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john 06/04/2021
the last 2 times i have to popeyes on mc loughlin blvd the chicken sandwiches half as thick as normal and doesn't even cover the bun. don't care to go back. Milwaukie OR
Johhn 04/20/2021
Please open a Popeyes Resturant in Cystal River Or Homosassa Florida, eveyone we speak to always say that would be Great to See A Popeyes waltz in and set up shop...
Beverly 04/16/2021
Best chicken sandwich around
Marlene Savage 04/16/2021
I live your fish sandwich but I find it to be a little too spicy . Why won’t Popeyes come out with a non Cajun one like the chicken sandwich. I like your chicken and would love to buy fish from you and not go yo other places. But until you make a non spicy one I can’t buy. Think about it. Marlene savage.
chotzie Schramm 03/10/2021
my very favorite since I had it years ago in New Orleans ...was thrilled to have it here !
Anonymous 03/02/2021
Popeyes on 22nd & Hillsborough ave .in Tampa Fl has outstanding customer service. Ms Michele and her team members are highly professional too.
Anonymous 11/16/2020
Jackson Al. Popeyes is good but they can do better with the tasting of Popeyes taste it's like u taste the Popeyes taste but not all the way...And I would love to know the recipe of the seasoning 💖
Katrina 10/29/2020
The food is amazing when it’s hot I love coming here the service sucks they’re in no hurry to get your food if it wouldn’t be so good I’d never ever come back they need to teach their employees manners
Chris 10/24/2020
Order the 10 piece special was disappointed ☹️ the chicken was cold tasted like it was old chicken that was fried over again the biscuits was stale and cold. When I pay for something I expect something good. Ditch that old chicken and give customers their money worth. Good old fresh hot fried chicken.
Francean W. 10/13/2020
1st time eating at Popeyes. Had The Sandwich combo, it was sooo delicious, sandwich tender, juicy, pickles added a wonderful punch. Cole slaw as a side nice and creamy jusr the right of spices. I will definately be back. Clerk was very helpful describing combo choices, even added a dash of lemonade to my pepsi!
Ronnie S 10/12/2020
Ordered white meat dinner. Got home and had a wing and a thigh. Not friendly service - drive thru or inside.
Slym Calhoun 09/13/2020
Quick and very accurate. I had to wait less than 5 minutes.
Eric 09/12/2020
Their chicken is great, but they Always screw up the order very badly. The order is delivered Always late by doordash
Heiress 09/10/2020
Luvv the food!
Ray 08/05/2020
Great food but miss the fried onions.
Donna 07/29/2020
Love Popeyes....gravy on mashed potatoes is too spicy !!
Donna Earhart 06/30/2020
I love Popeyes, been praying for one here in Granite City for last 20yrs. WE GOT OUR POPEYES. THANK YOU JESUS!
Gerry Mayes 05/30/2020
I visited the Waterford, MI location on Telegraph Rd today. I waited in line over one hour. My order was over $63.00. I ordered the $21.99+ speed with ten chicken strips. I didn’t receive any dipping sauces nor did I receive my biscuits. This was a big disappointment to me when I made this discovery. My grandkids were overly disappointed. I called back to the restaurant and could not get an answer. I need this to be made right.
Alicia 03/23/2020
The last 3x times I ordered fried chicken wings it was given to me and it most of been refried at least two or three times. How can you give your customers Chicken like this. Won't be back!
Darlene. Bunker 03/16/2020
Best. Chicken. Sandwich ,tasty,crispy.Just Wonderful!!
Consumer 03/14/2020
Love the chicken when it's fresh but not the prices. 12 pc family meal, (6 biscuits, 2 lg sides), 31.99! Outrageous! I like Popeyes too and much more affordable.
Lori 03/06/2020
Lines are too long Taylor, , Michigan store It takes to long to get your food Not worth my time
delois mitchell 03/06/2020
Love that chicken and biscuits from Popeyes
Dorothy piotrowski 03/03/2020
Love Popeyes Chicken. In order to get some.I have to travel about 8 miles. Wish they would put a to us. chicken place closer
Carol Vischer 02/20/2020
We so miss the shrimp poboys! Please bring them back. Love the chicken and biscuits. Also bring back veterans' discounts.
Lorna 02/19/2020
New Bedford Popeyes is horrible. Got a classic chicken sandwich and it must have been sitting for a while. Awful. Went to call them and complain however, just got a recording stating messages were full. WHAT IS A BUSINESS DOING WITH A RECORDING LIKE THAT JUST SUPPOSING I WANTED TO PLACE AN ORDER. Sent a complaint to their corporate office with no response. VERY BAD FOR BUSINESS. NOT PLANNING IN EVER GOING BACK THERE AGAIN. VERY BAD MANAGEMENT
Barbara 02/07/2020
Love the chicken sandwich that everyone is fighting over!!!!!!
Gotta Go Gotta Go 02/07/2020
Oh...and don't present Popeyes with their survey coupon receipt to receive 2 free pieces of chicken when buy a drink (which is super expensive). They will give you the worst, coldest, oldest chicken they probably fried yesterday. Now that is real talk. It is awful to treat customers like that. Now add on the worst possible customer service ever in the restaurant business and you got POPEYES....
LYNLY 02/01/2020
Your app won’t come up in the store so you can’t use any coupons in your store what good are you
Susan 01/31/2020
The chicken is outstanding The service stinks
Rozz Rozz 01/27/2020
The worst customer service possibly in the entire world of eating places. Popeyes you need to train your workers at being kinder.
Shelby 01/26/2020
We love your chicken. it’s big pieces. we loved that. we got one in Anderson and loved to get coupons . Shelby
James 01/09/2020
Chicken size is great when opening a new eatery, then the pieces get disgustingly small. The Popeyes by Sam’s and Golden Corral can’t compete with great and big pieces of fried chicken at G.C.
C.bunche 01/05/2020
I do not like your 2-piece coupons it doesn't indicate that you can only get a leg and a thigh what about us people who don't like dark meat Popeyes get your act together and get a better coupon
Bubba 12/26/2019
Nothing special about the chicken sandwich. Seems like they make 50 of them at once and they sit there and get soggy and cold. Maybe I’ll try it in a year with all the hype dies down
Debra 12/21/2019
I was double charged on my credit card and the Corporate office still hasn't responded VERY UNPROFESSIONAL
Lita Garcia 12/01/2019
Why don't you make it six pieces of chicken for 8.99 instead of 5 this way two can dine with three each piece. I don't buy it because it's not evenly distributed.
Nora 11/21/2019
Was very much in doubt about how good it could be. The lines to get in I thought to be absurd, UNTIL i tasted it. It was truly a great sandwich!!!!!
Cindy Lencioni 11/11/2019
I like using the Popeyes app for the coupons and there are some good coupons on the Popeyes app
Lynn 11/07/2019
Went on the 3rd of November, got 3 chicken sandwich and they were not good dry nothing on them. I wasnt happy maybe because they were in a rush but it will be awhile before i go back again

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