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Olive Garden is an American casual dining restaurant chain specializing in Italian-American cuisine.


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Deann Williams 07/31/2020
I am so disappointed in how they have changed how they make and serve the food now I had the chicken Parmesan and it was always delicious but now the last two times in take out it was dry hardly no sauce and the soup was just like a bowl of left over discarded ingredients no actual soup just dry is that how they serve the take out just because they are not going to serve it in person? Very disappointing I will not be back Deann Williams
Tammy 07/25/2020
I miss Olive Garden so much. I love y'all food, you're the best, you're the cleanest what is thank the Lord for your food and plead the blood over y'all's restaurant and nothing can harm or hurt y'all. I love y'all so much your food is so delicious I love it too I love it all above. sorry I missed you all my birthday I didn't get nothing but when I get a chance will be up there to eat some of that good delicious food
Charlene CrWford 07/23/2020
I’m so glad we finally got our Olive Garden here in Harrisonburg. Our community loves to dine with you...THANK YOU FOR SUCH GREAT SERVICE.
Holly 07/15/2020
You should allow the buy one get one for 5 bucks, with curbside pickup, not just dine in only
Norma Sanchez 06/16/2020
You should make the buy one take one home for pickup also since the pandemic is still very active and people are still afraid of dining in.
Elizabeth Vivona 01/12/2020
You need to do something about your coupons. There is always a hassle as to whether we can use one per table. I get a coupon and my husband gets one, so what is the problem? Here's the problem. In the May Landing, NJ O.Garden, there is always a problem. So instead of me getting upset and this is the second time I have had this problem there, so I will not dine in this O.Garden again, it's too stressful. The server always has to check with the manager and we spend time explaining to her that we have two coupons, and then after a long time of explaining why we have to see her before we can use our coupons, then she lets us use the coupon, which is annoying. If Olive Garden send out individual coupons then we all should be able to use the darn coupon and get going on our meal instead of hearing a song and dance and having to check with the manager and waste all this time on explaining these facts to us. The last time we went, and the final time we go to this Mays Landing O.Garden, we spent too much time and annoying and stressful over an hour there. I just don't understand this. This Mays Landing O.Garden is in an area where there are many places to eat, so why the struggle??? Ruby's, Lone Star, Outback, Applebees, The list is endless and none of these establishments puts me through this stress just to use a coupon. We have not had this situation in the Manahawkin, NJ Olive Garden, so in the future, we will dine there.
C.Owens 12/16/2019
Great food, prices just right,
Delores 08/23/2019
Not a good experience. My to go order wrong ordered pasta With seafood. No seafood found in entree. Had to drive back reception poor upon return.
Jean 07/01/2019
The service was horrible. The sauce on all pasta dishes was dry. Our tables was crowded with used dishes before the entrees came and not removed until we decided to take our lunch to go. Never again.
Bridget Frissell 03/31/2019
Service was good. Food need more seasoning . Sphaghetti was awful as was the Chicken Parmagan. Disappointing. No hot water to wash hands in ladies rest room in Cape Girardeau. Ice cold water. !!!
Rich 11/23/2018
My server was attentive (I can't remember her name) and the food was on point, hands down.
Pam Howard 11/06/2018
Love the never ending pasta πŸ’• Brian is an awesome waiter !! We always ask for him !! Such a nice young man and very polite and gives excellent service 😊 Will definitely keep coming back to the one in Daytona 😊
Alice Love 10/02/2018
Like to eat @ Olive Garden, food good, staff gives excellent service
Vicki 06/23/2018
God to change your chef. Everything sucks. soup and Entry not same taste. What the earth you change your chef...not coming back. So embarrassed with my guests It was my birthday so dissapointed. The worse mealπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Anonymous 06/23/2018
Last we dine, not the same taste, everything changed, even Our favorite pasta faglioli and Spaghetti. so bad ..my husband was so surprised. not coming back unless the original chef is back. so dissatisfied. my friend had the same experience πŸ˜±πŸ˜±πŸ‘ŽπŸ‘ŽπŸ‘Ž
Ro 05/28/2018
Had two exact lunches in a party of four and got charged differently by three dollars.
nancy 04/09/2018
would like more in house dining coupons for a percentage off or cash off.
