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P.F. Chang's, Chinese restaurant, is committed to providing an exceptional dining experience-Each dish is prepared to order using the freshest & highest quality ...


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Boyd Campbell 10/12/2021
My wife and I recently prepared your Beef With Broccoli frozen entree. It did not taste good, so we threw it out. There may have been a problem with freezing the entree. I don't know.
Norma 10/06/2021
This is the worst meal and I bought 2 chicken pad Thai. The chicken was rubbery actually disgusting. I had to throw both boxes away
Wanda 03/13/2021
I have eaten at the one in Durham NC and love it! Food is fresh and delicious and great service!
Donna P. 10/08/2020
I have eaten at several PF Chang’s in different states. The food is ALWAYS fabulous!
Lorraine Saviano 07/09/2020
I love PF Chang's ❤️❤️❤️
edye 09/08/2018
fantastic menu and food great service happy place to be
Iris G. Wenglin 05/09/2018
excellent food - their wait staff changes so often that I think they should rethink how they pay/handle them.
Darrell Tester 12/11/2016
I used to buy PF Chang's Peppered Beef all the time, but don't find it in the stores anymore. Did u eliminate it from your ff list? I look for it all the time, but it's been well over a year and no sign of it. Hence, u lost a customer.
Maureen Fischetti 08/27/2012
We ate at PF Changs in Buffalo. The lettuce wraps, mangolian beef, moo shoo pork was excellent. Service top knotch.
Harriet Campbell 01/26/2012
My 11 year old son loves the lettuce wraps at PF Changs. Therefore, when we go we get great service and great food. It is so much fun for him and a treat. I live quite far and still go there since the experience is so delightful!
Sandra Fox 01/02/2012
MMMMMMM the orange chicken meal was so yummy and all of it seasoned so well and i will buy it even without any coupon ! Keep making them cause I LOVE em !!! Happy New Year !

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