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Bath and Body Works is the leading retailer for Fragrance, Body Care, Haircare, Cosmetics, Home Fragrance Candles, Oils, Wallflowers and Scentports


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Raegan 10/18/2020
I love bath and body works, they have amazing scents that last up to 12 hours
Carol Minckler 10/12/2020
I dont receive the coupons either. I love Bath ,& Body Works products. and I buy a lot of lotion, shower gel and many different scents!! Just wish I would get coupons in the mail !!
Elizy 10/06/2020
I loved there products, but I never received the coupons that Bath and body works promise to send you. I Order all the time. Elise Parrish
Lynette 09/12/2020
If they had free shipping I'd order something but they don't so I went to Glade air fresheners
Janet 09/08/2020
My favorite hand soap, candles and plug ins!
Heather 08/30/2020
Love ordering bath and body work it really last much longer
Leaves 08/26/2020
I have tried many varieties of lotions, bath gels and multiple home diffusers but there's None ! As good as Bath And Bodys. My favorite is the Fall and Christmas collections Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Village store in Lady Lake Florida
Law 08/16/2020
Need to honor 20% off coupons along with discounts. Also, everything should be accessible when needed.!!! Including Xmas items. Soaps candles. Maybe a purchase limit, but I wanted bath washed for men and can't find it [NORI]
Angela Moore 08/09/2020
That’s my store i go to bath&body work every other week
Wanda Deleon 07/20/2020
I like the colognes a lot but the one thing I really loved was the shampoo and conditioner,eucalyptus and mint! Wish You would get it back! That’s the only thing I don’t like about the company! You stop selling things people like! Sorry if I’m being rude!
Jeannette 06/28/2020
B&bw has always been priced too high. Always shopped the sales. Now I can’t afford to do that anymore without a gift certificate. Lower the prices and business will come back.
Ginger 06/20/2020
“Scalping” your “ Devoted Customers!” With Higher Prices,& No Real Deals....Is “ Never” going to keep your Company “ Flourishing.” It’s a shame! We used to get Great Deals on: Hand soaps,& Antibacterial hand sanitizers! {2.50 ea} Now... No one can afford to buy in bigger quantities! Then, you wonder why your doors will be closing....It is Really Sad that in times like these...when your “Devoted Customers” need you the most! A “ Once”- Great Company.. turns to “ GREED.”
Carol 06/04/2020
You raised the prices which is wrong. People out of work & you expect them to buy VERY WRONG.
I want my Wallflowers! 05/27/2020
No coupons, No free shipping, No Purchases!
Jo Viola 05/23/2020
I miss the mail coupons as well. But I was disappointed that they don’t offer free shipping during this pandemic! I had 2 items in my cart and shipping was more than the items so I decided not to buy anything. Not smart business!!!
Kristin Larose 05/19/2020
I miss the Mail coupons ! I love them and not only used them but then while I’m the store often bought more because it was here!
Doodles 05/19/2020
Shipping should be free
Dissatisfied customer 05/19/2020
I was going to make a purchase since store closed - the shipping is what made me reconsider - I’ll look elsewhere
Jenny Shiptoski 05/14/2020
Just so everyone knows bath$ body works no longer has coupons & you don’t get a deal when you order online. The price looks good but without 20% off don’t bother the shipping is outrageous and you wait 3 weeks for your purchase. Very poor communication with customers. Also with the chat line they like to hang up on you. Also if you place an order and decide your waiting too long and want to cancel it you CAN’T !!! BEWARE
Lynette 04/22/2020
They should offer free shipping while the store is closed!!!!
Sandra B 04/22/2020
Yes please offer free shipping.
Susan 04/21/2020
Why don’t you run some specials on soaps and sanitizers?
Theresa Blackburn 04/12/2020
Can u wave the shipping fee, like a lot of other places, you said a fee and then when ur done it's a whole different fee when u add shipping
Stephannie 03/21/2020
I love bath and body works hand sanitizer. my favorite products and my favorite store.
Patricia Moller 12/26/2019
They never placed my order I did on line. I even have copy print out said they dont have any info about it. Merry christmas with no gift Thsnkd
debbiebotello 12/08/2019
i love the candles from here but the last two online purchases two boxes delivered were packed very cheaply and i got broken candles they weren’t wrapped fully a small strip of bubble wrap in the middle but nothing to protect the bottom or top my candle was shattered 🤬in two separate orders!! cmon you charge enuf please send them out safely!!!
Mary Gilbert 11/27/2019
I am upset that I no longer get the coupons in the mail. I use them all the time so don’t know why they stopped coming.
Cesy 10/15/2019
I wish y’all could sell the “Mom” stuff more often 😁
Vickie Stephens 09/30/2019
I wish you wojld bring back kitchen lemon deep cleaning. I love it
Edith Flavin 09/30/2019
Love it all...have used Bath & Body for years, my Daughter is 31 yrs. old & has used it also , I still buy it for her & my Grandbabies!!!
Umm Sosa 06/17/2019
Everything is so nice hope something go down to 90%
Lori Maddux 02/17/2019
I love so many things from Bath & Body works. My husband is not that crazy about ordering merchandise online. So could you please send me coupons through the mail. Thank you, and God bless.
Lesta Spain 02/05/2019
In response to Karen’s comment on 5-15-16... it is now 2019, but this past Christmas, I ordered way early enough to have gotten all my Christmas candles on time, for the holidays, but I didn’t get them, so when I called, to complain, they were going to re-ship out, but since Christmas was now OVER, I asked if I could change fragrances in their candles, and they said NO. They would not let me switch out those Christmas candles for other up-to-date fragrances which I did NOT think was right, since it WAS THEIR ERROR that I did not ever receive them before Christmas, in the first place! Very disappointed, myself, so I know how you feel, Karen! That part sucked!!! I hope people that have some PULL,... will get this problem taken care of. Should not take any 9 days to get something shipped to ya, when ya have stores EVERYWHERE! Crazy!
stevenroland9@gmail.com 5 01/05/2019
My wife loves your candy apple stuff
Renee 12/19/2018
Bath & Body is a one stop shopping place for Christmas Gifts!! They have Great Deals!!
Tammy hadley 11/05/2018
I love bath n body works the candles are glorious an the avon store is my fav. THE LADIES ARE THE GREATEST IN PERSONALITY AND APPEARANCES !!NO ONE SHOULD WALK OUT UNHAPPY AND IF THEY DO ITS ON THEM thx Tammy
Bankclyn64 Rod 08/28/2018
Amazing staff fragrance and all the shenanigans in stores and online very helpful in understanding representative as well
Bouky 08/20/2018
Great product, NO challenge with online orders/coupons BUT definitely decline in expert courteous customer service with face to face store shopping.
Carol karnafel 07/01/2018
Wonderful store great items great sale
Barbara 06/27/2018
I love everything I bought from bath and body work.