My 01/08/2017
Zuppa toscana is always been our favorite.
cathy 01/08/2017
I got a take out family order last year of lasagne which was good but they put it in a narroe and high container onstead of the usual 9 x 12 container. It was nextvto impossible to remove the lasagne without it falling all over and for that reason I wouldn't get it again from them. Unfortunate b/c I like their lasagne.
Dolores 01/03/2017
Olive garden is the best good salad ,soups,breads ticks and excellent calamari.
Ginger Mendenhall 11/30/2016
We totally love olive garden, it is our favorite restaurant in Stillwater, okla. Thank you for being here. Kate is a wonderful waitress, she always makes us feel like family.
Bev C 08/21/2016
Our Olive Garden does not accept the coupon for free appetizer or dessert... Was told it was a scam...have not been back since...
Noemi Albulario 06/16/2016
My friend and I went to Olive Garden in Irvine Ca and coupon for free dessert. Our first time at that location. We enjoyed the ambiance, service, and delicious all you can pasta deal!
Aida Cortinas 06/12/2016
Our visits to Olive Garden in Alvin and Pearland Texas are always enjoyable! Food is delish and servers are great always. Wish they would build one at the Brazosport area. Love Fettucine Alfredo w Shrimp. Although it would be better if shrimp would be a little larger.
Eva Denham 05/05/2016
If this goes through this time I want everyone to know I tried several times to comment how bad I was treated by a waitress at Olive Garden in Hammond, La. And it would not let me submit it. So they only submit the good comment.
karla long 10/22/2012
I love to eat lunch at Olive Garden and I always have a soup and salad. The salad is great and the soups are all delicious. My husband and I eat there some evenings also. I love the Venetian apricot chicken. Everyone is good for you and it is a low calorie choice. There is something on the menu for everyone. i
mark atkins 04/20/2012
My wife and I eat at olive garden quite often. The food is always great,hot and more than enough. We especially like the way we are treated there,the staff is always anxious to make sure our meal is absolutely what we wanted and always makes sure it is served quickly and hot.We will always enjoy a nite out at Olive Garden,thanks.
Joyce Bice 04/04/2012
I love the Olive Garden so much. I wrote to them to build one in my area. Finally they did!!!I am not the only person that loves it as when you go there you will have a half hour wait or more. The food, service and ambiance are suburb!!!I would wait an hour just to eat there.
Kathy Jenkins 04/03/2012
I am so happy to have an OLIVE GARDEN in Easton, Maryland (21601) My daughter and I went in for lunch and I really enjoyed the appetizers along with a glass of your best Roscato Red Wine that had a sparkling flavor. That was a good choice for my lunch. The waitress was very kind and nice to me.
Kim Powell 12/01/2011
Olive Garden has fabulous food. They taste great and when they get something wrong and you say something to management they make it for you discounted or free. The American Fork Olive Garden is my favorite Itallian food. They deliver food quickly and great tasting.
judie david 11/30/2011
1st time visit, excellent food, service and ambiance ... look forward to a return dining experience!
Jan Meyer 11/29/2011
I have always enjoyed the food at Olive Garden and have never had a bad meal. The service had some issues one time and that was taken care of immediately. My very favorite foods there are the soups
Nancy Boniface 11/29/2011
Would not recommend this restaurant. They overcook their pasta, especially their angel hair.
JoAnn Trappett 11/29/2011
The service is great and so is the food it is out of this world. I would eat there everyday if I had all the money in the world....
INGHAM 07/07/2011
great family resturant -- good food
tazim hosein 06/05/2010
great resturant

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