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Steve Richard 09/10/2023
I really enjoyed eating Popeyes redheads but to pay 6 dollars for a container that isn't even full not even a pint I am sorry it's time to say no they are good but not that good the chicken is smaller than.any other fried chicken places the quality is just not there no more I will say it again 6 dollars is insane for no even a pint of beans I am done with Popeyes. That's my say good day. M C. Louisana
Cynthia 09/08/2023
Popeyes on 76th n racine was very disappointed got home my order wasn't right pull up in drive thru the line wasn't moving after 15min n drive thru just went inside the store had to wait 45min just for chicken under staff need help i really appreciate if you guys can refund my food chicken was burnt da didn't put my fries wit my sweet n spicy combo the apple pie was old
Jeri Schneider 08/24/2023
Due to small pieces of chicken and the price I won't be going back.
Lorraine Marino 07/16/2023
Look into opening a Popeyes in Estero across from Coconut Point Mall.. Apollo Tropical is closed for good..Open Popeyes there PLEASE..LOVE YOUR CHICKEN!!!
Tweety 04/10/2023
This time chicken sandwich was good and hot way to go keep up the good work.
Shirley Scroggins 04/02/2023
💕 love it great food
Meg 03/11/2023
I just love your chicken sandwich. Also, the cole slaw is delicious!
Anonymous 03/02/2023
I used to shop Popeyes always bit not now..prices is too high
Nonnie 03/01/2023
Absolutely the best and largest chicken sandwich EVER
mario 02/23/2023
why is no coupons to use in dine in i dont have smart phone
Karren 02/17/2023
I received a gift card for Popeyes. I went to location near my home (23rd Avenue and Camelback Phoenix Arizona) 3 times to use it. EVERY TIME the gift card machine is down an I had to use cash. Thank God I had it. What if I didn’t have it? I think I should have gotten it free. Man behind counter said it’s been down awhile. I told him they should place signs up stating this. Not his fault machine is down, but I was hungry and wanted to use gift card for payment. The chicken was not great to me, but my dog enjoyed it. Customer service was average. Please get gift card machine at this location fixed.
Charlie Mattoff 02/08/2023
I for periods of three separate occasion have gone in and asked for ten pieces of dark meat. Three occasions I received my order but the fourth time I was told could not be done by manager. Went next door to kfc and had my order filled.
ivy franklin 02/08/2023
Chicken not cooked enough, not done
None ya 02/03/2023
Poor customer service! Order is never correct, French fries are NEVER HOT
Linda 01/31/2023
Excellent food, we order there at least Twice a week. Customer service is below poor. We never get what we order and even sometimes the order is missing food
Seham katami 01/24/2023
Your prices way too high..that what i noticed in a lot of popeyes resturant
Alfred Bryant 01/12/2023
The new Popeyes that opened recently on Miramar Parkway and flamingo does not have the same quality as the other Popeyes. I’ve been there three times since opening and was not happy. First visit, the chicken coating was falling off as you bite. The chicken breast piece was very dry. The third time if was very greasy. I am a connoisseur of Popeyes chicken and I have never been so dissatisfied.
Addie 01/05/2023
Terrible service and the people that work at Popeyes talk to you like you're nothing, not human, I'm not saying at all the stores but at this particular one the disrespect is over the top and to senior citizens too, which I am
Olivia 12/25/2022
Popeye’s in wetumpka Alabama have very very poor service, they walk and talk slow, act like they don’t wanna be there, and the manager act the same way, they ask like that they don’t want you coming there, me and several other peoples waiting to order felt the same way, lazy workers and managers, need a under cover CEO in there, that’s just how bad it is, hard and dry food.
Michael Wiles 12/16/2022
Local Popeyes will not accept discounts or online and tv offers , they say they are a franchise and don't participate
Helen 12/13/2022
Too expensive.Not seasoned any more
William. Sinclair 11/18/2022
Prices much too high. Chicken is usually good, but Not worth the excessive price.
Trinh Dinh 11/10/2022
Nice service and good food
Veronica Reilly 10/30/2022
One thing I can say I LOVE POPEYES CHICKEV
Gale Smith 10/26/2022
Best chicken sandwich and the fries are great!
Paula Hughes 10/21/2022
Wish we had a Popeyes in New Castle Ind I'd eat there every day and I don't eat out much but for Popeyes I would I LOVE THERE FOOD!!
Mary Ann Byrd 10/16/2022
Pop eye need to fry their chicken with Self rising flour instead of plain. The plain flour make the chicken too hard.
Letonia Hill-Salisbury 10/12/2022
Great chicken Excellent taste Satisfying to my need
Louis Anthony 09/30/2022
Love the buttermilk biscuits!
BC 09/26/2022
Anonymous 09/25/2022
Always nice and hot
Anonymous 09/16/2022
Your prices too high comparative to others..you went up too much in your prices and no coupons any more
Ava 09/05/2022
I ordered chicken knowing I had a coupon, pulled up to the window to pay and get my order. The woman was quite snappy and sarcastic telling me I couldn’t use the coupon! I looked it over 3 times looking for disclaimers, deadlines, etc. she came back to the window handing me the bag as I exchanged coupon and cash. She said didn’t I say no coupon today? I said yes but there’s no reason or dates on the coupon, why not? And is the manager in? She said I am the manager and the store manager isn’t in. I handed her back the bag and prepared to drive away as she yelled at me out the drive thru window…. “Don’t ever come back”!! I called the office next day and some to Mark who said he was the regional manager and there is no reason she should have said that. I’m sorry. If you have any more problems call me. Manchester NH He was very nice but that didn’t help me the day it happened with dinner.
Carol 09/04/2022
Popeyes is very good, but prices have become so high people like my husband and myself being on Social Security can not afford to purchase Popeyes chicken or any of the food.
Jien Conde 09/01/2022
After being given burnt Popeye Chicken in Houston Texas, I doubt if I'll ever go there again.
Mary Salmond Hunter Salmond 08/31/2022
I love ❤️ Popeyes chicken 🐔🍗
Mr Steele 08/28/2022
Madison Wisconsin Popeyes located on Fish Hatchery Road really needs to STOP put outdated coleslaw in customer bags I've had this happen on three occasions
Mr & Mrs J. J. Pepin 08/23/2022
Just a wonderful, flavorful chicken dinner every time. Especially love the tangy rice & beans side, not to skip over the great french fries
Georgie Clark 08/21/2022
Always crunchy crust and the best
Edna 08/15/2022
Love Popeyes biscuits.

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