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Gwyn 12/02/2021
We just visited Bob Evans yesterday and were extremely disappointed that they discontinued their chicken pot pie! It was the best thing on the menu and I can’t Believe it wasn’t selling well enough to keep it On the menu.
Bob & Karen Pencek 11/15/2021
We had dinner, thinking that we would get 15 % off. But we were informed that it had to be ordered on the phone? We would not have stopped if we knew that ? We felt jipped by B E. !!!! It would benefit your company if the 15 % would also apply to in house ordering !!!!!!!
Verdell Britton 09/19/2021
Cashier: Matthew @8057 Montgomery Rd.Bob Evans #6 He was the friendliest person I’ve ever met in a restaurant. His personality just beamed to everyone standing there waiting. He is an assets to you business.
Jerry H 06/26/2021
The worst Bob Evan's I have ever been to is in The Villages on 466A. Terrible service and every bad manager.
Peggy Hittle 12/03/2020
Need more 15, 20% off regular coupons for us retirees.
Dottie Edwards 11/29/2020
My name is Dottie Edwards I was in your establishment last night which is 28 November the service that I got was sorry for the food that I got was too salty and the waitress had tattoos all over her arm and act like she was too good to come back to service she kept running around and was really not doing nothing so I feel that we should not have had to pay for our meal because it was too salty and then she said that we didn’t have any banana bread which then other waitresses yes they did have so much to bring us some
Blair 10/07/2020
We call a order in for pick up was disappointed on the amount we got for the price we payed
Judy schroeder 09/13/2020
Out of all dining experiences including the higher fancier ones. Seriously Bob Evans has been the one that love most . Bob Evans always clean! The food is super fantastic and service is friendly. I will go there agian and agian.
Debra Chalfin 06/13/2020
I love eating at Bob Evans but I was disappointed in my service on Thursday June 11, 2020. I understand that they have a limited menu because of Covid 19. I ordered the 3 course meal. Instead of bringing me my soup starter and rolls first my waitress brought everything at once. By the time I got to my steak and mashed potatoes they were cold. No I didn't complain that night because I had an appointment I had to get to. I do plan on eating at Bob Evans in the future.
Jerry 02/08/2020
my spouse and I either eat at the Restaurant or get a carry out. we just can’t always eat in because I have to be put in a wheelchair and sometimes she don’ t want to go out in bad weather. so I think you need to start having senior discount and coupons for carry out. Thanks Jerry
Anonymous 10/19/2019
We love your soup & salad meal!
Phillip Mills 10/02/2019
I love your down home feel. The young man looked and acted very professional...Good grub..Thank you.
Armand Castelli 09/25/2019
Haven’t been to Bob Evens in several yrs. I’ii tell you why! My wife and I used to always eat there, but one morning we decided to have the eggs over easy. I asked the waitress for bread to dunk into the yoke. She said and I quote that will a 1.00 per slice. We changed to scrambled eggs . Never left her a tip and never went back. Passed this on to friends and family and they quit going also.
Bridget 08/25/2019
I'm glad they brought back the crepes their delicious
Frank 08/08/2019
Not much good getting a coupon if it won’t show on I phone to be able to use. I would like to see bagels on menu. Thanks
ANne Redner 05/05/2019
So sad the new chicken soup recipe tastes only of pepper. I used to eat 4 qts /wk but no more!
Dawn 05/05/2019
Glad the crepes are back. Thk u
Ro 04/22/2019
Love your Bob Evans mashed potatoes. Lids needed on the containers so they can be stored in refrigerator .
ray 03/09/2019
Love our bob evans in Temple area, great omelets
Bessie Cadle 01/16/2019
I love the Bob Evan's sage sausage but the last couple of times I bought it was like biting into pure pepper. Has the recipe changed
Linda Lucas 01/09/2019
Truest do enjoy being in bobs , great foods , always enjoyable, waitress ‘ are from day one very courteous . Bobs in Elyria, Ohio Linda Lucas
Faye mccarty 01/02/2019
Eat at our Bob Evans on Richmond rd. Every day.thanks for bringing chili back. Never take meat loaf off again, need bean soup back. Keep a good menu and you'll keep your customers.
Mervin Kreider 12/06/2018
Just had a wonderful breakfast at Bob Evan's, Richmond, In restaurant #454
Stacey 11/23/2018
got my Thanksgiving dinner there wonderful. everything was great,
Darlene Bryant 11/15/2018
I would like to know how come different Bob Evans restaurant serve different things like tonight I was at Bob Evans in Amherst Ohio the country fried steak is not the same as the one at Bob Evans in Elyria Ohio. Second time I was in Amherst and not the same as the Elyria restaurant. Was displeased
Raymond Marney 11/04/2018
Receipt #20065 11/04/18 Johnson City,TN Change in hamburger patty Reduced size taste like cardboard Country Biscuit Breakfast a little sausage crumbles on biscuit half with Country gravy was expecting sausage gravy. Not the usual Bob Evans quality
Ilene Ayers 09/08/2018
Moma & i love Bob Evens food is yummy
Susan Gallion 09/06/2018
We love eating @ Bob Evans,the service is quick & the food is delicious
Shirley 09/04/2018
We love your sides. The are creamier than made from scratch. Especially Mac and cheese and scalloped potatoes
gmeiner 08/17/2018
Great place..love their waffles.
Faye and Bob McCarty 04/30/2018
Love our Bob Evans in Lexington, Ky. On Richmond Rd. We eat there every day. our servers are the best. Wish they would bring back my bean soup!
barbGefJ 04/29/2018
we go there every Sunday after mass
Dan 03/21/2018
We ate there many times but this last time was terrible, under cooked out of some vegetables, chicken fingers were hard as a rock not an enjoying even
Sylvia 03/15/2018
Depends on State. We're in SC now and isn't quality of Ohio which we loved. Wish cooks here knew how to cook without butter and learn how to cook poach eggs!! Total to order something else!!! Only go there for friends meeting on Fri.
Margie 02/02/2018
Not happy no discount for senior 😣
Anonymous 01/26/2018
The service and the food is always great ,we get the three-course meal which always fills us up, the meatloaf is delicious! Jc TN.
Shari Neeley 12/28/2017
My husband and I eat there Quite frequently always get decent service the young girl who waited on us was pleasant but never came back to check on us our food was cold and couldn’t get her attention was disappointed
Blondel Zimmerman 11/22/2017
My Waitress Robin, always provides great service. Athens, Ohio
Colleen Swartwood 11/19/2017
The food was very good and the atmosphere was friendly and comfortable.
Florence Sergent 11/09/2017
We enjoyed our breakfast very much. The help was very nice and helpful. We will be back to enjoy another breakfast soon.

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