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About Bath & Body Works

Customer Service Phone Number: 1-800-756-5005

Return Policy: Return anything, anytime for any reason. 100% Guaranteed.

Bath and Body Works has some of the most top rated bath and beauty products in the United States. The retail store has products ranging from candles to hand soaps to body lotions. The products are a part of one of the brand's main segments, body care, hand soaps and sanitizers and home fragrance (Wikipedia)

The body care segment has multiple collections within it. These collections include, Signature collection, Retired fragrances, True Blue Spa, C.O. Bigelow, Aromatherapy and Travel Body Care. The Signature collection includes, shower gels, body lotions, body creams, fragrance mists and body scrubs. Items include fragrances for both men and women. This collection includes the fragrance, Japanese Cherry Blossom, Bath and Body Works number 1 seller. It also includes, A Thousand Wishes. This fragrance won a consumer's choice award in 2015. The body lotion and other products are infused with shea butter and other nutrients, such as vitamin E to ensure high performance. Retired fragrances are fragrances that were once apart of the signature collection that are now discontinued in stores.

The Hand Soap and Sanitizer segment includes deep cleansing hand soap, which has a formula to clean and exfoliate hands. It contains Aloe and Vitamin E to leave hands feeling soft. Gentle foaming hand soaps start as a foam that creates a rich, creamy lather to gently wash away dirt and germs. Gentle foaming also contains Aloe and Vitamin E. There is a luxury line in the segment, called limoncello hand soap and lotion. This product contains olive oil extract to help nourish and soften skin. The hand sanitizers, called PocketBac, kill 99.9% of germs and contain Aloe and Vitamin E.

The Home Fragrance collection includes candles in three sizes, 3-wick, single wick and mini. The segment also includes, wallflower plug- ins, room sprays and car scentportables. All of these products come in a large variety of fragrances, some of which are found during every season and some seasonal

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