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IHOP offers pancakes, crepes, waffles, eggs and more.


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Anonymous 08/22/2021
Love it. Especially when I can order coffee of the month or season with breakfast.
Janice Williams 01/16/2021
I love Ihop.
Traci 10/03/2020
Why do the coupons never work that's advertised for the store on Palm Bay Rd West Melbourne, Florida? They are advertised and not valid! everytime!! Please don't avertise coupons to use if you will not accept them!! Canceled order. Too frustrating!
Richard Skinner 12/23/2019
Price versus quality and quantity out of bounds. Plant city Florida
Anonymous 08/26/2018
I live in Syracuse NY and we use to have 3 IHOPs. Now we have none. We are the third largest city in N Y so why can’t we have at least one Now. Judy Lambert
Anonymous 07/03/2018
I was hoping for something that was different. The half cup of fries that weren't hot. The burger nit good, nothing special. It ought to something you cant wait to get back to. If you couldn't make it great why change until you top or at the same level as those how know how.
Patcampbell 01/13/2018
I went to your aramingo Philadelphia location around 4.00 in the afternoon and the service was awful. There weren't any customers there at that time. After waiting for about ten minutes or more i finally got my food. It was frenchtoast with banalnas and strawberries which i thought were old and brown bananas
Suzanne Amodio 07/06/2017
We enjoyed eatting at IHOP a great place to go,and eat...
Frank 03/26/2017
Great place and delicious sweet crepes
Maritza Antepara 01/21/2017
Great place for cheese blinzets
Nekeshia taylor 11/16/2016
I love IHOP that restaurant was clean and have good work I mean TEAM OK in Columbia sc
Steve 08/28/2016
Our waitress Familiar was a great waitress and the food was awesome
Yasmin 08/06/2016
I really love I hope pancakes it's the best
Joanne Hansen 08/17/2012
The food and service are great. You can choose a great meal or just a pancake. The crepes and delicious, especially the bluberry.
Barbara Holmes 01/28/2012
I love eating at IHop they have a great varitey of pancakes and other delicious meals. If I could I would eat there every day. The service is great and the waitresses are always pleasant and the prices are great. I love the bltisz and crepes with with fruit.

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