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HomeTown Buffet carries quality food at affordable prices for the perfect family dining experience. Come see for yourself today


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Edna A. 08/29/2019
We love coming at Hometown Buffet on Wednesdays and Sundays for Chicken and Steaks!
James Gilbert 02/02/2019
My wife and I go to Hometown 3-4-5 days and maybe more. They always have Food. Samiea and all People Sure Make a number one Place and the people are so Friendly. Samiea are always the customers and making them feel at home and to rate, we would Like to give Five Stars. Thank You Hometown.
Robert Mintzer Jr. 01/22/2018
Fallbrook hometown buffet, I found to be very family oriented, the team has been together years, and really do a great job. Food was really good, better than we expected, kids enjoyed it, great family time!
Espina 11/11/2017
Good food, good service good time thanks
James Hotz 06/02/2017
I ate the vegetable soup at the fall brook restaurant and immediately got sick and diarrhea, I told the manager about it and he said no one else complained, and did nothing. The soup was put out again the next day after being out hot all day. I have also found pastries with mold growing on them. At closing time they should sell all the leftover food for half price and get rid of it. And the manager should listen when a customer tells him the soup is bad. I think he should be fired. James Hotz
Penny Fuller 11/04/2016
I loved Hometown buffet. I used to eat there all the time with my mom. Unfortunately they closed these restaurants in Columbus, Ohio. I sure miss them!
Sharon Daddio 10/21/2016
My husband & I go 2 hometown buffet all the time. We really love their food because u can choose what u want & they have alot of variety
Anonymous 09/12/2016
I ate at home town buffet Saturday evening only. I go concord only cause its cleaner than the rest of them in California. like this one only more organized food more better peace.
April Klaproth 07/13/2016
I really like the food and how clean the restaurant is. Service is nice every time I have been to the one in Turlock.
Rosa 05/16/2016
Good food & service
Helen 08/05/2012
We usually go to hometown buffet every week. my children like food over there very much. I definitely recommend everybody to try it.
jeannie 05/12/2012
a great place to eat and plenty of options to satisfy every one in your family we eat here almost every week
Pauline Castlebon 10/07/2011
On Sept. 25th My husband and my son and I went to Hometown Buffet. I and my son go several times a year but this was a first for my husband. He enjoyed choices and the verity. The service was very good as always and the place was clean and there was also enough food that we liked so no waiting for the staff to fill empty trays. I will continue to go the Hometown Buffet.
mariamenendez 10/02/2011
this is wonderful place to eat. the food is very healthy
efigenio sandra 06/11/2011
because its my kids best restaurant

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