or give senior discounts. I dislike that.
L. Vernon Smith 09/11/2020
Love your steaks and great salads. And with a coupon, I can eat there more often.
Boop 09/04/2020
One of my fave places to eat lunch and dinner! On point 100%!
edith5805@att.net 09/04/2020
Had lunch 9/1/2020 and waiter (Victor R) Food was terrific and our waiter/server Victor made our lunch perfect. Patiently helped us order the most perfect meals and helped us perfectly pack our leftovers.
Robert Yockin 08/24/2020
I have never had a bad meal at Longhorn's. Can't wait till you put the French onion soup back on the menu.
Wright David 07/24/2020
When they stopped selling PRIME RIB I quit going!🤨
William 07/09/2020
Too damn hard to navigate. PUT IN MY ZIP, AND CONES UP WITH ARAZONA
Deniece Oehmsen 06/05/2020
We love lLonghorns. Best of everything. I love their salads especially the croutons. Honey must dressing amazing and the best Rib Eyes you ever had.
lois warren 03/03/2020
Carol Whitlock 01/28/2020
We love LongHorn in Tx, Indiana wherever. Will be in ft wayne tomorrow to celebrate our 4th anniversary.
Maida Huber 01/26/2020
Great atmosphere- food the best ever and your cauliflower dish is unbelievable!
Shirley Williams 11/12/2019
Your menu is a bit confusing. We were a party of four and it took us almost an hour with help from our waitress to figure out what we wanted.
Bobby King 10/30/2019
Why does Longhorn list the online coupons. This is stupid, you will have more revenue if you offer in restaurant coupons that get customers at your tables. This is business 101, but I guess the management didn’t attend a Business College. I like Longhorn food and would come more often if the coupons were for in restaurant.
Chuck Emerling 10/14/2019
I don t do order on line. 😡 Many people have pointed this out. Time to change policy. ASAP
Dan Allison 09/29/2019
I do not have any use for the online coupons. I will use the in store coupons. I very seldom eat at any restaurant with out a discounts. Such as in store coupons, Military discounts, or senior citizen discounts. There is a lot restaurants that give discounts so I go there to eat.
Carolyn 09/19/2019
Love Longhorn. Best steak ever
Ann 07/30/2019
I love everything about the Longhorn restaurants except they continue to over cook my steaks. Guess I will just start ordering them cooked one below what I want and then perhaps they will be as I prefer. We were at the new one in Littleton, CO. but had the same problem at the fairly new one in Plano, TX.
Diane Boswell 07/26/2019
Me and my husband eat there about 3 times a week, he loves the baby back ribs, I love the out law ribeye. We go to the one in Allen park Michigan.
Diane Boswell 06/21/2019
We Love Longhorn we eat there at least twice a week
Ann mcCrorey 06/12/2019
Love the salad with salmon

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