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Megan Perkins 04/03/2024
Why does your Specials always have to be a " Pick-Up " only? Asking because I am Disabled Person with Seizures and cannot drive!
Marian Lincoln 01/31/2023
We Love Domino's they are the only pizza place that understand our desire for a third the amount of sause. We lived in Italy and Americans drown the pizza in day We which overpowers the flavored of the other ingredients.. It's just too bad we can't get real MOZZARELLA here in the States. Real Italian Mozzarella is made from WATER BUFFALO MILK and it is boiled in the process of making but not pasteurized before hand. We live over 35 miles from the closest Dominos, My husband works in the same town so we always pick it up on his way home from work as a 70 mile roundtrip is out of the question to realistically expect anyone to deliver to our front door.
Meg 10/08/2022
Domino's Pizza shouldn't charge People for Delivering if they live less than a "Mile" from their Stores especially when Customers are " DISABLED" !
Hoang Nguyen 12/08/2021
I called to place order today 12/7/21. I’ve been a regular customer at store #8323. But I am disappointed and upset today because of all careless staffs there. It took one hour since I called till I got it and if I didn’t ask I still had to wait. The reason someone put my order on top of the shelf and nobody bothered to wonder why I sit there for over 20 minutes. My last order here for sure
Marietta Melton 12/01/2021
I visited Domino's at Cheltenham Ave and 19th Street in Philadelphia Pa. I NEVER had a pizza ever like this one. I viewed the baker spreading something on the dough, low and behold it was a garlic mix. My family and I ate that WHOLE scrumptious pizza nothing was left in the box. It was very clean in there and personnel courteous. Keep up the good work.
Jennifer S. Miller 11/13/2021
I ordered a 12 piece chicken sampler I got 4 pieces:( also the two dipping sauces I paid for was not in the order. Lastly I can't walk I was recently hit by a truck...so I have drinking water... So I ordered (2) 2 liters of dr.pepper.. Which also was not delivered to me:(
Carol Barber 09/22/2021
Order number 1196. Store 8817. It took over an hour for us to receive our order. When we got it, it was cold and more than three of the topping we ordered were not on the pizza. What was there, was very little. I do not intend to pay for the extra toppings.I fully expect Domino's to refund the price of the pizza, not the delivery charge. We live within three miles of the store. This is the second time we have had trouble with this store. I expect to hear from you.
Sylvia Gordon 09/13/2021
I ordered a pizza this evening. It was not the best. It was dry and overcooked. Also, the employees are not wearing gloves when making pizza. I tried calling to speak with a manager and no answer. Because of cov19 the employees should wear gloves when making the pizza. The location is Chapman next to Vons .
Sallie 09/05/2021
Terrible pineapple pizza. Six pieces of pineapple!!!
Melissa Collins 08/04/2021
The last two times that I’ve ordered pizza from domino’s in Guthrie Oklahoma, they have screwed up my order. I let it go the first time but now they have just stolen my $10.00 from me. They didn’t give me my wings that I paid for and the manager on duty said that it would be credited to my phone number. Once again….lies. They didn’t credit my wings, just took my money and no wings… they lost my money forever!!!!!
Eric McCartin 07/08/2021
Pay almost 50 dollars for a special pizza late last night and it was horrible. Had to throw it away. It was totally burnt around the crust and over cooked through out the pizza. I cant believe you send a pizza like that. Eric McCartin
RUIZ AMADO 01/16/2021
excellent service
Wendy Bare 12/20/2020
Terrible specialty pizzas. Ordered 12192020, two specialty pizzas and one was not fully cooked the other was colder than room temperature and stuffed cheezy bread was burnt. Cooked the pizza that want not done and some of my guest said it was ok, the others refused to eat it. Very embarrassing, threw half of everything in trash. Felt ripped off.
Millie 11/18/2020
Just ate the hamburger pizza, was good. Needed some sauce and more hamburger meat. The crust tastes very 👍good. Delivery was excellent.
Bonnie 11/16/2020
My pizza were burned and we could not eat them.
Toni Adams 09/04/2020
Great pizza, always hot and delivered on time!

Money Saving Tips at Domino's Pizza

If you enjoy ordering pizza from Domino's and want to save money, here are some money-saving tips:

1. Check for Online Deals: Domino's often has special online-only deals and promotions. Before placing an order, visit the official Domino's website or app to see if there are any exclusive discounts.

2. Sign Up for Domino's Rewards Program: Domino's has a rewards program called Domino's Piece of the Pie Rewards. Sign up to earn points for every order, and redeem those points for free pizzas or discounts on future orders.

3. Subscribe to Email or Text Alerts: Subscribe to Domino's email or text alerts to receive notifications about the latest deals and promotions. This can be a quick way to stay informed about ongoing offers.

4. Use Domino's Coupons: Keep an eye out for Domino's coupons in newspapers, mailers, or online coupon websites. Coupons may offer discounts on specific pizzas, combos, or sides.

