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Paulette Kelly 07/24/2022
Even thought we shopped less than other years we still managed to get back our membership fee & then some at renewal time. Love, love COSTCO & it is 3 miles away too!
Ernie Adams 04/08/2022
Costco is great, and doesn't need to discount membership, or have trial memberships. Their stores are full of shoppers, most days. They have the best meat and produce in town!
Jean Templetom 01/24/2022
I really like Costco. I get my $60 back many times over my dogs meds more than my membership. To many savings to say.
Wanted to Try 08/26/2021
No One Day Trial Memberships? Your Shooting Yourself in the foot For Sure. Oh Well , Back to Sams Club. šŸ˜
G. Buhl 08/26/2021
In the past, there used to be one day trial memberships. What happened to them? I called Costco and they said I could look but not buy anything. How am I supposed to know whether I Like the product or Not. Iā€™m Very Disappointed about that , and I Will Not Come And Look Only.
Lynn 07/25/2021
I love how Costco has added so many yummy keto products to vh their stores. They are had to find. Alsk the return policy is great.
Tafida 06/19/2021
Very crowded and some prices high
Christine Tutone 01/11/2021
Are there any promos on your membership rates? The are kind of steep.
Ted S 05/12/2020
Always a pleasure to shop there. Best prices.
Dancker Lin 05/10/2020
Disappointed that you only take Visa. I do not have a Visa card. I had to be pulled aside to write a check. Pretty pathetic.
Nandlal 01/28/2019
One roof shopping so easy and comfortable
Coach Rice 07/14/2018
What's up..no Hot Dogs.. shame on you!!
Sharon Kraft ZyGw 07/13/2018
They should accept American Xpress for payment.
ROSALIA 10/06/2017
The best store, I love shopping there
Ruth White 11/02/2012
I have been a member of costco for 15 year I like the store for their products they have and the return policies.
carolyn west 08/18/2012
I have taken a friend to shop at Costco, and I would love to be a member. The quality is excellent, the service is great, and the pizza is absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work Costco staff.
Tina Brett 05/24/2012
The one thing I love about costco is the unique things you can get there. I especially love how I can go once a week and there is something different to buy in the clothing department. Their book selection is afforable and of course their sampling my kids love!
Dawna Hickerty 05/09/2012
What terrible service at your Prince George Tire Center. I have made 2 (two) trips of 440 km to have my winter tires changed and tried to buy new summer tires at your store BUT could not get an appointment and when I arrived at the warehouse was told they were booked up. It must be nice to have this kind of a business. I do believe that you need to allow some perks for your out-of-town members or you will not have them. I would have been willing to pay for the tires ahead of time if I could have an appt. Very Poor Customer Relations.
Joni Preston 12/27/2011
You can always count on Costco for quality and good prices. they also have a spectacular return policy and warranty systems. I shop here for all of my big purchases.
Tammy Maxwell 11/28/2011
Costco has a great selection of items at the best prices! Gas is always lower there than anywhere else in town.
saveetha prabaharan 08/19/2011
hi, costco is very shop in my opinion bcaz the quality of any item in costco in asam .whatever item is bulk but cheap in prize so i liked to tell this is best shop
Andrea Kirby 08/19/2011
I have been a member since I was 16 years old and my family has been since they opened as Price Club. They have always had amazing products, service, and do everything they can to make sure their customers are 100% satisfied with everything from the people working there to the products they are buying. Most of the things in my house are from Costco including my flooring, furniture, food, appliances, beds, vehicle parts, etc...I save money, know that if it does not work as it should or I do not love it in my house or where ever I intended it, I can take it back and get something else without guilt or shame. My husband and son also love the food court. I will be a Costco member for life! This is a family tradition that definitely will be passed down.
Anonymous 08/30/2009
great store

Money Saving Tips at Costco

Costco is a membership-based warehouse club that offers a variety of products, from groceries to electronics, in bulk quantities. If you're looking to save money at Costco, here are some tips:

1. Get a Costco Membership: While there is an annual fee for a Costco membership, the savings on bulk purchases can often outweigh the cost. Consider the different membership levels to find one that suits your needs.

2. Shop Costco Kirkland Signature Products: Costco's private label, Kirkland Signature, offers a wide range of high-quality products at lower prices than many national brands. Look for Kirkland Signature items to save money.

3. Take Advantage of Costco Coupons: Costco provides its members with a coupon booklet that features discounts on a variety of products. Check for monthly coupon offers and use them during your shopping trips.

4. Explore Costco's Online-Only Deals: Costco offers online-only deals that may not be available in-store. Check the Costco website for exclusive online promotions and discounts.

