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Olive Garden is an American casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine.


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Andy Kaye 04/06/2023
Cheap, only good deals are at lunch, not everyone can make it to lunch, so you don't want my business as i go to dinner with a friend who comes to town three times a week for dyalisis and treatment is not over until late in the day. so no specials for us!
Linda Hidgeman 01/17/2023
Love the place, great food and service, please get one in Laughlin, nv. Or Bullhead City
Bertha Williams 12/05/2022
I love Olive Garden, the food is great and is served in a nice atmosphere.
Linda Delaney 10/16/2022
Love all menus items?at Olive Garden. The 6.00 take homes are fantastic.
June 10/10/2022
I love Olive Garden but the only problem I have is that the luncheon menu is over at 3 pm. Please extend to 4 o’clock for us senior citizens who eat early and want the smaller portions and better price. Thank you.
Jo Salzl 09/30/2022
One of our favorite places!
Barbara Leone 07/19/2022
There were three of us that went out to dinner a one with a 98-year-old woman who had requested to go to Olive Garden it was probably the worst experience I’ve had there we were there for two hours and we only ordered soup and salad the soup was water down all of it we’ve had four different varieties and no flavor to the wedding soup and the salad was just drenched and dressing so very very disappointed
Mary Henzie 07/15/2022
I absolutely LOVE Olive Garden. They're my favorite place to sit down and/or order for delivery my food.
Anonymous 07/08/2022
I love Olive garden it's my favorite place to go!! People that works there are curtious and polite 🙂
JoAnn Merse 06/05/2022
Friendly waitress. Great food
Maria Barrios 06/04/2022
We are enjoying the best service at Pittsburgh,Antioch. Good food and polite waiter and waitress.
Glenda 04/23/2022
The food is great, the service is great and the prices are good
Trisha 03/14/2022
Pasta is too dry. Very skimpy on the sauce they put on it. The side of Alfredo dipping sauce you order & pay for has very little in the bowl they bring you. Waiting time for order to come is disappointing.
Sharon Hoppes 02/27/2022
My sister, my mom & myself have celebrated my sister & my birthday at Olive Garden in March for approx 30 years.
Sherrie 01/05/2022
it would be nice if you give Senior Discounts to help with the cost of eating out which we would all appreciate👏 Happy New Year!
Diane Sulawske 12/28/2021
I love Olive Garden there food is great
K 12/10/2021
Hope they bring back unlimited pasta pass?
Barry 10/22/2021
Olive Garden has improved their brand over the last 20 yrs. Good, fresh food, big poritions. Just be aware of all the cream type sauces items on menu. Great soup, salad although bread sticks freshness quality is going down.
Nancy McPhail 10/14/2021
Hadn't been there for a long time, more recent due to COVID, went back last week and my pasta with sauteed shrimp w/four cheese sauce was excellent, my husband had pasta w/sausage ..we're so glad to go again...will go back soon. Ordered to go as well...very very Good! Thanks for the relived memories. This was in Augusta, Maine. Our waitress was new and a good fit for staffing!
Susan Britton 09/03/2021
I went to Olive garden tonight and got the chicken marsala it is not the same chicken marsala I used to get it was God awful I couldn't eat it I am shocked Olive garden would put out such a product can't believe I spent $18 for it I was so disappointed as I usually love Olive garden
Brenda E. 07/05/2021
One of my favorite restaurants, but the service is getting slower
Robert B 06/06/2021
Ordered to go spaghetti w/meat sauce and 3 meat balls and got salad. It was great. Will do again soon
Sandy 05/22/2021
Always liked the food, lately however portions are much lighter, epically lunch specials
MARGARET 02/28/2021
My very favorite restaurant in which to patronize. They have the best egg parm of any place I have visited and that is quite a few.
Donna 12/29/2020
Italian is my favorite Olive Garden has the best
Wanda 12/03/2020
Good eating!
Connie 11/05/2020
The free take home entree is cheap. Nothing like BOGO at pickup service.
Janice Eide 10/31/2020
Picked up my first To Go Friday! Excellent Order was perfect. 200 Ocala FL
H. Mueller 09/05/2020
I have never been disapointed when ever I vist...Staff is fantastic good also amazing..Thank You So Much!!!!
Irene 08/25/2020
Went to Olive Garden last Weekend. Service was excellent. Did not wait long and food was fabulous. It's been over a year my family has not visit and food plus service still excellent.
