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Eugenio 05/13/2022
The franchise owner of market place , spring valley NY is no good with customer. He don’t accept paper coupons you send by mail. Thanks
Cindy Rasch 03/15/2022
After leaving the Billings CIinic where my husband had a heart procedure on March 15th, I ordered a Whopper Melt, a Bacon Stacker Meal with medium fries and a medium coke and one regular hamburger in the drive-thru. When we arrived at our home in Big Timber - 80 miles away - I eagerly opened the bag and was disappointed to find the Whopper Melt had not been put in the bag. My poor rating below is for service - my husband said his Bacon Stacker was pretty good.
Dee 03/11/2022
I just tried the new Burger King melt it was horrible it was slathered with sauce huge amounts of sauce on both sides of the bun I just took the meat out and ate the meat either they need to learn how to make it right are you need to take it off your menu I was so disappointed
Walter Kingsley 01/26/2022
Some times a person has to wait a long time. Not enough workers.
George Hofgartner 01/20/2022
I enjoy your breakfast specials, but you're getting a little greedy with your current pricing. It seems very difficult to justify charging $1 more per sandwich for a croissant than for a biscuit. You've wasted little time in getting people to forgo the trip for the specials.
Shirley 01/19/2022
I wish Burger King would have coupons for single people. I am a widow and almost every coupon is for two meals or family. I can't eat two meals or even two sandwiches and they don't microwave well.
Charles Emory 01/18/2022
Best Whopper, chicken strips,
Carolyn 01/17/2022
Burger King is the place to eat your meal any time of day . We love the sausage, egg@ chess ..Lunch We have a double chess burger or my husband has the fish Great place to eat and save money .
Dwight Rigdon 12/06/2021
We are very dissapointed in Burger Kings false adverisement for 37 cent Whoppers. I went to the store in Byram MS tonight and they did not participate. I wanted 5 whoppers for ourselves and friends. We have always thought of the Whppper as our favorite burger. Dwight Rigdon, 42Lake Dockery Dr, Byram MS 39272.
Patricia 11/16/2021
Saybrook CT worker was not friendly or helpful or PATIENT! Food was great!
E M Nunez 11/15/2021
Went to Buger King this morning, November 14, 2021, for breakfast. #1 NO Indoor dinning, that was a disappointment. #2 wanted breakfast with coffee. Said they had NO coffee!. NO explanation as to why. Was very rude!!! That was on E Stats St. And Bell School Rd. In Rockford, ILL. When just south of there across from Cherry Valle mall. There is indoor dinning and they have coffee for breakfast and the workers there are very pleasant and helpful!
Robert Dohring 11/05/2021
I ordered a hamburger, shake and onion rings from your store through door dash. It took your store 30 minutes to realize they were out of strawberries. That’s when I received a message saying my order had been canceled. By then my lunch time was over Very disappointed with your service.
Charles 10/28/2021
Noisy service. Never know when store is open or not. Rude personnel. Go thru drive thru take your order. Take money at window. Then wait in parking lot for order to be brought to you
SHANNON 10/20/2021
They don't honor Electronic Coupons at the Wasilla, Alaska Burger King from your website or from the App they say they only take paper ones can you send me some paper coupons I can use our print out on my computer? Thank You God Bless!
John DiSimoni 10/13/2021
The Old Forge, PA location is one of the best run fast food restaurants that I've ever been to. Fast, accurate, and courteous service. Well maintained, inside and outside.
Robert lackey 10/13/2021
Here in independance, Mo there is no flame cooked Burgers at Burger King so what's up with that ??
Jan 08/19/2021
Burger King on 157 Cullman So has the best crew and most courteous people. Their manager is awesome
Jackie 08/17/2021
Please have more coupons for your Double Whoppers. The best thing on your menu. Eat them all the time. Put in offers on your web page.
Peggy Owen 07/19/2021
I want to be able to print in store coupons. I go into store all the time. we do not have the restrictions and for some reason we also don't get the printed coupons in the mail. I like your coupons. I like your hambergers only place I go.
