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Procter & Gamble is a global company that provides consumer products in the areas of pharmaceuticals, cleaning supplies, personal care, and pet supplies


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Tania 12/03/2021
Good products and price
Lili 11/03/2021
I love p&g products!! Good products and good price!!
Mary 10/29/2021
Good products and price
Junavelle Thompson 02/19/2021
Nice product and good cost
Joann Johnson 12/31/2019
Please put UPC codes on coupons since I and many others have no way to print coupons.
Krista McClellan 12/10/2019
I love p&g great products, love the deals. Love the products. P&G is the greatest it's my number one shopping brand's.
trina 10/25/2019
I only use tide and gain laundry products
Angela Middleton 10/28/2017
I really enjoy using your products. the newspaper is very difficult for me to get. I am disabled but love couponing to save.
Michelle 05/13/2017
Very disappointed because where I live papers are hard to get and I don't have a printer...really wish the laundry detergent coupons could be in the newspaper that would be wonderful! I absolutely love love love these products!
Anonymous 11/23/2016
I always buy their products, I love them. They are very good. And I always use them in my house, all my family uses them, I would like to receive free samples and coupons in my home. I do not have a printer in my house. thank you very much.

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