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Golden Corral's legendary, endless buffet with a variety of delicious familiar favorites and new menu offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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Robert F 05/23/2020
I love to go eat there because everything fresh the employees are very nice, always come by the to see if we need anything, once in awhile they go out there way bring us the desert. I just want to tell you all thank you very much for been there
Roy 05/23/2020
We have reported to them about children playing in the food. And we have also noticed all the waste people do. Its terrible to see this when so many are having to do without. As Americans I noticed everyday the unnecessary waste that is nothing to most Americans do. Spoiled.
Tracy Simos 02/25/2020
Me and my husband love going here we love the salad bar
Lee 02/18/2020
I was very disappointed that I had signed up for the Birthday Club. But for my birthday on the 13th I received nothing.
Sandy W 02/08/2020
Was so happy to get a new Golden coral bc the old one was so nasty. Well it’s been about a year it’s been open and it’s on the way to be like the old one. Always good on the floor, dishes dirty you have to dig for clean ones. To many kids playing in the food parents to busy eating to notice or just don’t care. So we will be looking for another place to eat out Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday dinners. Until we are told it’s cleaner, and cleaner dishes.. ( like the ones that bring them out should check them first) and they STOP letting kids play in the food. That’s gross. It would be worth it to the restaurant to hire someone to stand at each bar and if a child approaches they tell them to go get an adult. Or better yet someone is at the register to tell parents with children that they much accompany the child to the car each trip. We done there and it’s a shame to
Sharon Chaffin 02/01/2020
Love their food!! It is Great!!
Lorraine and Chuck Chudomelka 12/24/2019
We eat about 65% of our meals there. we are 75 and 80 in january Very good place to eat.
Denise B. 12/16/2019
I am Canadian and during my travels in the USA, I always stop in a Golden Corral that I meet on my way, it is my favorite restaurant. The food is excellent in most restaurants. The prices are different from place to place and so is the cleanliness. What I really dislike is the children playing in the food because the parents have no supervision, in Canada children are not allowed to approach the buffet without being accompanied by an adult. Don't be surprised that the prices go up so much, there is so much food waste it's terrible. It repels me to see people filling their plates as much, eating half of them and going to get a second one as full, knowing full well that it is impossible to eat all this food. I don't understand.... it's all you can eat so fill your plates less and go to the buffet more often until your full, that way there will be less loss of food.
pamela gilliam 12/14/2019
when the one in sandusky ,ohio opened i was so happy they had great food and it was neat an clean. but with in just a few weeks it was really getting bad to go there to eat. the food was always to dry an nasty, so much salt on the food, the silver ware was always dirty an so was the plates we had to go through most of the plates to find a clean one to eat on. some of the deserts was frozen to the containers and could not pry it loose. the dinner rolls always have a ton of butter on them . i have ask for rolls with no butter but never get them.this place is becoming another ryans. no care or thought for the customers. we are not going there for awhile an then i will see if they change. thank you pam gilliam
Cole 11/17/2019
I thank you all can be a little CLEANERS
Linda Scott 11/09/2019
too many coupons about nothing, the prices have raised too high for families
Pastor Annalisa Geschke Papadopoulos 11/04/2019
DO NOT go to the Golden Corral on 300 West Layton Ave Milwaukee Wisconsin. The couple of the staff DO NOT like elderly and people who have health conditions. Look at the video you see how they treat a person who goes to Golden Corral for 20 years. Go to Kenosha Wisconsin they do treat you better. The staff won't swear at you. They won't tell you to get out screaming in front of everyone. Milwaukee GC on Layton would not recommend at all.
Mildred Jackson 08/05/2019
Humble TX location was once horrible but now it's my family and friends favorite dining location.
pamela gilliam 06/27/2019
my family an i have eaten there a few times since it opened here in sandusky and the food was the bomb. the work staff was so nice and helpful. i only have one complaint. the plates in the holder was still dirty . this is not good. other people that were getting plates was complaining as well.
Evelyn Grosso 04/27/2019
You are not getting business from residents of Celebration as you are charging higher prices than other Golden Corrals because of tourist trade, ignoring the 10,000+ residents residing right across the street. After 4, one senior and my daughter and son-in-law paid $46.48. NEVER AGAIN!! Prices were not displayed clearly
Nanette 04/17/2019
Always plenty of choices of veggies, a great meat too, great atmospbere
Sandra Lewis 03/16/2019
My comment is they say they have coupons but they never do and also St Patty's Day they should have corned beef and cabbage but they never do
Prince 03/11/2019
Please get the management for Golden Corral wake forest nc 27585 this restaurant is a disaster. bathroom dirty food all over the floors and menu changed and desert bar was horrible the two girls just stood there they should have been cleaning up the mess, totally disappointed to the point if I will ever return 😖
Not important 02/05/2019
Owner at the Kokomo Indiana Buffet is the worst owner that has ever been here and we've been customers for probably 20 years. He's got to go
cynthia Stanphill 02/03/2019
You do not offer any kind of senior discount at your new location in Cedar City. We always go the one in St George Utah and were a bit disapointed. The salad bar is much smaller.
Tracy 01/31/2019
Me and husband and my sisters and brother and nieces and nephews love this place
david g. 01/31/2019
getting too expensive to eat there
Beauford Scott 01/13/2019
VERY disappointed in Golden Corral...Not sure if it is only OUR place in London, Ky or if it is a chain decision but they no longer give military discount...SHAME ON YOU!!!
bob harper 01/08/2019
was at golden corral yesterday for 75th birthday.had 17 people and called in advance.had a room all to ourselfs and was treated like we all were special. the waitress was fast and pleasant. this was all our special restaurant, words can't really express our satisfaction,. please convey our praise to your entire staff. we will be back soon. bob harper
Gayle Rust 01/07/2019
We love Golden Coral in Humble TX. It is very clean. The food is fresh. The price is 7.49 for seniors from 2-4 P.M.
Jozetta 10/29/2018
My family and I had the pleasure of being served by Ashlee at the golden corral on university and we thought this young lady was the hardest yet the most attentive worker there. Ashley was constantly on floor taking care of the customer's needs. She deserves every bit of a raise . because of the servise we will be returning.
Lori 10/07/2018
Bathrooms are so gross, it scares me to think about what the kitchen may look like. Been that way for years.
Mike 09/13/2018
Visited GC Cooper Rd Mesa Az. what a mess. smelly dirty floors, empty food containers on bar, cool not Hot food, children serving themselves hands in food, really unsanitary, won’be back, health dept needs to investigate.
Celia& Chente 09/08/2018
I Am Celia and Vicente we Enjoying at Golden Corral Rest.Every Saturday for Dinner. After Work and Vicente take me for Dinner. A Nice Dinner for 2, S Couple. After Working All Week.M-F.
Miguel Chavez 08/26/2018
Hi my name is Miguel we came to visit Golden corral on 8-25-18 and we were very happy with the food and the server Juan and he is very polite . Awesome service we recommended
Gina 08/03/2018
Always loved Texarkana Golden Corral. Clean, great fresh food selections, humble crowd, good service.
Corine Berg 07/30/2018
First time,my family Love the Golden Corral,or waiter was great his name is David we were there Saturday July 28 2018.The food was great employees were very nice we for sure will be back soon.Thank you.
Marsha 07/28/2018
If you are a senior then go Monday through Friday get there right before 4:00 pm get senior discount it comes with a drink. Sit down and at 5:00 you have the best of a senior rate and supper.
sue Bullard 07/24/2018
I like Golden Coral, great food, also like when they have deals for seniors.
WJ 07/23/2018
Too expensive for seniors Not enough coupons
Anita 07/23/2018
Good food, but after 4 pm exp for seniors.
Marjorie 07/13/2018
Love golden corral. Grove city is the best pne
Mrs. Monroy 07/05/2018
Great food and dessert choices for the entire family.
Angela 07/03/2018
Expensive for seniors in evenings
Kendal 07/03/2018
Awesome place for the entire family. No worries about what to fix for the favorite meal