Local person 07/12/2021
Problem in even ordering yesterday. Waited 20 minutes to order thru “Drive thru”. Finally just left and went to another restaurant. Bad! Bad!!!!
C. Mack 06/30/2021
Really great food.
Johari 06/18/2021
I love the Whopper. Nearest Burger King it's 35 minutes away but I don't mind the ride just to get my Whopper Near Capitol Plaza. Great service.
David Westberg 06/01/2021
THE best burger on the market for the money....THE WHOPPER!! Has been for years...in my opinion!
Barbara 05/23/2021
Burger King in Boonville. Workers! You need to start preparing orders to go correct. Have several lately that have been wrong😡
Andy 05/10/2021
Best bacon double cheeseburger in town
Betty Moore 04/29/2021
Love love those WHOPPERS!!
Sharon Strickland 04/28/2021
I made a purchase yesterday (4/27/21) and I wanted to participate in the survey, using the code on my receipt. However, the receipt is not legible except for the store number-21744 in Tennessee.
Michela 03/22/2021
I went to a Burger King to redeem my points and they don’t know how use Very dissatisfied
Anonymous 11/27/2020
The BK on Jones Blvd in Las Vegas has cold food EVERYTIME I place in the BK App. I am sitting in Parking lot placing order I go directly in and POOF not hot food
Edward Powell 11/24/2020
Very poor service fries was cold, at order speaker for 10 minutes before an answer and had to ask for my recite twice.I don't know what was going on but it was not good. Bk fayetteville ga Hwy. 85
Sarah 11/23/2020
The people at BK at Fowler and Nebraska Avenue in Tampa, Florida are very friendly and efficient. I have no complaints about them.
Lewis Trusty 11/05/2020
The BK in Rock Springs is amazing. All their staff is courteous and patient . They rock the burger nation
Pearl 09/29/2020
I went to the BK restaurant on Pico Bl, Santa Monica, CA. I don't know why but the BK app on my cell would not open. Had to pay full price and had to wait 20 minutes for the counter person to help. Counter person was nasty and rude. may not go there again. Too bad this is the only BK in the area.
George 07/26/2020
I have ordered BK a few times and the delivery and time of delivery been excellent, will order my Whopper combo tomorrow. the only down side you can't order like if you were at the BK Restaurant.
Stephanie Arnold 03/11/2020
Counter person very rude. Out of menu items. Filthy behind counter.
al 02/12/2020
If I order on computer coupon ready in 15 minutes...takes me 20 minutes to get there.. deal expires
dom istorico 02/08/2020
your apps and coupons almost impossible to get or redeem but then you already know that. That's the whole idea. I have at least ten from your last contest or whatever you call it and not one of them could be redeemed with the app you claim I have. Let's see if you publish this on line. I've got twenty bucks says you won't. Burger King aren't you the people that mac donald's sued decades ago for stealing their logo under the name CARROLLS? yep you're the ones. Look it up.
Bill 01/24/2020
Whoppers have a lot of eye appeal and you can’t wait to get yours but, most times they are only warm and disappointing. Why can’t they be hot like a burger is supposed to be? I have eaten whoppers in many different places but my visits have decreased. The burgers need to be hot and the buns need to be toasted. Then you will increase your customers.
Sharon Baker 01/06/2020
I ate at your Berger King in Ionia Michigan, very dirty. Very disappointed in the food it was terrible. I will not be eating there again. When this was brought to the managers attention nothing was done about it. Catsup dispenser was filthy, garbage receptacle was also filthy, floors and tables filthy also. I have never been in such a disgusting Burger King
Dianna Viera 10/18/2019
Good Day, My husband doesn't eat meat He only eats the original chicken sandwich, but he did try the new grass burger and liked it. The cost was $8 which is expensive for burger king. Do you offer any coupons for the new grass burger.

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