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Maria. Mouhtad 11/24/2022
I have been shopping at at trader Joe's since 2002 when I was living in Seattle. Later, I have been shopping in Snohomish county. Great place good prices , good customer service and diversity in the products.
Myra Rieger 11/04/2022
Trader Joes is a great store to shop!!!Great items at great prices too!! everyone is helpful and friendly!!!!
Lorna escobar 11/01/2022
I love your store and prices very friendly staff thank you l pray that a store in my area comes very soon belton or Killeen or harker heights or cooperascove we have Aldi but l want a traders joes thsnks
Anonymous 10/24/2022
I’ve never been to a store yet. Getting ready to make my first visit this weekend and I’m so looking forward to it. My sister lives in another state and always talks about the store they just opened there last year. So I’m going to one in NY so excited.
Jacqueline Whitledge 08/28/2022
Love trader joes
Maureen 08/28/2022
The only place to shop.
Aldo Dossola 08/13/2022
The Menlo Park Tradeer Joe's tells me that the Italian breadsticks have been discontinued. This is an item that I've enjoyed for many years and am hoping that the breadsticks are NOt A DISCONTINUED ITEM. This item is so much superior to a lot of the other items that are available in the same store location.
Sharon Hardy 04/26/2022
Love TJ’s. The store atmosphere, the staff, the prices, originality….pretty much everything. I only wish there was a store closer to where I live. I’d go more often.
Anonymous 04/20/2022
I really am relaxed shopping at Trader Joe’s Great store. I am constantly looking for the chicken enchiladas and always out. Prices increase much too fast Please build one in Punta Gorda
Kay Read 04/10/2022
The cashier asked me why I was buying so many flowers. I said for my Moms Celebration of Life. He gave me a bouquet on the house in honor of my mom. I was so touched. Thank you Trader Joe’s. I’m enjoying my bouquet. Kay Read
Shirley Stauber 04/06/2022
Love shopping at Traders - have been doing it for many years and hopefully will be doing it for many more years.
Jane 04/03/2022
Love TS's but prices have gotten out of control
MMaxcine O. Lewis 02/12/2022
I love shopping at Trader Joe's. They're always well stocked with everything I need. Their store always very clean and their employees are always willing to help you find whatever your are looking for. If they don't have an item you're looking for, they will check to see if it's something they can order for you. They will get it & notify you when it's ready for pickup.
Nancy Stark 01/09/2022
Wish you would build a store in Manatee County, FL. Closest store for all of us is Sarasota which is too small.
POOKIE 12/26/2021
i have been shopping at the W.L.A. TJ'S...the one on nat'l & WWBl. since the early 60's...well, actually that was the 2nd TJ'S i believe...& lived in the area. it is still my favorite,(so is Costco), & i continue to shop at the Palmdale ca. location..customer service always unsurpassed!
Bernard Strauss 12/08/2021
Great to have in my ‘hood.
Leslie 12/05/2021
I love Trader Joe’s! It’s my favorite grocery store by far. I don’t shop there very often though because they don’t deliver
Veronica 11/18/2021
LOVE your variety & prices.
Elaine Usdane 11/10/2021
PLEASE, PLEASE, bring back your great Multigrain O's in the brown & orange box. Of all the O's cereals, the multigrain is the healthiest and you discontinued it. Shameful!
Dee 11/10/2021
WAY too many questions to answer on order to enter your sweepstakes! NOT WORTH IT!!! Then you know all about me and no guarantee I'll win...I'll get emails from people who want to sell me something. Bad, bad deal (for me).
Joanne 09/20/2021
Definitely need a Trader Joe’s in Elizabethtown.
Carol 09/12/2021
Love the store and the people who work there
Mary Ellen wyman 08/28/2021
My favorite store …. Awesome frozen desserts … bon bons, lava cake, cheese cake , apple cakes individually wrapped
Lorraine C Edrich 08/22/2021
Wonderful food selection & Prices !
Charles Dingledine 05/09/2021
Please open store in New Albany Indiana
Paulette Barnard 03/28/2021
Wonderful place to shop
Beth Zirkelbach 12/21/2020
Please- Please open a store in Evansville, Indiana !!
JB 11/08/2020
I want Trader Joe's to bring back Wasabi Mayo. It is a great product with dozens of uses. Thank you JB
Rosemarie 10/05/2020
Best prepared foods cannot get better anywhere else.
Mary Ann 08/10/2020
Love Trader Joe’s. It is my favorite food shopping store.
Perkins 12/11/2019
I want your frozen crab cakes to be put back in your stores. I miss them.
Amy 11/16/2019
Love this place
Linda Pappert 11/24/2018
Best overall quality for the price and fabulous variety. The staff/emploees are THE BEST ANYWHERE. They are brighter intellectually, super friendly and helpful. The customers are great also. It is a positive atmosphere and always enjoyable. Thanks Trader Joe's!
Jan F. 11/05/2018
Great buys easy to find items and love the produce.
Mary busato 10/16/2018
Excelent your price quality and the people than work is wonderful
Daily Wang 07/15/2018
Trader Joe's is good food and good price store, We love it and enjoy shop there almost every day .
Mona al Najjar 03/10/2018
My best place for grocery shopping
Darlene W 02/24/2018
Oh how I wish u would come to Lancaster, PA. Love your food!
Lendy 02/03/2018
I just moved to el Cerrito and so far Trader Joe’s has been my favorite! Everything in there is so good
Jacqueline Woolsey 10/12/2017
TJ has been my favorite store since I moved to this area. Staff and atmosphere rock.

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