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Dixie Lynn ♥️ 11/29/2023
From the time we walked in the door at our local Ruby Tuesday located in Statesboro, GA we were greeted by several employees. Me and my date had the ribeye steak. One with bone in and one without the bone. Both of our steaks were absolutely delicious! Our entire meal was better than any that I have ever been served at Longhorn Restaurant. Love the casual atmosphere. Service is always impeccable! We plan on having our meals at Ruby Tuesday’s as often as possible because of the reasonable prices and exceptional food. I highly recommend to any and all who enjoy having a great meal at a great price.
Bonnie Merrill Haines 12/03/2022
I have spent over an hour trying to reach my local Ruby Tuesday restaurant in Delaware, zip code 19808. You cannot speak to a live person, only online. So I try online and it doesn't list participating locations..........but continually rejects me because I didn't indicate my favorite location.........which they don't list. I don't know why I continually try......but they have listed a rib eye dinner for $9.99 today, but I cannot find any coupon for that special. It's one of 4 entrees today,but I cannot reach them to order a 'pick up' order and I cannot get through online. Are they trying to offend/turn off their last customers? Consider me a 'last customer'.
Robert Loy 10/15/2022
Really LIKE your Bourbon Salmon. Wow, Yum, Good !!! Easy to visit R/Tuesday's twice per week. I usually take friends & sign them up for Special Programs also.
L m 08/20/2022
Love to go to Ruby Tuesday! Unfortunately, the RT near our house closed. Driving farther means we go there less frequently. Sadly.
Kathy thomas 07/20/2022
Love the food their we eat their about 2 times a week.Thank you so much for the specials
Ronnie Long 07/19/2022
My wife And I eat at Ruby Tuesday about once a week. We enjoy the food. Very Much. The employees are nice and courteous! Ronnie and Janis Long
Betsy Tenbosch 06/29/2022
Fantastic meals with great deals
Irene Weekly 06/24/2022
Love their food and the discounts. Can’t believe they closed so many restaurants. They were always busy everywhere. I hope they come back to our cities. Excellent food!
Melody Hill 05/31/2022
Very disappointing salad bar! All varieties of lettuce had browning edges, the bowl of tomatoes were almost ALL shriveled the cucumbers and carrots looked like they had been stored on top of the bar Uncoverd and were Dried out with NO signs of fresh cut moisture! The potato salad tasted expired, the cucumbers in the cucumber salad were so old they were translucent . We tried to get our waitresses attention to get straws, but she was standing around ignoring us so i finaly went to the bar to get them myself. We paid $30.46 for 2 salad bars and 1 iced tea, there was a sign on the front door stated 10% military discount at this store, however when my husband asked for it, they said they don't give any discounts. We won't be back, and we'd like our money back please.
Tom Tslerico 09/10/2021
Wanted to eat there today but could not find the two fir $22 menu. So I guess I won’t be eating there until they make it easier to find. It’s business they r losing
Maria Dowd 07/10/2019
Great food great salad bar
Cindy hiott 09/05/2018
Love this place and the salad bar is great too
Judith Noland 08/20/2018
The Salad Buffet is Awesome. The Salmon is absolutely amazing !!!
Etherlinda 06/27/2018
Great service and love the salad bar .
JoAnn Sanders 06/23/2018
I would like to see more incredible offer for Ruby Tuesday (coupons). We are loyal customers and they don't offer no GOOD coupons.
Mary allen 04/01/2018
The salad bar is AMAZING
Sharon 11/14/2017
My son &I ate @Ruby Tuesday in Fruitland, Maryland. We had the most personable waitress. Lakisha N was best. She has a great personality. You would think she'd been working there for years.
Connie Bovin 11/10/2017
Tonight was disappointing. Short of help. Took forever to get waited on to put an order in. Food came before appetizer.
Mona Moccaldi 10/09/2017
Best salad bar ever. Love it here
Sherry Lyle 06/27/2017
Very good food and service today
AB 05/15/2017
Love Ruby Tuesday. But hate the salad bar change. Yuk!! Put the stuff back on!!
R Klosterman 01/23/2017
No savings for my wife(64)and myself (70) for lunch 2 salads and 4 chicken strips $25.00 kinda pricey eh?
ShAn 10/27/2016
I loved the new double layered chicken breast with bacon and mushrooms.
jane fisher 03/17/2013
LOVE the restaurant, BUT DO NOT like getting offers that require you to download some site. The restaurant should issue offers themselves, not thru other sites !!
Connie G 10/15/2011
Went to Ruby Tuesday in Inverness Florida with a friend for an early dinner...she had the salmon and I had the trout....both dinners were excellent and the service was great....will go back soon.
Leah McClelland 10/04/2011
I love ruby Tuesday its my favorite place to eat at. I been coming here since I was 12 and now I am 21 its a great experience.
christytorrey 09/13/2011
My family loves going to Ruby Tuesday!! My favorite is the salad bar and the Louisana shrimp. We love it so much once a year our church has a mission ralley and thewre are at least 300 people in attendance, after wards Ruby Tuesday stays open for us and they allow all our ministers to come eat. THis past year we filled up the entire resturant and ewveryone was so nice . THe food was great and there was no long waits or anything.

Money Saving Tips at Ruby Tuesday

If you're looking to save money while dining at Ruby Tuesday, a casual dining restaurant known for its American cuisine, consider the following tips:

1. Join the So Connected Club: Sign up for Ruby Tuesday's So Connected Club to receive exclusive offers, promotions, and discounts. You may also receive a special offer for joining.

