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Shop the world's most glamourous bras, sexy sleepwear, lingerie and swimwear. Women's fashion clothing and apparel, shoes, cosmetics, gifts and more at www.VictoriasSecret.com


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Joyce 05/20/2019
Why can't I purchase your gift card at, Kroger's? Your store is not that close and sometimes I would like or need one now, Kroger's is close. I like your store and now my young nieces are into you, too
danielle 05/19/2012
It is always amazing to shop with VS. They have the best selection in sexy things as well as staying classy. I would reccomend this store any day.
michelle pennisi 05/12/2012
Showstopper Bra Received this bra last week and must say how fantastic it is-so comfortable and virtually undetectable under any type of clothing. Just the right amount of support as well. Love it!
Andrea Kirby 08/19/2011
Everything I have bought I have loved at VS. It lasts a long time and wears well. It looks amazing on and makes me look even better and I feel sexy wearing it. I can always find something on sale or a coupon for it. The associates are helpful, nice and there to assist with anything. I had to return some and get a different size because of losing weight (quite a bit) in the week after my purchase and they make it so simple. They were amazing!
megan 05/25/2011
i really enjoy their products and the quality of each item even though the prices are usually pretty high

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About Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret is the leading specialty retailer of lingerie operating more than 1,000 stores across the U.S. Victoria's Secret has helped, perhaps more than any other brand, attract attention to the lingerie industry. Their advertising campaigns, including the Victoria's Secret Catalog and Victoria's Secret Fashion Show are visually appealling and controversial. The attention received by Victoria's Secret for their aggressive advertising campaigns has generated priceless word-of-mouth and media bytes to further enhance the Victoria's Secret brand.

Victoria's Secret sales in 2003 were a reported $2,822 million across 1,009 stores. Selling square feet were 4,735,000, equivalent to an average sales per square foot of approximately $600, up almost 3% from prior year. Overall, same store sales were up almost 4% from prior year.

Victoria's Secret was established in San Francisco during the early 1970's by Roy Raymond. The concept was to establish a cozy, inviting atmosphere similar to that of a victorian boudouir. Roy's Victoria's Secret, consisting of three stores and a catalog business, was acquired by Limited Brands, among some controversy, in 1982. Many incorrectly believe that Victoria's Secret was of British heritage. An image which some say was perpetuated by its parent company.

Today, Victoria's Secret lingerie is the top performer for the congolomerate. Victoria's Secret, under Limited Brands, has a history of being sexy, youthful and romantic. Men and women have come to recognize Victoria's Secret as the place to buy a lingerie or perfume gift.Together, these three vehicles to market combined with Victoria's Secret aggressive marketing has made Victoria Secret the best known lingerie brand and brought greater attention to the lingerie industry.

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