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Raul 01/23/2024
I enjoy shopping at Kroger every week
John Jacobs 05/27/2023
Kroger near me is looking like a Kmart of the past. isles are crowded with mdse and order pickers. There are never enough full service check out lanes open. Always 2 or 3 supervisors standing around not helping.. The store has relocated much of the mdse for no apparent reason , just makes shopping more difficult We have been Kroger customers for decades but are nearing the end of the relationship.
NanaMama 10/30/2022
they have the limpest produce in town.....I go to another store for fresh foods. actually Safeway and Aldis is looking better all the time. Not as close, but maybe worth the extra mile.
Beverly Knufinke 08/11/2022
I'm fortunate to live within six miles of three different Kroger stores plus another 15 miles away near my doctor & dentist office. So depending on my errands, (which I group together whenever possible) that would make the decision as to which Kroger I visit. I've only had a sale/coupon confrontation twice; minor and I let it go. However I must give each one excellent because they each offer both distance and products. Example is: Grand Blanc store is my everything store, furthest away but sometimes worth the extra miles, even when not on my errand list. DONE
R. Davis 07/14/2022
Great grocery store
Lynn Bonaventura 06/06/2022
Always love their items! Fresh and easy to find! Love their brands!
Dee 04/05/2022
The foods in Kroger is fresh.with coupons to save cash that is amazing.
Angie 03/19/2022
Hard to navigate your digital coupon deals. Why not just pass on the discount without being high tech or clipping coupon. Also, roll in the unused fuel point especially this time of needs that fuel and food cost are high. Thank you!
Anonymous 01/20/2022
What good does it do to clip coupons on the computer. They never show up when checking out. So the coupons are not honored at check out.
BERT 01/05/2022
Kroger has a problelm of giving you your points when entered. It sometimes take three or four times to enter them before they credit them. this throws the time between points off to where you sometimes loss points. last week for instance it took 4 times to get them credited.
Ed Wells 09/28/2021
I totally agree with Joyce, above. Working in the app always involves a lot of confusion for me - pick a store (that never seems to suggest just the ones you go to), then choose Pickup, even although I fully intend to shop in the store. Found it hard to find a list of just my clipped selections. I believe the Digial coupons you clip, are automatically used in my order. Please simplify the app for the slower ones like me. Thanks
Bill Javins 04/01/2021
I like the new lay out in St Albans I use just about every coupon you send
Ronnie Pud Fisher 03/23/2020
Love Kroger!!!!😊
Joyce 04/21/2019
I used to save by utilizing your coupons. NOW it seems like most of the coupons are for "Click and Pick Up" ONLY! What happened? Some customers prefer to shop themselves and you are PENALIZING them for doing so!! Why not make ALL coupons available to EVERYONE, but you could give CLICK customers a 5% or 10% off their orders at the REGISTER (time of payment)! This is frustrating!!!!
Doris 04/06/2019
Good place to shop and everyone is really friendly and helpful.
Margaret Lenkawski 03/31/2019
Kroger has been great in Phillips, Wisconsin. They have wonderful people working there. The store is the cleanest and the food products are the best we have had in a store for many years
Zeable 12/07/2018
If you cant find an object or if its out of stock you are offered a rain check..The little coupon booklet mailing is real helpful I have enjoyed the gas at a lower price also.. I I get good gas mileage. thanks and merry Christmas
Mrs.Queen 11/19/2018
I appreciate your employees you do not have to hunt someone to help you. The prices are some what workable. But it is a pain to sing up you keep asking for the same information. I agree a gas discount should be workable for a roll over at least one month. I shop about once a month, the discount is gone by the next time I shop.. Help please
Melody 02/11/2018
Would really like to get coupons in the mail as my friend does but have trouble with calling as the clerk told me to do
maria jimenez 01/29/2018
Great customer service Great employees especially the baggers. Very friendly cashiers. Why did you take private select yogurt off the shelves. They are much much better than nossa. Please bring them back. Cortaro/ Sliverbell.
Jeanne 01/10/2017
I too feel your unused fuel points SHOULD NOT go away at the end of the month.
Pat 09/05/2016
I cannot get this to work. Why does Kroger require online coupons to get the prices in the weekly add now? It is a ridiculous requirement. All sale prices should be available in the store as was done previously. What about the people that have no computer?
Bev Riley 08/18/2016
You should give all fuel points. They should not be lost. If people earn them, give them to them.

Money Saving Tips at Kroger

Kroger is a popular grocery store chain that offers a variety of products and services. Here are some money-saving tips when shopping at Kroger:

1. Kroger Plus Card: Obtain a Kroger Plus Card to access discounts and exclusive offers. This loyalty card allows you to accumulate fuel points and save on gasoline purchases as well.

2. Digital Coupons: Load digital coupons onto your Kroger Plus Card through the Kroger website or mobile app. These digital coupons can provide additional savings on your grocery bill.

3. Weekly Ad and Sales: Check the weekly Kroger ad for ongoing sales and promotions. Plan your shopping around these deals to maximize your savings.