2. Ruby Tuesday's Garden Bar: Ruby Tuesday is famous for its Garden Bar. Consider opting for the salad bar as a meal option, especially if you're looking for a lighter and more budget-friendly choice.

3. Download the Ruby Tuesday App: The Ruby Tuesday app may feature mobile-exclusive deals and discounts. Download the app to stay informed about the latest promotions.

4. Check for Daily Specials: Ruby Tuesday often has daily specials. These may include discounted prices on certain menu items, such as burgers, sandwiches, or appetizers.

5. Ruby Tuesday Coupons and Promo Codes: Keep an eye out for Ruby Tuesday coupons in local newspapers, coupon websites, and the official Ruby Tuesday website. Promo codes may also be available for online orders.

6. Birthday Treat: Sign up for the So Connected Club to receive a special birthday treat, which may include a complimentary dessert or other discounts.

7. Ruby Tuesday's 3-Course Meal Deals: Ruby Tuesday occasionally offers 3-course meal deals at a fixed price. Check the menu or inquire with your server about any current promotions.

8. Family Bundles and Takeout Deals: Explore family bundles and takeout deals for potential cost savings, especially if you're dining with a group or planning to enjoy your meal at home.

9. Ruby Tuesday Gift Cards: Keep an eye out for promotions where Ruby Tuesday offers bonus gift cards with the purchase of a certain amount in gift cards. This can provide additional value.

10. Follow Ruby Tuesday on Social Media: Ruby Tuesday may share exclusive deals, promotions, and announcements on their social media channels. Follow them to stay updated on the latest discounts.

11. Senior Discounts: Some Ruby Tuesday locations offer senior discounts. If you qualify, inquire about any special discounts available at your local restaurant.

12. Participate in Feedback Surveys: Check your receipt for information about feedback surveys. Participating in surveys may provide you with a discount or a special offer on your next visit.

13. Ruby Tuesday's Happy Hour: Check if your local Ruby Tuesday has a happy hour with discounted prices on drinks and appetizers. Happy hour times may vary by location.

Always check the terms and conditions of any promotions, and be aware that specific deals may vary by location. By utilizing these tips, you can enjoy a meal at Ruby Tuesday while keeping your costs down.

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FAQs about Ruby Tuesday

1. What is Ruby Tuesday known for?

Ruby Tuesday is known for its casual dining experience and diverse menu, featuring American cuisine, burgers, steaks, salads, and a variety of appetizers.

2. What are the current Ruby Tuesday promotions or discounts?

Ruby Tuesday often runs promotions and discounts, including specials on certain menu items, happy hour deals, and loyalty programs. Customers can check the official Ruby Tuesday website, subscribe to newsletters, or visit the restaurant for the latest offers.

3. Can I make a reservation at Ruby Tuesday?

Ruby Tuesday generally operates on a walk-in basis and does not typically accept reservations. Customers can visit the restaurant and be seated upon arrival.

4. Can I order Ruby Tuesday online for pickup or delivery?

Yes, Ruby Tuesday offers online ordering for both pickup and delivery at participating locations. Customers can use the Ruby Tuesday website or mobile app to place orders.

5. What are Ruby Tuesday's hours of operation?

The hours of operation for Ruby Tuesday can vary by location and day of the week. Customers can check the specific hours on the Ruby Tuesday website or contact their local restaurant.

6. Does Ruby Tuesday offer vegetarian or vegan options?

Ruby Tuesday typically offers some vegetarian options on its menu, and some locations may have dishes that can be customized for a vegan diet. The availability of vegetarian and vegan items may vary by location.

7. Is Ruby Tuesday kid-friendly?

Yes, Ruby Tuesday is generally considered kid-friendly. The menu often includes options suitable for younger customers, and the family-friendly atmosphere welcomes children.

8. Does Ruby Tuesday have a salad bar?

Historically, Ruby Tuesday was known for its salad bar, but the availability of salad bars may vary by location. Some locations may offer a salad bar, while others may have alternative salad options.

9. Does Ruby Tuesday have a loyalty program?

Ruby Tuesday may have a loyalty program or rewards program at some locations. Customers can inquire at their local Ruby Tuesday or check the official website for information on any existing loyalty programs.

10. How can I provide feedback or contact Ruby Tuesday customer service?

Customers can provide feedback or contact Ruby Tuesday customer service through the official website or by calling the local restaurant. Contact information is usually available on the website.

About Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday stands as a venerable American casual dining chain, known for its inviting ambiance, diverse menu, and a commitment to providing guests with a memorable dining experience. Established in 1972 in Knoxville, Tennessee, Ruby Tuesday has grown into a prominent fixture in the restaurant landscape, offering a blend of American classics and innovative culinary creations.

What distinguishes Ruby Tuesday is its dedication to fresh, high-quality ingredients, evident in their extensive menu that spans from handcrafted burgers and steaks to signature salads and seafood. The restaurant's Salad Bar, a pioneer in the industry, remains a focal point, showcasing a vibrant array of fresh produce and toppings.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Ruby Tuesday is recognized for its comfortable and stylish interiors, creating a welcoming environment for patrons seeking a laid-back yet sophisticated dining experience. The brand's commitment to customer satisfaction extends to its evolving menu, accommodating various dietary preferences with vegetarian, gluten-free, and lighter fare options.

Ruby Tuesday's enduring appeal lies not only in its diverse menu but also in its commitment to providing a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Whether it's a casual meal with family or a gathering with friends, Ruby Tuesday invites guests to savor the moment, making it a go-to destination for those seeking a blend of culinary variety and warm hospitality.

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