5. Look for Everyday Value Offers: Domino's often has everyday value offers that provide special prices on certain pizza combinations. Check the menu or website for these budget-friendly options.

6. Order During Special Promotions: Domino's frequently runs promotions and limited-time offers. This could include discounts on certain pizzas, BOGO deals, or special promotions during events like Super Bowl Sunday.

7. Opt for Carryout or Pickup: Some Domino's locations offer special discounts or promotions for carryout orders. If you're able to pick up your order, you might save on delivery fees.

8. Take Advantage of Mix and Match Deals: Domino's sometimes offers mix and match deals, allowing you to choose multiple menu items at a discounted price. These deals often include pizzas, sides, and desserts.

9. Order Larger Pizzas for Better Value: In terms of price per square inch, larger pizzas often provide better value than smaller ones. Consider ordering a larger pizza and saving leftovers for later.

10. Use the Domino's App: The Domino's app may feature exclusive deals, discounts, and promotions. It can also provide a convenient way to customize and place your order.

11. Follow Domino's on Social Media: Stay connected with Domino's on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They may share exclusive promotions, giveaways, or flash deals.

12. Check Third-Party Delivery Apps: Sometimes, third-party delivery apps may have special promotions or discounts for Domino's. Compare prices and offerings on different platforms before placing your order.

13. Consider Group Orders: Domino's often offers discounts for larger group orders. If you're ordering for a group of people, inquire about any available group discounts.

14. Participate in Domino's Contests and Giveaways: Domino's occasionally runs contests and giveaways on social media or their website. Participate for a chance to win free pizzas or other prizes.

Remember that promotions and discounts can vary by location, so it's a good idea to check with your local Domino's for specific offers. Combining multiple strategies, such as using coupons during promotions, can help you maximize your savings on pizza orders.

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FAQs about Domino's Pizza

1. What is Domino's known for?

Domino's is known for its pizza, particularly its wide variety of pizza toppings and crust options. They also offer other items such as pasta, chicken, sandwiches, and desserts.

2. What are the current Domino's promotions or discounts?

Domino's regularly runs promotions and offers discounts on its menu items. Customers can check the official Domino's website, subscribe to newsletters, or use the Domino's app for the latest deals.

3. How can I track my Domino's pizza delivery?

Domino's offers order tracking through their website and mobile app. Customers can enter their order number or sign in to their account to track the status of their pizza delivery in real-time.

4. Does Domino's have gluten-free pizza options?

Domino's provides gluten-free crust options for customers with dietary restrictions. However, it's essential to check with the local Domino's as gluten-free offerings may vary.

5. Can I customize my pizza at Domino's?

Yes, Domino's allows customers to customize their pizzas by choosing toppings, crust type, and size. The online ordering system provides a user-friendly interface for customization.

6. What sides and desserts are available at Domino's?

Domino's offers a variety of sides, including breadsticks, chicken wings, cheesy bread, and desserts like chocolate lava cake and cinnamon twists. The availability of sides may vary by location.

7. Does Domino's have a loyalty program?

Domino's typically offers a loyalty program that allows customers to earn points for each order, leading to discounts on future purchases. Customers can sign up for the loyalty program on the Domino's website.

8. Is Domino's open for late-night delivery?

Domino's delivery hours vary by location, and some stores may offer late-night delivery. Customers should check with their local Domino's to confirm the delivery hours.

9. Can I order Domino's online for pickup?

Yes, Domino's provides online ordering for both delivery and pickup. Customers can use the official Domino's website or mobile app to place orders for pickup.

10. How can I provide feedback or contact Domino's customer service?

Customers can provide feedback or contact Domino's customer service through the official website or by calling the local Domino's store. Contact information is usually available on the website.

About Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza, a global pizza delivery and takeout giant, has been a household name since its founding in 1960 in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Renowned for its commitment to delivering quality pizzas promptly, Domino's has become a symbol of convenience and reliability in the world of fast-food dining.

Domino's is synonymous with its iconic delivery promise: "30 minutes or it's free," showcasing its dedication to efficient service. While the guarantee has evolved, the commitment to timely and hot pizza delivery remains a central tenet of the brand.

The menu at Domino's is a testament to its versatility, offering a wide array of pizza options, pasta, chicken, sandwiches, and desserts. The brand's commitment to innovation is exemplified by its dedication to using high-quality ingredients, introducing new crusts, and embracing technological advancements for a seamless ordering experience.

With its distinctive red and blue logo and the promise of the familiar Domino's taste, the chain has become a go-to choice for pizza enthusiasts around the world. The "Domino's Tracker," allowing customers to monitor their orders in real-time, is a testament to the brand's commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction.

As Domino's continues to expand its global reach, it remains a reliable and beloved choice for those craving a hot and delicious pizza delivered right to their doorstep. The brand's legacy of quality, innovation, and efficient service has solidified its place as a leading player in the competitive pizza industry.

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