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Enjoy the bold, fresh flavors of the Outback. Join us tonight for steak, seafood, salads and our famous Aussie-Tizers like the Bloomin Onion


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Allison 04/19/2019
I think the pork chops and vegetables are so great they're always cooked to perfection and I just can't get enough of them. I appreciate the great job your Chef's do and cooking all of the items on the Outback menu! I read a few of the other comments and as for the comments that did nothing but complain I can't help but feel that the same people would complain no matter what. The stake would never be big enough because some people just like to overeat and the meat would never be cooked properly and so on and so forth. I find it sad that some people always seem to find something wrong when they have the Good Fortune to be able to afford to eat out and not have to cook for themselves or eat a frozen dinner. I don't think a bad remark as in order just due to that fact alone. Keep doing what you do at Outback... cuz more often than not the food is certainly much better then someone might be able to cook at home or get in the frozen section at the grocery store and if it's not perhaps they should just cook at home or eat from the frozen section therefore they would never and that case they may never be disappointed again. Furthermore, if your food is not cooked to your very high standards I'm sure it could be sent back and the chefs would do as best as they could 2 send out Emil that was better than the one that was returned. I hope all your complainers read this because people who have the good fortune and money to go out and have their food cooked for them should not complain.
Pat 11/30/2018
I was craving a great steak - ordered a dinner to go - the worst piece of meat I ever had. Grisly - had to trash just about every bite. Iā€™m so very very disappointed šŸ˜”
Carol Miller 11/26/2017
Having black Friday coupons. not fair. should be good all weekend Fri to Sunday for the extra bonus card as most people out of town
Patty Haddock 08/18/2017
Rene 01/28/2017
Love to eat here
Deb 12/16/2016
Took my brother and sister in law out for a early Christmas dinner. Food was good,service was good. I ordered the grilled salmon with steamed vegetables. My meal,on delivery looked like it had slid off the plate and put back on, and the vegetables were greasy and limp . This isn't the first time we have been disappointed. Won't hurry back. Use to look forward to going there. :(
Rose and company 09/26/2016
Had lunch at Outback , SO. HILLS in Pittsburgh, Pa.. Had very good service as well as a very good meal.
Anonymous 09/24/2016
Just had dinner at the outback steakhouse in Island Park New York it was great the service was amazing a great meal with a great price
Anonymous 05/29/2016
Exelent attention and steak
Bill Vaughan 02/23/2013
I could not redeem coupon because it would not let me list birth year 1926 the earliest it would let me list was 1931 shame on you discriminating against older people
John E. Baker 09/10/2012
Outback Steakhouse is our favorite place to eat. We love the house salad and the bread. Most often we order the Outback Special and enjoy a nice baked potato with our steak. The service is always great.
chuck bendl 08/06/2012
I sent you a message a week ago and did not get a reply. I was an Outback regular until last week. I won a blooming onion with Ryan Newman. I am handicapped so I ordered takeout. Except for the steak, the meal was fine. The steak was small, tasteless and overcooked. I won again this week but after last weeks meal, will not dine there again until your service and quality improve.
alan 03/27/2012
We went to local Outback last Saturday evening. We waited about 30 minutes, but it was well worth the wait. We had the special 6 oz`steak, which came with soup or salad, and potato and a yummy desert with cinnamon and vanilla ice cream. We definately had to move another notch down on our belts, but it was worth it. Great experience. We will be back
becky paul 09/30/2011
i love to eat the blooming onion and the sirloin steak at outback!

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About Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse is an Australian-inspired steakhouse restaurant beloved worldwide. They pride themselves on serving up variety; their unbeatable steak cuts are complemented by delicious choices of chicken, ribs, seafood, and pasta at a price for everyone. They're the leader of the pack by emphasizing consistently high quality delicious food delivering a warm, welcoming environment. Their generous portions are moderately priced. their casual atmosphere couldn't be more transporting - it's like you're right there in the Australian Outback.

Bloomin' Brands, Inc. is based in Tampa, FL, founded in 1988 by those who love hospitality, sharing, quality, being courageous and having fun. They're a company of restaurants that owns and operates Outback Steakhouse, Carrabba's Italian Grill, Bonefish Grill and Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar.

Australia inspires a fresh take on life. That seize-the-day mindset reflects in all they do - especially in their menu. They serve up a wide variety of innovative creations, bold flavors and traditional classics, made fresh to order and how you want it. Enjoy mouthwatering steaks, grilled chicken, ribs, fresh seafood and their world famous Bloomin' Onion(R) all at affordable prices down under. Don't forget their unique cocktails, wines, premium liquors and beer - domestic, craft, import, and Aussie!

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