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James J Karabochos 08/10/2022
Our family has been using tide for over 20 years and it really gets the clothes clean.
Rachael Dowd 07/26/2022
I love Tide products. I use Tide every day when I do our family laundry. My clothes are clean and they smell great. Thank you, Tide. Rachael Dowd
La princes 07/17/2022
I’ve been using tide for about 8 years now and I love it .
Diana Trevino-Ortiz 06/06/2022
Leaves clothes real clean.
Rebecca 05/01/2022
Love smelling the fresh fragrance when washing clothes.
Nancy Davis 03/22/2022
tide does the job so great I would never trade it for any other
Dee 03/10/2022
Works great, leaves clothes smelling fresh
DeeDee 02/19/2022
Tide is my favorite!!! The cleanliness and smell!! Just being able to save a buck is great!!
Gabriele gabi 01/03/2022
I love tide oxy clean
Evelyn 12/01/2021
I use tide all the time cleaner clothes I dont use anything else
suzanne 11/15/2021
I have used tide for ovewr 60 years and I was brought up on Tide, my Daddy used every went when I helped him with the laundry .
Jessica 10/07/2021
Will never use anything else. Best smelling and stain fighting detergent I ever used.
Rosa 09/22/2021
The best I ever used. Makes my clothes smell fresh after each wash.
Judy Hakanson 04/27/2021
We love tide. I only buy tide pods. It is a little higher but in the long run you save money with a much cleaner wash.
MJ 10/21/2020
Love pods!
Sadina 10/05/2020
Love it❤
Martha Rodriguez 09/24/2020
I am a faithful customer I’ve used other brands to find out I have to was wash my grandchildren’s clothing twice to get out the stains. They play soccer and my grandson is I’m Is in wrestling . I live on a budget and something you have to pay for a good product to get the results you need to save money. Thank you Martha Rodriguez
Gayle Friedman 09/24/2020
Excellent Detergent! Excellent Fragrance! Cleans Excellent , leaves an amazing scent!
Kaleigh Smethers 08/16/2020
Love tide. Amazing for my son with eczema.
Maureen 07/31/2020
I just saw the commercial for Tiger pots the fact that you would use two children and two adults and allow the children to act like animals and their adults not correcting them is a palling what is that teaching our children
lillian phillips 07/20/2020
Tide is a great product I love how it gets clothes so clean.
Lee 07/15/2020
I love tide and I love the job it does on my clothes. I have been using tide for at least 35 years and I would never switch to a different brand.
LYNDENE (Dolores) HIGGINBOTHAM 01/28/2019
Tide laundry I’ve this brand for 45 yrs. I love it so much. Smells wonderful & fresh.
Bessie Cadle 10/01/2018
I have been using Tide since I first moved out on my own 45 + years. My Mom used it before me. She raised 7 kids and never had a problem even with wringer washer. I am very happy won't use anything else. Wish I could get more coupon now that I am retired. But I still will use Tide and not a cheaper brand. Thank you
Roxanne carter 09/26/2018
Tide with Downey is my favorite laundry detergent
Irma cobos 04/23/2018
Used this detergent for many years and love how it cleans and leaves my clothes smelling good
Nancy 03/24/2018
I love, I love, I love TIDE.❤️❤️❤️
Anonymous 12/31/2017
Great product
Evangelina 12/08/2017
I been using tide since 10 years ago. it is the best detergent
Aimee 10/14/2017
No other detergent works as well as tide. I have listened to other people at times about what they think is the best detergent and I have tried it but nothing beats tide nothing. Love it will never change brands
Jessie 09/27/2017
I just I love tide I grew up on tide my mom used to use tide when we was little kids
Dorothy hamptonF 09/17/2017
Great product gets my laundry fresh and bright love this product.
Liza Lopez 09/08/2017
I been using this tide since i was teenager its a good one i use it in my white uniform during my college days
Thelma Truss 08/08/2017
Tide is the best soap for my family . It clean the clothes so good.
Shivani 12/13/2011
Tide is the my number one laundry detergent. The product really gets the job done and has the best smells available.
INGRID CHAVEZ 09/28/2011
Tide is by far the best laundry soap I have ever used. It not inly gwts my laundry clean it smells great too !!

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