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Vera-Vickie Wilson 11/02/2023
I’m a fan club member and didn’t get ANY kind of treat for my 73rd birthday! So disappointing!!!! 🥲
Sandra 01/26/2023
Your specials are very high compared to other fast food in our area and quality is lacking. Senior Citizens look for deals!
Sandra 12/20/2022
The prices are higher than Wendy's, BK, Arbys or McDonald's.
Gloria 10/17/2022
I think if a person gets the 5pc chicken basket they should get two dipping sauces without extra charge! Makes me very mad!!
Gay Land 09/14/2022
Great tacos and ice cream treats
Nancy 07/21/2022
Just had our fifth drumstick blizzard am need it was so disappointing. The first four we had were filled with chunks and peanuts, this one mostly my ice cream. Question do all blizzard suppose to have the same amount of ingredients in them?
Anonymous 06/08/2022
We love DQ especially the cones, blizzards and the scrumptious Ice Cream Cakes. 🌹🌹😉♥️
Pat OWENS 05/02/2022
Of course everyone loves a blizzard. I really love the mini size. Currently my Dairy Queen has some speciality blizzards. I got a cheery blizzards. I love the real chucks of cherry paired with small chocolate thin chips. The they have cherry juice poured over vanilla ice cream. Only thing I would do differently is put the cherry sauce and a few cherry pieces at the bottom then addd ice cream and top with the remainder items. Yummy I really like the chicken strips with hot white gravy to dip them in, too.
Brian 02/14/2022
I went to Clearfield Pa to buy an ice cream valentines cake. I pulled the sticker so my wife wouldn’t see the price ($14.99) Under the sticker was a sticker for $12.99, and when they range it up it was $12.99. But, the employee was told to do a price override to $14.99 and that’s what I was charged. I suggest if you are going to raise prices, do it before a customer makes the purchase.
Timothy Turner 06/20/2021
I guess we have one of best Dairy Q in country right here in small town McKee Ky, the food is excellent and the service is friendly no matter what time you stop in .
Sue Patrick 05/29/2021
Live in Central City, Ne we like DQ however most times there burgers are always cold when served. When ordering I ask that our burgers be made fresh so they are hot and still they come out cold. Also wish DQ would warm there buns, they are served out of the bag.
Randy Gordon 12/08/2020
We went to the DQ off of 35 in Saginaw TX. It just opened up again and after being ripped off of our 6 dollar meals that we got half of what was shown. Three meals and no fries and plus the meal showed you get a Sunday, fires,hamburger and drink. Well we got hamburger, drink and had to pay for the Sunday and when questioned the people there argued with my daughter about what the website showed. We waited for this site to reopen and as far as I am concerned it can close again. I business will go some where else.
Pat T. 12/07/2020
New fresh hamburgers not one that has been made minutes ahead, last one I got was not even hot and was such a disappointment. I usually love me the hamburgers but want it fresh
candace 10/20/2020
i love the cherry chocolate love blizzards but dairy queen quit having cherrys on there menu anymore so now i get the banana split when they have the bananas.
Anonymous 05/04/2020
I love the chocolate buster icecream. I really wish, I could get a coupon to get that at dairy queen.
Sylvia Strickland 09/22/2019
My husband and I go to Dairy Queen in Goose Creek S.c. for a treat. He has the ice cream cone and I have the hot fudge sundae. We love their ice cream. Smooth and creamy. Yum-Yum-Yum.
Sherlie 07/14/2019
The Dairy Queen on South 14th/277 in Abilene, Texas needs some help /maybe better management...continue to have problems signifigant there! 🙄
Donna Earhart 06/21/2019
Love their blizzards
Lew Pyron 05/28/2019
Laura, at your DQ at k ave/park plano, texas and all of her associates her are the best in the world. Very smart, friendly, knowledgeable, and l always get help opening my ketchup packets from the bottom of the pkg. The food is always fresh,Hot, and the quantity is perfect. It's always a pleasure seeing the Beautiful folk's at Dairy Queen.
grace Webb 12/19/2018
love it we go every Thursday night and fellowshisp with a group
Linda Laramie 08/06/2018
I LOVE Dairy Queen blizzards! They are the best.
Peggy 06/25/2018
Love it and it’s so close 🤩
Gerald McLeanEcnC 03/04/2018
We don't have a Dairy Queen in Ocala, Florida and we need one. Please see about have one come to Ocala Thanks Gerald McLean
Mary Springer 08/23/2017
I have love DQ for so long I'm so glad they put one back in tupelo. I don't get up there much but make it there went I can and the blizzards are to die for. you go DQ
Samantha 07/13/2017
I love diary queen! They have good deals and great food and desserts! I love it so much
Anonymous 05/07/2017
I love Dairy Queen, it has become my favorite fast food restaurant. Great price and a great deal. I love the $5.00 lunch. Keep it up! !
Tasha leopayl 04/10/2017
I went to dairy queen tiday after church the service was great the food was very fresh.. My salad was awsome.. The one on johnston Street..
Max Bagirimvano 02/13/2017
I love how Ms NINA is a happy lady and. I love how she orders my food. And the sweet kind person.
Karen Rigsby 02/13/2017
We love the foot longs
Mary banda 02/04/2017
I went there and got 3 chicken baskets. my fries were cooked. the little container of gravy was half full. I was appalled. Mary banda
Joan Lannie 02/02/2017
I'm screaming for DQ ice cream. It makes my day a happy day. 😊
Rose 09/01/2016
They have online ads for $1.31 for Aug 31st. I went to their store and the cashier doesnt know anything about this. I also sign up for a birthday promo and when i got there i got nothing. This is a scam.
Kelly dahm 03/08/2012
YUMMY!!!!!!YUMMY!!!!!! Yummy!!!!! In My Tummy!Life is is worth living when you have ice cream from Dairy Queen. When driving around you always know when you see the Dairy Queen your in for a treat. It will be Dairylicous.