4. Kroger Cash Back: Use the Kroger Cash Back feature on the website or app to earn cash back on certain purchases. These offers are often tailored to your shopping habits.

5. Fuel Points: Earn fuel points with every purchase using your Kroger Plus Card. Accumulated fuel points can be redeemed for discounts on gasoline at Kroger Fuel Centers or partner gas stations.

6. Buy One, Get One Free (BOGO) Deals: Take advantage of buy one, get one free or buy one, get one at a discount deals. These promotions can be found in the weekly ad and can help you save on various items.

7. Private Selection and Kroger Brand: Consider purchasing Kroger's private label products, such as Private Selection and Kroger Brand items. These are often priced lower than name-brand products.

8. Manager's Specials and Clearance: Look for Manager's Specials and clearance items. Kroger often marks down products that are close to their expiration date or discontinuing.

9. Kroger Pharmacy Discounts: Check if the Kroger Pharmacy offers any prescription discounts or savings programs. Some pharmacies provide additional discounts for filling prescriptions.

10. Kroger Free Friday Downloads: Kroger often offers a "Free Friday Download" where you can get a free product by downloading a digital coupon. Check the Kroger website or app for the weekly freebie.

11. 10 for $10 Sales: Take advantage of the 10 for $10 sales when available. While not all items may be necessary, this promotion allows you to mix and match products for a flat rate.

12. Use Ibotta or Checkout 51: Link your Kroger Plus Card to cashback apps like Ibotta or Checkout 51. Earn additional savings by redeeming offers on eligible products.

13. Shop the Kroger Mega Sale: During Kroger's Mega Sale events, you can save more by buying a certain number of participating items. Look for items with the Mega Sale tags for extra discounts.

14. Bring Your Own Bags: Some Kroger locations offer a discount for bringing your own reusable bags. Check with your local store to see if this option is available.

Always read the terms and conditions of promotions, and ensure you understand any limitations or requirements to maximize your savings at Kroger.

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FAQs about Kroger

1. What type of store is Kroger?

Answer: Kroger is a supermarket chain that operates a variety of grocery stores, including Kroger Marketplace, Kroger Fuel Centers, and other specialty stores. They offer a wide range of food products, household items, and more.

2. Is Kroger a national chain?

Answer: Yes, Kroger is a national chain with stores located across the United States. The company operates under various banners, including Kroger, Ralphs, Fred Meyer, and others.

3. Does Kroger offer online grocery shopping?

Answer: Yes, Kroger provides online grocery shopping through its website and mobile app. Customers can order groceries online for delivery or pickup at a nearby Kroger store.

4. What is the Kroger Plus Card?

Answer: The Kroger Plus Card is a loyalty card that customers can use to earn discounts and receive special offers at Kroger stores. It allows members to accumulate fuel points and save on groceries.

5. Does Kroger have a pharmacy?

Answer: Yes, many Kroger stores have a pharmacy that offers prescription services, vaccinations, and over-the-counter medications. Customers can also earn fuel points on qualifying prescriptions.

6. Can you cash checks at Kroger?

Answer: Many Kroger stores have check-cashing services available. Customers can inquire at the customer service desk to see if this service is offered at their specific location.

7. Does Kroger offer a rewards program?

Answer: Yes, in addition to the Kroger Plus Card, Kroger has a rewards program called Kroger Cash Back, where customers can earn cash back on purchases made with the Kroger app.

8. Can you buy gift cards at Kroger?

Answer: Yes, Kroger typically sells a variety of gift cards for other retailers, restaurants, and online services. Some Kroger stores also offer their own gift cards.

9. Does Kroger have a deli and bakery section?

Answer: Yes, Kroger stores usually have a deli and bakery section where customers can purchase fresh deli meats, cheeses, bakery items, and ready-to-eat meals.

10. Does Kroger have a fuel rewards program?

Answer: Yes, Kroger has a fuel rewards program where customers can earn points on eligible purchases, and these points can be redeemed for discounts on fuel at Kroger Fuel Centers and participating gas stations.

About Kroger

Kroger, a retail giant and one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, has been a cornerstone of the grocery industry since its founding in 1883. With headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, Kroger has evolved into a diverse and customer-centric company, operating under various banners and offering a wide range of products and services.

At the core of Kroger's appeal is its commitment to providing fresh and affordable groceries. The stores feature a comprehensive selection of produce, meats, dairy, bakery items, and household essentials. Kroger's emphasis on quality extends to its private-label brands, offering customers a range of options that meet different preferences and budgets.

Beyond groceries, Kroger has expanded its offerings to include pharmacies, fuel centers, and a variety of specialty departments, such as organic and natural foods. The company's commitment to innovation is evident in its digital initiatives, including online shopping, home delivery, and loyalty programs that enhance the overall customer experience.

Kroger's impact goes beyond retail, with initiatives to reduce food waste, support local communities, and promote sustainability. With a vast footprint across the country, Kroger remains a trusted and integral part of American households, catering to the diverse needs of customers and embodying a legacy of excellence in the grocery industry.

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