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Long John Silver's is America's largest quick-service seafood chain with over 1200 units worldwide.


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Tracy 09/01/2021
Not trying to be mean but, ljs at 4th and loop is so slow. I have been in line for 12 minutes and order still not taken. Oops just took order. I asked what was taking so long and the waitress said they just opened. If y'all don't open until 4:00, y'all may want to change the hours of operations on the window.
Sandra 08/02/2021
Why are coupons always 2 for the price. Sometimes I don't have anyone to share the coupon with and sometimes I would just like to eat alone. This means I just don't go.
Gilbert Smith 07/17/2021
When I try to use your coupons for local Long John Silver's say they don't accept digital coupons
Jock Krespo 05/21/2021
We went to the LJS on Altamesa in Fort Worth TX last week. I could not believe that they were out of Salmon. We had the two meals for $9.99 coupon. We did not order anything because we were disappointed.
Gabrielle Talbott-Rathbun 05/11/2021
5 days ago I got a 27 $ order because I wanted to treat my 90 yr old neighbor who loves long johns. We got no hush puppies, no crispiest, and, they have yet to make it right. The store on rock Rd. And kellogg leave much to be desired.
Stephanie Harris 05/11/2021
Paid for a fish and shrimp meal, got home and only had fish. Very disappointed
Lee 04/19/2021
Just paid $32 for a family fish meal. 45 minutes from where I live. Then I get home did not have my two sides of coleslaw. No excuse
Stella O 01/19/2021
I like eating at Long John Silver in Staunton,Va. I have met some friendly people there and the people that work there are nice as well!
Linda Duerr 11/02/2020
I love your seafood platter and especially the hush puppies. Yum
Lawrence Payne 10/05/2020
Really enjoy the fish and chips. The service could be a little faster. They need more employees.
Kitty Ellis 05/27/2019
LJS 32085 in Sikeston MO was horrible. It was 97* and the ac was not working. The food was not hot. Warm and very old...fish, fries and hush puppies...all nastey. There were ants crawling all over....the floor was slippery...very dirty along the sides of the wall. Worst experience I ever had.
Linda 02/18/2019
A very good place to eat and a very clean place to eat at.
Steven north 02/14/2019
Love my long johns.we eat there every week.and I use my coupon.love my discount.
A.D.Govan 11/30/2018
Went to Lindale Tx LJS in Oct 2018 like I did weekly for a long time but this time it was the evening and other workers. I had an online coupon from LJS as I had used before there at that store in the morning afternoon hours. I was told they need paper coupons and its been that way all the time. Well I hate being lied to especially when I know different. I haven't been back!
Daisy 11/17/2018
Just went to LJS ordered a family meal got the 8 piece 4 chicken 4 fish. I sat there for about 15 minutes, they called my number I leave, go home and opened the box and find 4 small pieces of chicken and the fish was ok what kind of service was this I go there a lot and when I eat there it's fine but take home no good I'm so disappointed
Nancy Hofmann 09/28/2018
Just had the worst dinner at San Marcos Long Johns. The food was cold , 2 thin pieces of fish with soggy batter and a tasteless hushpuppy!! Please fix things and make it good again.
Joe 09/24/2018
Delicious fish,cooked excellent. great customer service.
Dorri 09/14/2018
I love LJS. The food is always hot, fresh & delicious..
Linda 03/10/2018
I love the crunchiness and taste that comes with the food. The staff there is very friendly. Am a regular customer when i can since there isnt one close to my house.
Madaline Rockey 02/01/2018
Is there a senior citizen discount? I just went through the line. The next customer was offered a senior discount?
Anonymous 08/24/2017
I appreciate your food service and your kindness of aiming to please the customer. And most of all I enjoy the taste of my food.
Dee Ellis 06/15/2017
I. Had the worst fish I have ever eaten. After one bite I had to throw it out. The fish was dry and tasted old. Very disappointed in this restaurant
Mary 05/12/2017
Was great food! Large shrimp and fish was excellent!
Nancy 03/30/2017
We love to eat there just only one in Mesa area, why ?
Eddie 11/01/2016
Made order had to wait 20 min. Said waiting on fish. People behind us. Two separate orders with fish got there's before us. Other than that, good meal at good deal.
Sandy Coyle 02/02/2013
The Long John Silvers in Quincy, Illinois has excellent customer service, is a very clean environment and the food is very good on a consistent basis.

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