Money Saving Tips at Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen is known for its ice cream treats, fast-food options, and signature Blizzards. If you want to save money while enjoying treats at Dairy Queen, here are some tips:

1. Join the Blizzard Fan Club: Sign up for the Dairy Queen Blizzard Fan Club to receive special promotions, exclusive deals, and coupons via email.

2. Download the Dairy Queen App: The Dairy Queen app often features exclusive deals and mobile-only coupons. Download the app to stay informed about the latest promotions.

3. Check for Daily Deals: Some Dairy Queen locations may offer daily or weekly specials. Check with your local Dairy Queen to find out if they have any ongoing promotions.

4. Combo Meals and Value Menus: Opt for combo meals or items on the value menu to save money compared to ordering items individually.

5. Participate in Promotional Events: Keep an eye out for special events or promotions hosted by Dairy Queen, such as Free Cone Day or promotional discounts on specific menu items.

6. Follow Dairy Queen on Social Media: Dairy Queen often announces promotions, giveaways, and limited-time offers on their social media channels. Follow them to stay updated on the latest deals.

7. Buy One, Get One Deals: Dairy Queen may occasionally run "Buy One, Get One" (BOGO) deals on certain items. Check for these promotions to get more for your money.

8. Student Discounts: Some Dairy Queen locations offer student discounts. If you're a student, inquire about any special discounts available at your local Dairy Queen.

9. Use Coupons and Flyers: Check local newspapers, flyers, and online coupon websites for Dairy Queen coupons. These may include discounts on specific items or combo meals.

10. DQ Bakes Snack Menu: Consider ordering from the DQ Bakes snack menu, which often includes smaller and more affordable options.

11. Share Treats: Dairy Queen desserts, especially Blizzards, are often large. Consider sharing with a friend or family member to save on costs.

12. Military Discounts: Some Dairy Queen locations offer military discounts. If you are a member of the military, inquire about any special discounts available at your local Dairy Queen.