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About Golden Corral

When their first Golden Corral ® restaurant opened in Fayetteville, North Carolina back in 1973, a fledgling Golden Corral Corporation took a confident first step in the restaurant business, beginning a tradition of offering all of their guests real, wholesome foods in a family-friendly atmosphere at a great value. Nearly 40 years later, Golden Corral ® is well known as America's #1 buffet and grill.

Golden Corral's legendary, endless buffet features an abundant variety of delicious familiar favorites and continuous new menu offerings for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Golden Corral's legendary, endless dinner buffet features an enormous variety with 15 proteins including USDA, grilled to order sirloin steaks, pork, seafood, shrimp, and chicken. They are especially proud to serve USDA sirloin, aged and hand-cut daily by their in-restaurant butchers. The endless lunch buffet features a wide variety of home-style classics like their pot roast simmered for 12-hours, made-from-scratch meatloaf, crispy fried chicken, creamy mac and cheese, made-from-scratch mashed potatoes, beloved Bourbon Street Chicken, so many fresh salad choices and dozens of other items. Their endless breakfast buffet features made-to-order omelettes, fluffy pancakes, hot-off-the griddle sausage and bacon, fruit, French toast, pastries and much more. Their bakery and dessert buffet are filled with freshly baked breads, like their famous yeast rolls, homemade cakes and pies, delicious cookies, brownies, pastries, and ice cream.

Their vision remains to be the leader in the family restaurant segment by making pleasurable dining affordable for every guest, at every restaurant, every day.

Their commitment to their guests doesn't stop with their food. They believe in providing outstanding hospitality too. Being the best in class is what they are all about... and that is a direct tribute to all the men and women who work here, who strive each day to deliver a pleasurable and dining experience for families across America.

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