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Hobby Lobby is a craft store with Super Selections and Super Savings. Shop Hobby Lobby to find your favorite products at our everyday low prices.


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C. Allen 08/19/2021
What the heck? You no longer have coupons? That’s the only reason I shopped with you guys! I guess I’ll be going back to Joanns cloth store. Very sad.😔
S. Israel 08/15/2021
They no longer have coupons😪
Ellie 08/01/2021
Went to hobby lobby last month and they said they don't take coupons anymore. Told them I would not buy there anymore then.
Perry 07/15/2021
Hobby Lobby Do not give Military Discounts
Anonymous 07/07/2021
When they no longer issued. Coupon I found it not as appealing to step inside to even look. I used to drive further just to go there, now I stay by home.
greta 05/27/2021
How can I get printable coupons for hobby lobby for in store purchase? used to print out easily.now I can Not find any, only codes for online.
Jo Stevens 04/05/2021
Love your store..... so many great items to choose from and great prices
Sandra Hanson 01/10/2021
It’s frustrating to always see your sale items out of stock!!!
Sandra 09/18/2020
I love Hobby Lobby. I think there merchandise is so much nicer then a lot of places.There is not a store near me so I have to travel to go to one .
Reva Dirickson 03/25/2020
Love Hobby Lobby prices & customer service
MaryAnn Morris 11/21/2019
Thank you for keeping me well informed of "good deals" sure would like to see stained glass come up on sale once in a while
Mrs. Swanson 11/08/2019
Hobby Lobby is my go to crafting store. Plus the Christian motivational items make my day! My only "complaint" is the very limited stock of knitting needle sizes...love working with the yarn they stock...
Mary Lou Barclay 10/27/2019
My favorite store for holiday and craft items. Love the floral department There are 2 Hobby Lobbies that I go to. ❤️❤️❤️
Shirley Rollins 06/27/2019
Love HL, go as often as I can and always find something I have to have. So much to look at and select from. I especially love that HL has a fabric dept!
Vickie Oliver 08/01/2018
love hobby lobby could go every day
Anonymous 07/04/2018
Best store ever, lov the products
Diona 05/28/2018
Love Hobby lobby. My whole house is decorated rustic. Got everything from Hobby lobby.
Marilyn Johnston 05/05/2018
Love your products and Christian beliefs. However, I wish you would stock more eternal bliss yarn in your stores. It is an absolutely wonderful product, but it is often out of stock.
Lavanya 04/24/2018
I love hobby lobby because I love to collect decor items. All items easily find out here and all are valueable marked prices.very neat and clean as well.
Teddi Gilman 01/31/2018
I just love this place, I could stay here all day looking at everything.
Sherry gibson 06/15/2016
I love Hobby Lobby, my house is decorated totally with it
journey 12/29/2012
i love to shop at hobby lobby it is my favorite craft store they have everything you will ever need to make a craft with and i am 12 years old and i love hobby lobbyand also nothing there will ever disapoint you whenever you get it there. :) <3
Rita Holt 05/19/2012
I enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby and visit at least once each week, Have a lot of picture framing due to my art work and find your employees extremly efficient and caring.
carol 05/14/2012
your my favite hobby storte it just not close to my home ,i have to drive 35 45minites to get to u ,i dont mine it not a complante, i woulnd like come in more offen than i do to shop for deals.
Phyllis Plumb 03/20/2012
I love to shop at Hobby Lobby. They have such a variety of everything. They carry all the seasonal items and every type of craft item imaginable. I love the decorative items to help enhance my home. It is my favorite place.
Helen Carter 01/04/2012
Enjoy go to Hobby Lobby has very nice things with different crafts + sewing items + material . always some to help you if you need it.
Juanita Landers 01/02/2012
The Hobby Lobby in Mobile is my favorite store to shop for all of my decorating and craft needs. The store is stocked well and the personnel are very helpful. I love the Hobby Lobby!!
GYPSY PINION 12/29/2011
HL is a great place to get fabric and all the necessary thihgs needed to sew. I LIKE TO GO SHOPPING FOR GIFTS FOR MY FAMILY MEMBERS. tHEY ARE HOBBIESTS, AND EVERY THING IS AVAILABLE THERE.
Glenda 12/28/2011
I absolutely love Hobby Lobby. I like to decorate cakes and they have everything I need. Their crafts are fully stocked and there is a variety to choose from. I would recommend Hobby Lobby to everyone.
Nancy S. 12/18/2011
I really enjoy shopping at Hobby Lobby. I enjoy taking advantage of all their specials. They have a great selection of items to choose from
Kelli 12/18/2011
I really like your stores and love the music you play in your stores
Isabelle Robbins 12/12/2011
I love Hobby Lobby, fabric dept has absolutely wonderful quality.....I think their staff could use a little training re: fabrics but most retail stores seem to be that way these days. Gift & Christmas dept outstanding......love the layout of the store.
Srividya 12/11/2011
The Hobby Lobby is th right place for craft lovers. It has wide range of art supplies that caters to different age groups. It has huge varitery from where one can choose things to pursue her hobbies. The prices are reasonable too
Rose Talbot 12/04/2011
I love Hobby Lobby. My family never has to question what to get me - a Hobby Lobby gift card. Between painting and beading, I can spend hours in either in their store or on their website. Also, no other craft store beats their prices.

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