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Atta 12/22/2022
I did survey off receipt for free entree on 12/17. 2712-6118-1249-0172-1912-01. Never got coupon. My wife had this same problem weeks ago. Otherwise, I love their food.
Teresa Patterson 08/07/2022
On my receipt, it gave me a phone number to call within 2 days for a free entree. I went yesterday, Aug 05, 2022. I called the number but it wasn't working. It said to go to pandaexpress/feedback. I can't find where to get the redemption code. Just a bunch of coupons to sign up for... and skimpy portions except tons of chow mean. It was my first time at Panda Express and I wasn't impressed. The staff seemed helpful.
X 08/04/2022
I like the orange chicken , but they put very little on the plate lots of rice and noodles thats about it .
Shelly Edwards 03/01/2022
I would usually say great things about the Panda that I have here in town that I have to travel to but look forward to getting whenever I can.. however, I could not believe the rudeness of the people in here. Although the line was plentiful, my plate was so skimpy I could not believe it. I paid $10. For a giant serving of noodles,(which R great) but I only got 4 pieces of orange chicken and 3 forks of mushroom chicken. Very little food. Unsatisfied customer.
Dolores 12/24/2021
Love the food…especially the Crispy Almond Chicken!!!!
Mary banks 12/08/2021
I wish you would bring back the original crispy noodles. I loved those.
Cheryl 11/15/2021
Their service tonight was terrible. For an online order that was supposed to be ready at 6:04 I received it at 6:35
Mary Hinthorne 10/27/2021
This Panda Express was the BEST anywhere! Cleanliness 10, Presentation, 10 Exceptional! Taste, 10, Best of any Panda location out of 25 I’ve been to. Staff was calm organized, knowledgeable, and I was just blown away by experience! ( Last Panda in San Diego was garbage, dirty, sloppy food all over) but since just moved here, decided to try… WOW!! Thank You for a great restaurant!!
Janise 08/27/2021
Terrible experience for the first time in 20 years! Server by the name of Stephanie at the #1488 location in Inglewood was very sarcastic and condescending!
Mel 06/08/2021
Good food but very little portion.
Lisa 05/19/2021
Panda Express is Very Good, prices a bit HI for what U get. Good Tasting. .
Mary Autry 03/21/2021
Please bring back Sweet Fire Chicken. I miss it. It is 2nd only to your Orange Chicken in taste. I’ve tried some of the other dishes, but they are not as good as SFC.
buddybaker 11/15/2020
offer coupons online that are not acceptable at the store. small amounts of food given.
Larry Beavers 09/16/2020
Lately on N May Ave location in OKC the Broccoli has NOT been cooked well 7 complaints in our group.
Wendy laskowski 08/16/2020
I love the orange chicken and noodles at panda
Dawn 02/02/2020
I absuluty love this place! I have to travel for it but its worth the drive!! Food is amazing and always fresh!so many choices! Just typing this makes me hungry!! Its my favorite restraunt!
Anonymous 12/23/2019
I love Panda Express
Sandy 11/20/2019
I can’t eat here because it’s too salty & oily. I would like steamed options like chicken & vegetables. When I go out to a restaurant it’s only where I can order no msg, salt, oil or cornstarch. I’ve asked but have been declined at Panda.
RUBYFLORE 04/30/2019
My comment is I found a hair in the rice in the orange chicken. The employees not covered the hair supposedly covered do something.
David Franklin 01/18/2019
Everything is great except for music. Don’t need it.😜 don’t like kale either. Other than those 2 things it’s great
Anonymous 01/05/2019
The store in Vallejo, Ca doesn’t honor coupons and says its online only! The servers are rude! They act like they own the place. “Dont come back!” I Love the food!
Anita Mangum 12/06/2018
We eat there at least twice a week... The only complaint...get rid of the power greens... Make is bitter... Go back to original recipe
Sandra lieberman 10/05/2018
I would like to be able to order a veggie stir fry without oil & no salt & also other items with less salt & oil. Please have that option available.
Jackie Bolton 10/05/2018
I love it, this is my favorite place to dine
Anita Mangum 08/15/2018
Love it.. Love the variety and freshness.we eat there once or twice a week.
Justine Horgan 04/24/2018
My family really enjoys the food we pick up from Panda Express. It is fresh and flavorful. We drive over 30 miles round trip get it.
Elaine Wynn 03/27/2018
I love Panda Express, I think the food is healthy. Panda is my first choice if I am not able to cook.
Tom Hart 03/10/2018
Why doesn't the panda Express in Orlando int. Airport open at 8am like the web page says?
Bettye 03/03/2018
We LOVE Panda Express. The food is always fresh and delicious. Just wish they delivered!
Laird MacDonald 02/19/2018
Good quality, good value, great taste, could eat every day.
Maria Ramirez 02/15/2018
The best food love your food 😍😍😍😍 Yeeees
Mary Fluegel 02/03/2018
The best food ever.!!!!! I just love their wontons and the plum sause. There noodles are soooooooooo darn yummies. I love anything they cook with Broc. In it. Thank you for having one so close. Love your food, Mary
Anonymous 01/09/2018
Very fresh and nice looking food.
John Braun 11/16/2017
I love the food, some of the employees need to learn how to be nice to customers
Nadean 10/08/2017
Panda at happy valley & cavecreek & union hills are the best and cleanest.
JElena 08/29/2017
We love panda express .. all the team is so nice and the store is always clean ..
Cristin 08/21/2017
Awesome food exceptional services
Rima samaan 08/15/2017
Your store is clean & the employees are very nice! The food is amazing!😊
Hanna 03/14/2017
great food when lazy to cook
Freddi 02/28/2017
Love panda

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