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Bath and Body Works is the leading retailer for Fragrance, Body Care, Haircare, Cosmetics, Home Fragrance Candles, Oils, Wallflowers and Scentports


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Linda Perry 12/18/2021
I received my shipment on yesterday but when I got it my package was open on one side the box was damaged, Not understand why. But it happen everything was in there.
Mellissa Graham 12/16/2021
Bath and body works promise me a 25$ eGift card weeks ago for a order they messed up and still nothing
Sharonlynchmail@gmail.com 12/15/2021
Out of small gift bag with purchase. $10 Coupon mailed with otr coupons had different expiration date then otr coupons made for another dissapointment at registet.
Tashara 12/03/2021
I love them so much and can’t wait to go in the stores to use my coupons for the sale today
Madie 12/02/2021
I called before October to find out when the candle day was they told me Saturday and Sunday and just recently I found out that it's Friday and Saturday I had taken Saturday off from work just so I could go stand in line to get my Candles now I have to work and I hope I don't miss out just called the store and they said until they sell out that it's very disappointing that they changed the date when you try to plan ahead
Kimberly Larsen 11/24/2021
Been promised coupons for over a year I have called many times and get the same promise that they will send me coupons. I'm still calling and and still waiting
Judy 11/22/2021
I think shipping is tooo high!
Anonymous 11/17/2021
Do this may concern I have not received not one coupon in the mail at all and I've been spending all my money at this store I have spent over $3,000 when y'all open the store back up when we was on lockdown and I have not received any coupons at all
Claudia 11/16/2021
the fragrances make me feel very fresh and smell delicious
TINA johnson 11/02/2021
I always sign up for free samples and never receive any. If there's no free samples then coupons would be great. Sincerely Tina Johnson
Anonymous 10/30/2021
Why don't you have Cotton Blossom any more?? It was my favorite .
Evelyn Reiss 10/14/2021
I've tried unsuccessfully both by email and telephone ☎️ to receive the same monthly coupons and still nothing! I shop there today and last week for holiday gifts 🎁 HELP
Cindy B r i t t o n k a s n i c I believe it was today 10/14/2021
Even though you have sales your prices are too high on candles Etc
DeDe 09/23/2021
I'm a member they said I would receive coupon's in the mail and I haven't seen one coupon yet! But I do love and shop at bath and body works all the time but coupons would be nice!
Jan Book 08/24/2021
I love shopping at Bath &Body Works! Love the smell before I even enter the store!! Please mail me coupons, I’ve never received any!
Vicky L Thorpe 08/24/2021
Love their lotions. Make you feel so moisturized. Many of their fragrances smell so good you dont even have to wear any extra perfumes
MardiB 08/23/2021
We need samples of the new smells!! Our local store isn’t open due to the pandemic. Won’t buy them if I don’t know if I’ll even like them. Avon does it, so why are they not available? Also no coupons in months. Used to get them every few months and a new one right as the recent one was gonna expire. That saved me enough money to where I could spend more money!! Serious Fail people!! Plus retired fragrances were always at a discount price now there full price! What’s up with that??
Anonymous 08/21/2021
Why is it that I don't receive my mail coupon.I shop there all the.plz send me coupon.
Cynthia Phillips 08/02/2021
Best smelling fragrance and last a long time. Wish I could get coupons in mail not emails.
Another Angry Shopper 08/01/2021
I tried sooo hard to catch that flash sale, I input all of my information as well as my credit card number, and guess what? They suddenly got a "GLITCH" so I could not get my BEAUTIFUL DAY products. When I called to report the problem NO ANSWER. I'm still unhappy about that. Because of that problem I feel like the Flash sale should have been extended.
Cheryl Neikam 07/28/2021
I do not receive coupons by mail why is that
Di 05/07/2021
Love their beach scents.
Mad Shopper 03/20/2021
Sales on 3 wick candles @$9.95 best ever. Current sales $12.50 - $15.50 not good incentive for me.😭
Aloma Doucet 03/07/2021
I really like the Into The Night products but I can’t shop at the mall any longer & the outlet store right by my house doesn’t always carry the smaller spray perfumes
Katie 02/13/2021
Love the products but the price continues to go up. Soon I'm going to be priced out of the product. I'll just be going to the semi-annual sales which aren't as good as they used to be.
Anonymous 02/07/2021
I love their service and products
Tera Moore 02/01/2021
I Love Bath and Bofy works.
Stephanie Diggs 01/30/2021
Haven’t received my orders since the semi-annual sale started. Over $200 worth of items. Only to be told it was held up at a distribution center and I would be issued a refund but wait...it gets better. They no longer have items I ordered. Re-ordered at SA price and still haven’t received. Looked at online order & rep charged full price.🤬🤬🤬
Eric 01/11/2021
My wife and I love the store. We are always looking for the deals on the products for our family and our friends.
Maki 01/07/2021
Why is Zen not on sale or available in the store? Would like coupons in the mail also. Friends say the on line shipping price is outrageous.
Janie 12/17/2020
Would like something like the mail coupons 20% of purchases. Sale on hand sanitizer. Would appreciate mail coupon are better. I love your products but I like sales and deals.
Debra Teal 12/07/2020
Love your products, but your delivery leaves a bad taste n my mouth. I'm rethinking if I'll b placing another order anytime soon!
Helen 12/04/2020
I went to the store and was helped by a wonderful sales person so that I could find what I wanted quickly and get in and out of the store in a timely manner
Becky Jepsen 11/20/2020
Products are good. Need to have free shipping,the way things are going be happy anyone can afford anything. I placed an order everything was available and when my order of supposedly 6 items arrived in a large box, there was only 1 bottle of lotion. I called in about it only then to find out that 3 of my other purchases were no longer available. NOT HAPPY AT ALL !
Mary Moore 11/20/2020
I m mary and I m a senior. I love bath - n- body works . My daughter gets them for me
Joyce 11/16/2020
Love the candles..we use one almost everyday. Just wish I received more coupons.
Aliceseabolt 10/29/2020
I love everything about bath & body I even love it more when they send me some coupons in the mail
Raegan 10/18/2020
I love bath and body works, they have amazing scents that last up to 12 hours
Carol Minckler 10/12/2020
I dont receive the coupons either. I love Bath ,& Body Works products. and I buy a lot of lotion, shower gel and many different scents!! Just wish I would get coupons in the mail !!
Elizy 10/06/2020
I loved there products, but I never received the coupons that Bath and body works promise to send you. I Order all the time. Elise Parrish

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