5. Buy in Bulk and Split with Others: Costco specializes in selling products in bulk quantities. Consider splitting large packages with friends or family to save money and avoid waste.

6. Watch for Instant Savings Offers: Costco regularly features "Instant Savings" offers on a variety of products. These discounts are applied at the register and can significantly reduce the cost of certain items.

7. Shop Seasonal and Clearance Items: Keep an eye out for seasonal and clearance items at Costco. These products may be offered at a discount to make room for new inventory.

8. Use Costco Gas Stations: If you have a Costco membership, consider filling up your gas tank at Costco gas stations. Gas prices at Costco tend to be competitive and may offer savings.

9. Compare Unit Prices: While buying in bulk can save money, it's essential to compare the unit prices of different package sizes to ensure you are getting the best value.

10. Opt for Kirkland Signature Batteries and Staples: Costco's Kirkland Signature batteries and staples like toilet paper and paper towels are often priced competitively. Consider choosing these items for additional savings.

11. Take Advantage of Costco's Return Policy: Costco has a generous return policy. If you're not satisfied with a product, you can return it for a refund, which can provide additional value for your purchases.

12. Shop Costco Travel for Vacation Packages: Costco offers vacation packages, rental cars, and other travel-related services. Check Costco Travel for deals that might save you money on your next vacation.

13. Use the Costco Anywhere Visa Card: If you're a Costco member, consider the Costco Anywhere Visa Card, which offers cashback rewards on Costco and other purchases.

14. Shop with a List: Having a list can help you stick to your budget and avoid impulse purchases. Plan your shopping ahead of time to focus on essential items.

Remember that while Costco offers significant savings, it's important to shop wisely and avoid unnecessary purchases. By taking advantage of membership perks and being mindful of deals, you can maximize your savings at Costco.

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FAQs about Costco

1. What is Costco's return policy?

Costco has a generous return policy, allowing members to return most items with or without a receipt. Electronics typically have a 90-day return window.

2. How do I become a Costco member?

To become a Costco member, you can sign up online through their website or visit a local Costco warehouse. There are different membership levels, including Gold Star and Executive, each with its own benefits.

3. What brands and products does Costco carry?

Costco offers a wide range of products, including groceries, electronics, furniture, clothing, and more. They carry both their private label, Kirkland Signature, and popular brands in various categories.

4. Is Costco's membership fee worth it?

Many customers find Costco's membership fee worthwhile due to the savings on bulk purchases, exclusive discounts, and access to services like Costco Travel and Costco Pharmacy.

5. Does Costco offer online shopping?

Yes, Costco provides online shopping through their website. Members can browse and purchase a selection of products, including some that may not be available in-store.

6. What are Costco's business hours?

Store hours can vary by location, and Costco warehouses may have different opening and closing times. It's recommended to check the specific hours of the nearest Costco on their website or contact the store directly.

7. Can non-members shop at Costco?

Non-members can shop at Costco by using a Costco Cash Card, which can be purchased by members and used by non-members. However, a membership is typically required for most purchases.

8. Does Costco offer a price adjustment policy?

Yes, Costco has a price adjustment policy that allows members to request a price adjustment if an item they purchased is further discounted within a specified time frame.

9. What services does Costco provide besides retail?

Costco offers additional services such as travel bookings through Costco Travel, prescription medications at Costco Pharmacy, and services like photo printing and optical services.

10. How can I apply for a job at Costco?

Job seekers can apply for positions at Costco by visiting the careers section on the official Costco website. Job openings and application details are typically available online.

About Costco

Costco Wholesale Corporation, a retail giant, has redefined the shopping experience since its founding in 1983. Headquartered in Issaquah, Washington, Costco has become a global leader in the warehouse club industry, known for its membership-based model, bulk purchasing power, and commitment to offering quality products at competitive prices.

Costco's massive warehouse-style stores are a hallmark of the brand, providing members with a treasure trove of diverse products, ranging from groceries and electronics to furniture and automotive supplies. The company's private-label brand, Kirkland Signature, is synonymous with quality and value, offering a wide array of products across various categories.

Central to Costco's success is its focus on the customer. The membership model not only fosters customer loyalty but also allows the company to pass on significant savings to its members. Costco's no-frills approach, with minimal advertising and efficient store layouts, contributes to a streamlined shopping experience.

Beyond its retail operations, Costco is recognized for its progressive employment practices and commitment to sustainability. The company's corporate responsibility initiatives include environmentally friendly practices, ethical sourcing, and community engagement.

Costco's enduring popularity lies in its ability to blend affordability with quality and a commitment to customer satisfaction, making it a preferred destination for savvy shoppers seeking value and a diverse array of high-quality products.

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