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Kate 10/01/2023
I lost my crown points because the manager said I didn't have an account. He made me open another to get the free Monday offer and I lost them. I did have and account.
victor celestey 09/05/2023
none of your cupons work at my burger king,ever time I check it says not at your bk ? why? we love bk burgers.please reply.my bk is located either in lakeland or mulberry fl It's on the line of citys
Mike Carrillo 08/18/2023
I think you have best burgers. But the price of your sodas and drinks are outrageously high. I’m just voicing my opinion.
richard nicacio 08/09/2023
Burger King has the best breakfast. My wife and I have breakfast at burger King Monday through Friday.
Ron Zapfe 07/27/2023
Love the whopper.
Dick Schroeder 07/23/2023
Whopper coupon meal went from 5.00 to 5.99 then 6.50 to 6.99 now 7.49 to 7.99 all in 2 years. Now the regular whopper is the same price as the impossible whopper. I am done with Bk. Going to big Mac.
Harry 07/22/2023
Bring back BOGO Whoppers.
Bill 07/16/2023
Bring back the BOGO for the whoppers. Many of us old farts can't eat fries or drink colas .
Janet Franco 06/29/2023
I like BK because their coupons are the best. I don’t have to spend a fortune for a meal like some of the other fast food places. The food is very good also
Brenda Emery 05/15/2023
Great food Great place to eat
Bartletto 02/16/2023
I was very disappointed in a burger that I purchased in Jax recently. It was dry appeared warmed over. The ketchup and pickles tasted stale, and the fountain soda was mostly seltzer water.
Deanna kratt 01/13/2023
My local one on Colonial Blvd serves cool, food not hot and French fries not fresh
Sandy 01/10/2023
My favorite place to stop and get that whopper after my dentist appointment 🤭
Debbie 01/05/2023
I love Burgar King. The onion rings And zesty sauce are the best any where.The staff are so nice. A great experience.
cheetah062@gmail.com 12/19/2022
I love the family deal
Allison galyardt 12/19/2022
Good food ,prices to high
Bill Halcott 12/15/2022
I LOVE Burger King. I remember when Burger King first opened. That Whopper/Whaler roll must have been 10 inches across! What a hoot! I prefer Burger King to cooking my own burgers because I don't have to listen to my wife nagging me to clean up. Burger King also tastes better.
Rita 12/07/2022
I love Burger Ling. Love everything they have. Onion ring and sauce... yummmmmm
Kami 12/07/2022
Has been my favorite fast food double whopper’s are my favorite!
Jeff 12/06/2022
Too little meat!!!! Can't get the free whopper cause the store receipt is missing needed info.
Snowflake 12/03/2022
They have the best deals, Without a doubt. The other franchises need to follow the leader B.K!
Freda Robertson 11/29/2022
Like their prices and food.
HELEN SIDES 11/19/2022
Since 2011, I have visited the Burger King at 1601 McFarland Blvd., 35406. My last ticket listed the phone as 770-933-5023. I paid $10.66 for my order on 10-20-22. www.mybkexperience.com game me #CK89487 On 11-18-22, I visited the drive-thru. There was a significant line (it did not move much in the several minutes while I was in line. Finally, I drove up to the speaker and told the cashier I had a receipt for a free whopper. She seemed confused. When she finally returned to the speaker, she asked for the number. I read it, CK89487, which is the number I received. I showed her the number on my ticket. She said it was not any good. I left without any food.
jonsoule46@gmail.com 11/16/2022
I have been enjoying Burger King burgers for over 50 years and loving them. You are the best. Keep up the great meals and service.
Genie 11/08/2022
It's close to home and I love the burgers and fries.
sally Jane gladden 10/27/2022
I go there 2 maybe 3 times a week when I shop at WalMart. The closeness and the fine lunches are great!
Lucille Richardson 10/26/2022
I order online a whooper with a small order of onion rings. I received a double whopper with bacon, cheese and peppers (THIS WAS NOT MY ORDER) that someone had taken a bite off the second pattie with NO onion rings once again. Every time I order from this Burger King something is ALWAYS WRONG. When will they get it right????
Robert 10/24/2022
Food always hot and fresh keep up the good work
Kaye Grimes 10/16/2022
We dearly love this place we eat at one 2-3 month our favorite place
Sally Gladden 10/15/2022
I usually get 2/1 cuz I'm in the area of Walmart. The 2nd on is taken home and eaten th next day.. GREAT, friendly service!
Suz Harned 10/10/2022
I LOVE your impossible burger. Employees at Plesantburg st Lin Greenville are all so nice.
Neftali 10/04/2022
This restaurant is more expensive than I-Hop or Dennys. I am glad that I don't eat there. This was an emergency. If I knew how expensive the restaurant is I would've go somewhere else. I paid over $8 for chicken fries, French fries and a small coffee. This will be my first and last trip to Burger King.
Barbara J Frazier 09/18/2022
I ordered a breakfast sandwich, and hashbrown potatoes. The sandwich was made wrong twice. I never got the hash browns. I never got a receipt. I paid 4.62, and did not get the food.
Joanne Hood 09/13/2022
I love Burger King! It’s the best fast food restaurant on the market💗
DorothyWahlers 09/09/2022
Went another Wednesday to enjoy a WHOPPER WEDNESDAY and again it never happened. FALSE Advertising! 6 Weeks and all the Management don't know how to handle a Whopper Wednesday, the other name for Burger King and it is on most Buildings! They each just will sell a consumer ONE! All the people at the restaurant were complaining!!!! You better get your act together with the management or you won't be around much longer!!!!!
Debbie 09/07/2022
Horrible management in vero beach 20th st. 30 minutes min to get food. You will wait 10 minutes just to get your order taken. Dirty restaurant. Recieved wrong food. Management tried to tell me what I ordered.
JoWold 09/03/2022
My favorite is your mocha iced coffee.
Juanita 08/31/2022
I just had a Whopper meal yesterday! They are the best grilled hamburger out there 👍😊
Anonymous 08/14/2022
The Coca-Cola is horrible in Burger King!
Sharon Thompson 08/13/2022
I love eating at burger king. Using da coupon really safe me lots of money. Thank u.

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Money Saving Tips at Burger King

1. Use Burger King's mobile app: The Burger King app often has exclusive coupons and deals that can save you money on your purchases. Download the app and check for available offers before placing your order.

2. Order from the value menu: Burger King's value menu offers items at a lower price point than their regular menu. Be sure to check the value menu before ordering to see if you can save money.

3. Sign up for Burger King's email club: Burger King often sends coupons and special offers to its email subscribers. By signing up for their email club, you can receive discounts on your purchases and get notified about special promotions.

4. Use coupons and promo codes: Check online for printable coupons or coupon codes that you can use in-store or when ordering online. You can often find these on the Burger King website or on coupon websites.

5. Take advantage of combo meals: Ordering a combo meal can save you money compared to ordering each item separately. Be sure to check the menu for available combo meals.

6. Opt for water instead of soda: Soda can add up quickly in terms of cost. Opting for water instead of soda can save you money on your meal.

7. Skip the extras: Extras like bacon and cheese can add to the cost of your meal. Skipping these extras can save you money while still allowing you to enjoy a delicious burger.

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