Jaye 08/24/2020
The Olive Garden in Springfield, Pa on Baltimore Pike is the worst. They never have enough severs so the wait is always so long. The food is cold and the service is terrible . I don't blame the waiters as much as the manager. It isn't run very efficiently
Linda Gentry 08/21/2020
Not very happy with it, my family and friends used to go every week, but the food has not been very good the last couple of times, was cold and not fresh..Service was okay..hope it gets better so we can start enjoying it like we used too!
Patricia Milly 08/10/2020
I’ve always loved Olive Garden.
Deann Williams 07/31/2020
I am so disappointed in how they have changed how they make and serve the food now I had the chicken Parmesan and it was always delicious but now the last two times in take out it was dry hardly no sauce and the soup was just like a bowl of left over discarded ingredients no actual soup just dry is that how they serve the take out just because they are not going to serve it in person? Very disappointing I will not be back Deann Williams
Tammy 07/25/2020
I miss Olive Garden so much. I love y'all food, you're the best, you're the cleanest what is thank the Lord for your food and plead the blood over y'all's restaurant and nothing can harm or hurt y'all. I love y'all so much your food is so delicious I love it too I love it all above. sorry I missed you all my birthday I didn't get nothing but when I get a chance will be up there to eat some of that good delicious food
Charlene CrWford 07/23/2020
I’m so glad we finally got our Olive Garden here in Harrisonburg. Our community loves to dine with you...THANK YOU FOR SUCH GREAT SERVICE.
Holly 07/15/2020
You should allow the buy one get one for 5 bucks, with curbside pickup, not just dine in only
Norma Sanchez 06/16/2020
You should make the buy one take one home for pickup also since the pandemic is still very active and people are still afraid of dining in.
Elizabeth Vivona 01/12/2020
You need to do something about your coupons. There is always a hassle as to whether we can use one per table. I get a coupon and my husband gets one, so what is the problem? Here's the problem. In the May Landing, NJ O.Garden, there is always a problem. So instead of me getting upset and this is the second time I have had this problem there, so I will not dine in this O.Garden again, it's too stressful. The server always has to check with the manager and we spend time explaining to her that we have two coupons, and then after a long time of explaining why we have to see her before we can use our coupons, then she lets us use the coupon, which is annoying. If Olive Garden send out individual coupons then we all should be able to use the darn coupon and get going on our meal instead of hearing a song and dance and having to check with the manager and waste all this time on explaining these facts to us. The last time we went, and the final time we go to this Mays Landing O.Garden, we spent too much time and annoying and stressful over an hour there. I just don't understand this. This Mays Landing O.Garden is in an area where there are many places to eat, so why the struggle??? Ruby's, Lone Star, Outback, Applebees, The list is endless and none of these establishments puts me through this stress just to use a coupon. We have not had this situation in the Manahawkin, NJ Olive Garden, so in the future, we will dine there.
C.Owens 12/16/2019
Great food, prices just right,

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2. Look for coupons: Olive Garden often offers coupons for discounts on meals or free appetizers. You can find these coupons online, in newspapers or magazines, or on the Olive Garden website.

3. Order from the lunch menu: Olive Garden's lunch menu is generally less expensive than their dinner menu. If you're looking to save money, consider going to Olive Garden for lunch instead of dinner.

4. Share dishes: Olive Garden's portions are typically very large, so consider sharing a dish with a friend or family member. This can help you save money and also prevent food waste.

5. Take advantage of promotions: Olive Garden occasionally runs promotions that offer discounts on specific meals or combinations of meals. Keep an eye out for these promotions to save money.

6. Skip the extras: Olive Garden offers a variety of extras, such as appetizers, drinks, and desserts. If you're trying to save money, consider skipping these extras or limiting yourself to one.

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