13. Check for Local Specials: Local Dairy Queen franchises may have their own promotions and specials. Check with your nearby Dairy Queen to see if they have any unique offers.

14. Attend Happy Hour: Some Dairy Queen locations may have happy hour promotions, particularly for drinks or specific menu items. Check with your local restaurant for details.

Always check the terms and conditions of any promotions, and be aware that specific deals may vary by location. Taking advantage of loyalty programs and staying updated on current promotions will help you make the most of your visits to Dairy Queen while saving money.

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FAQs about Dairy Queen

1. What is Dairy Queen known for?

Dairy Queen is known for its soft-serve ice cream and a variety of frozen treats, including the iconic Blizzard, sundaes, and ice cream cones.

2. What are the current Dairy Queen promotions or discounts?

Dairy Queen often runs promotions and discounts, such as special pricing on Blizzard treats or value meals. Customers can check the official Dairy Queen website, subscribe to newsletters, or visit the restaurant for the latest deals.

3. Can I customize my Blizzard at Dairy Queen?

Yes, customers can customize their Blizzard treats at Dairy Queen by choosing from a variety of mix-ins, including candies, cookies, and fruits. The customization options may vary by location.

4. Does Dairy Queen offer non-dairy or lactose-free options?

Dairy Queen may offer non-dairy and lactose-free options, such as certain flavors of sorbet or non-dairy Blizzard treats. The availability of these options may vary by location.

5. Can I order Dairy Queen online for pickup or delivery?

Yes, Dairy Queen offers online ordering for both pickup and delivery at participating locations. Customers can use the Dairy Queen website or mobile app to place orders.

6. Does Dairy Queen have a loyalty program?

Dairy Queen may have a loyalty program or rewards program at some locations. Customers can inquire at their local Dairy Queen or check the official website for information on any existing loyalty programs.

7. What are Dairy Queen's hours of operation?

The hours of operation for Dairy Queen can vary by location and day of the week. Customers can check the specific hours on the Dairy Queen website or contact their local restaurant.

8. Is Dairy Queen kid-friendly?

Yes, Dairy Queen is generally considered kid-friendly. The menu often includes options suitable for younger customers, and many locations have family-friendly atmospheres.

9. Does Dairy Queen offer food items other than ice cream?

Yes, Dairy Queen typically offers a menu that includes hot food items such as burgers, chicken strips, and fries. The specific food offerings may vary by location.

10. How can I provide feedback or contact Dairy Queen customer service?

Customers can provide feedback or contact Dairy Queen customer service through the official website or by contacting the local restaurant directly. Contact information is usually available on the website.

About Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen, founded in 1940, has become an iconic name in the world of frozen treats and quick-service dining. Renowned for its delectable soft-serve ice cream and signature Blizzard treats, Dairy Queen has been a beloved destination for generations of dessert enthusiasts.

The highlight of Dairy Queen's menu is its soft-serve ice cream, known for its creamy texture and versatility. The Blizzard, a blended treat featuring various mix-ins, stands out as a fan favorite. With a diverse range of flavors and seasonal offerings, Dairy Queen provides a refreshing and indulgent experience for customers of all ages.

Beyond its frozen delights, Dairy Queen offers a menu that includes hot eats such as burgers, chicken strips, and fries. The brand's commitment to providing a balanced selection caters to those seeking both savory and sweet options.

The iconic Dairy Queen locations, often adorned with the recognizable cone logo, create a welcoming and nostalgic atmosphere. Drive-thru service and outdoor seating contribute to the convenience and accessibility of the Dairy Queen experience.

Dairy Queen's enduring appeal extends beyond its culinary offerings to community engagement, with initiatives like Miracle Treat Day supporting local children's hospitals. As a fixture in the dessert and fast-food landscape, Dairy Queen remains a cherished destination for those seeking a delightful combination of classic treats and innovative creations.

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