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Cruise to SonicDriveIn.com to read the SONIC® menu, use the store locator or find information about franchise opportunities. Then stop in for a SONIC® burger, a Blast® and some Tots


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helen wilkerson 10/23/2022
I go there at least i time a week. I like it.
Not satisfied 07/17/2022
I went to Sonic in Prescott Valley Arizona and ordered the chicken tenders and fries and I got over cooked chicken tenders and fries look like they were from the day before. No good at all.
HENRY REID 04/04/2022
Jennie Brown 03/12/2022
The Hernando MS Sonic is superb! Always assured of attentive and prompt service as well as tasty food and the Blast that I love and crave. Thanks so much!
Carrie 02/01/2022
Wonderful patty melt, loving it 😍
Beth Burton 01/05/2022
When we went to sonic yesterday through the drive inn. The girl there you could hardly believe or understand anything she said. She spoke so fast and her voice sounded like a chichawa. And could not understand. Also what we ordered was wrong and she tried to fix that by giving us mave product and was still not what we ordered and we repeated it three times at the Mike's then. Three times more at the window and they still got it wrong
John Smirh 11/30/2021
Sonic has great tasting food! That is where it ends. Each franchise owner is responsible for their restaurant and the employees who work for them. Unfortunately, most employees who work at burger joints just don't care about the customer and/or the restaurant itself. However, MOST people are aware of these facts already. I have many questions to ask those folks who complain or give bad reviews, like, why would you go to a burger place for fried chicken strips instead of chicken place?? Hahaha.
Anonymous 08/31/2021
My grilled cheese wasn’t even toasted.
Ed 07/10/2021
To small for trucks
Leeann McCollum 10/27/2020
I was so disappointed,I had wait for my order, it was chicken strips, they were so small and tasted awful. That's my last visit to sonic.this is second time that I got bad food from sonid
Dave Sears 08/20/2019
Big sign outside Sonic. PERMANENTLY Closed. Capital letter, college town, with students returning soon. Doesn’t make sense
Kathleen M. 09/17/2018
The Sonic in my town was shut down by the health department, for numerous violations. I'm no longer going there.
Mary C Anderson 02/23/2018
I was at sonic in milwaukee on tuesday and ordered the foot long coney dog and never was told I could get a shake free. I am not happy about that.
Patricia Calla 10/11/2017
Got a Email for sonic, when I joined, seem to have problems getting coupons, so I called them, because it says to verify the cell number, they sent to my phone, but didn't ever get anything, no one there knows anything about how you do this, to get it verified
Anonymous 09/13/2017
We was told that we could not get a senior discount because it was after 2 and every thing had been discounted; however, the total was the same as it had been before 2 p m. Disappointed 😔
Anonymous 03/15/2017
Beside just liking Sonic food I like it even better when prices are slashed. Then I don't have to cook I can let Sonic do the cooking for me
Anonymous 01/25/2017
I drove to Sonic today at 2:30 P.M to purchase 2 of the $1 Chili Cheese Coneys (which I love) and was told that this Sonic stopped honoring the coupon a couple weeks ago. I was very disappointed and do not understand how you can advertise and then your restaurant refuses to sell at the price of the coupon that I had printed. That has happened to me before (different coupon) at this same restaurant on Parker Road here in Jonesboro, AR.
Tonya 01/17/2017
The best hamburgers in the world !!!

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