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Applebee's is an American company which develops, franchises, and operates the Applebee's Neighborhood Grill and Bar restaurant chain.


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Anonymous 08/16/2020
Our waitress Rosalind E was the best very kind patient with us, my husband had a stoke in April, also is very hard of hec aring but she was very understanding and gave us wonderful service .The Best
Ruth Tennenbaum 09/14/2019
Went there last week after seeing ad ov TV we thought the hamburgers were going to be $7.98 because they showed different ones with the one on sale We only found that out after we went to order the others were 11.98 thats a big difference when your paying for 4 people We will not go back so soon because we can't trust you.
Christy in Utah 09/10/2019
My husband and I enjoyed a wonderful fajita lunch at the Applebee's in Idaho Falls, ID recently, while traveling... We had such an awesome experience, that we returned to a couple of Applebee's in northern Utah...only to be disappointed... The steak was like leather !! Where ever we go, it just doesn't seem to meet the standards of that first visit in Idaho Falls... It's almost worth the roadtrip back to Idaho...for some truly wonderful fajitas !!
Paula Warren 09/04/2019
Always great food, great service and friendly staff. 🤩
Lena Carboni Wimprine 07/26/2019
Yesterday July 25, 2018, we went to eat at Applebee's in Kenner. The service SUCKED. We both ordered the hamburger on the lunch special. I got the coleslaw instead of the fries and she got a salad. We had to ask twice for the salad to be served before the hamburgers came out. Then when our food did come out I had asked for Swiss Cheese, my whole order came out wrong. So my Friend ate alone, then my order came out late so I had to eat alone. Then we got one of those $1.00 Dollarrama, their was so much liquor in it, it would have knocked your socks off without drinking it. I went ahead an tipped the server but she sucked also. She was such a damn scatter brains. Then we are sitting there and twice I had to ask for the check. REALLY don't freaking people understand ENGLISH today. All I know is I won't be going back to this Applebee's for quite awhile.
“Cowboy”Richard 07/06/2019
I went to Applebees’s on 07/04/2019.,The service was Great, the food was great and the Drinks were Great. We had a Fantastic time. “Cowboy”Richard.
Lydia 04/30/2019
Service was not that great on Saturday 4/27/19, took 55 minutes for a to go order Fayettville,NC skibo
Sharon Harder 03/25/2019
My husband is a vegetarian, I am not. I don't see ANY vegetarian entres on your menu. More and more people are choosing meatless meals..why not add something to your menu so we can visit your restaurant??
Anonymous 01/02/2019
Personally I like the place
Diane 11/21/2018
I always get the bourbon street steak but this time it was so tough I was unable to eat it and took it home To my dog! It has gone up to 15.99 and I hate to throw money Away but I’m scared to send it back to the cook too! I ordered it medium But it was over well done!
Maritza Torres 11/12/2018
Great staff in Guaynabo PR Applebee.we love all you foods.
Crystal samyn 09/05/2018
Great wait staff. Love the Broccoli cheese soup and salad
Victor 03/14/2017
Great service waitress was pretty and helpfull, love coming here, food is awesome, 5 stars, all the way
Anonymous 09/01/2016
Celebrated my sister's birthday there Tuesday afternoon . Our server was very nice and very attentive . She did a marvelous job . THANK YOU !
sherrie 08/19/2011
this is a wonderful place for a couple to have dinner on a budget. The food is outstanding. coctails are wonderful. I would recomend this restrauant to anyone who is looking for a good vibe atmoshere, frendly servers, and a clean neat place.
denise bland 08/19/2011
I love Applebees food and customer service plus they always offer great coupons.

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About Applebee's

Applebee’s started with the same philosophy we follow today – focused on serving good food to good people. Today, what was once a popular neighborhood restaurant has grown to become a popular restaurant in neighborhoods all across North America – with almost 2,000 locations and counting.

The Applebee's concept focuses on casual dining, with mainstream American dishes such as salads, shrimp, chicken, pasta, and "riblets" (which is considered Applebee's signature dish). All Applebee's restaurants feature a bar area and serve alcoholic beverages (From Wikipedia)

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