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Connie Hakala 05/28/2023
i love wing stop. i get well done wings there at least once a week. i like the store in oxnard because they cook them just the way i like them!!
Delores 03/30/2022
Hey everybody, I am 67 y/o and today was my very first time having food from their, I had the boneless wings (Garlic Parmesan) mann they were sooo freekin good. I'll be back there for lunch on Monday,if I can wait that long. Food was amazing,staff was friendly and helpful and the store was impeccably clean.
Kim Brown 08/06/2021
Best wings in Cleveland. Seasoned corn is fabulous. Employees are courteous when they have to replace an order for an error. Food is fresh always!
Wing Lover 07/17/2021
Why only boneless, the masses want Bone in... I love wing stop!!! Some coupons would be nice.
K. R. Crawford 05/17/2021
At 12:57 on May 17th 2021 at the store number 420, grease for fries and grease for chicken horrible, has not been changed for a while. Disappointed because this was my first time here. Also can someone please explain to me why did I have a puddle of grease in the container with my chicken. 🤮
Anonymous 02/07/2021
We just love they lemon pepper wings and mix salad
Perla Molina 11/06/2020
Wingstop is a good place And the service is really good.
Baylee 06/16/2020
Your wings are amazing!
Ms. Williams 07/16/2018
Wingstop in New Orleans on Carrollton ave. Is very horrible service and food don't eat there.
Jose 09/21/2017
You're wings are the best
Tina Clayton 11/20/2016
I'm the ultimate fan!! They call me the boss at texarkana wingstop!!
Vicki 08/29/2016
I love wingstop, all the different flavors they have, plus the homemade fries are awesome. Just wish they had coupons come out in the mail or newspaper
CHERI COLEMAN 07/22/2012
wonderful little place to dine for something light to eat love those spicy wings those are my favorite.

Money Saving Tips at Wingstop

1. Join the Wingstop Club: Sign up for Wingstop's email club to receive exclusive deals and promotions, such as discounts on menu items, free fries with purchase, and free birthday gifts.

2. Order during happy hour: Wingstop offers discounts on wings and sides during happy hour, which is typically in the late afternoon or early evening. Check your local Wingstop for their specific happy hour times and deals.

3. Check for online coupons: Wingstop frequently offers online coupons that you can use to save money on your order. Check their website or social media channels for current deals.

4. Share a combo meal: Wingstop's combo meals include wings, fries, and a drink, and are a great way to save money if you're dining with others. Consider sharing a combo meal with a friend or family member to cut costs.

5. Choose bone-in wings: Bone-in wings are generally less expensive than boneless wings, so if you're looking to save money, consider ordering bone-in wings instead.

6. Visit during Wingstop's "Happy Hour": Some Wingstop locations offer "Happy Hour" specials during certain times of the day, where you can enjoy discounted wings and drinks. Check with your local Wingstop to see if they offer this promotion.

7. Take advantage of Wingstop's "Group Packs": If you're ordering for a group, Wingstop offers "Group Packs" that include a combination of wings, fries, and dips for a discounted price.

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