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Comments about TGI Friday's (18)


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Barbara Todd 03/27/2023
Missing the French Onion Soup.
Kristina owen 03/23/2022
I went here two nights ago and service was ok but food was terrible. When i spend money to go out i expect food that you can eat. Cant complain there because my husband will be too embarrassed. Very disappointed
Mary 12/13/2020
Great food
George 11/11/2018
Great meal. Thank You for thinking about veterans on this special for us. We truly appreacate all you do.
Autumn Smekal 08/29/2018
my bf and I had great service and enjoyed our food and drinks definitely will be coming back again.
David plunkett 05/12/2018
We were there for a early supper moved a piece of chicken in my plate and there was a piece of hair, showed waiter and he said he was sorry, you would think the manager would have come over but he did not. we will never go there again. management sucks there. stay away
Linda Stokes 02/09/2018
Last night, we were the last customers before closing. Our waiter was amazing! His name is George.He had to do EVERYTHING, himself, even making some of our dinner, because the cook had disappeared. He made my onion rings himself and they were as awesome as him!
Carol Ann 01/12/2018
I registered and didn't receive a coupon for free appetizer
Kay 08/22/2017
The endless appetizers are awesome.
Rosemary White 07/13/2017
Love the food and atmosphere!!
Artrice Baker 08/10/2016
Food is delicious especially the jack daniel burger and short ribs
chyna 10/23/2012
went there 10-20-12 with my family,the service was great as always...the food was ummmm good!!!keep up the good work
Belynda Oden 12/26/2011
My experience @ Fridays is always exceptioanal! The food is excellent, the service is upbeat and attentive and the prices are great! I love the coupons...you keep sending them, I"ll keep bringing them in!
Tony Mancini 12/20/2011
Dont often get a chance to eat at TGIs because we are Canadian but I look foward to my next trip back. Great food, very pelasant atmosphere and great employees.
Isaac Zacharia 12/08/2011
We have enjoyed all of the times we have dinner at Fridays. The Service has been above standet. The portions have been more than ample. We have been able to take home more thant enough for Lunch on days later.
Judy White 12/07/2011
Why are the buy one get one free limited to other states, other than to Ohio, do not understand, as a good customer, but do not seem to be able to get the same benefits as other states? Not a very good way to treat customers, all should be treated equally. You have a good product, but poor way of sharing with those customers, all should be equal.
Bryant Griffith 12/07/2011
Had dinner there tonight & thorouhly enjoyed it.Very nice waitress named Courtney took very good care of us!
Maxine De Man 11/29/2011
Very good food & service. Have many Cajun items & I really like the Jack Daniels ones. Very willing to make substitutions. Have many coupons along with the Give Me More Stripes program.

Money Saving Tips at TGI Friday's

Saving money at TGI Friday's or any restaurant typically involves being strategic with your choices and taking advantage of promotions or discounts. Here are some money-saving tips for dining at TGI Friday's:

1. Join the Rewards Program: Many restaurants, including TGI Friday's, offer loyalty or rewards programs. Joining these programs can provide you with exclusive discounts, special offers, and even freebies.

2. Check for Promotions and Specials: TGI Friday's often runs promotions or specials, especially during certain times of the week. Look for happy hour deals, discounted appetizers, or other promotions that can help you save money.

3. Sign Up for Emails: Subscribe to TGI Friday's email list to receive notifications about new menu items, promotions, and exclusive offers. Some restaurants offer discounts or freebies for signing up.

4. Utilize Coupons and Promo Codes: Keep an eye out for TGI Friday's coupons or promo codes, which may be available online, in local newspapers, or through the restaurant's official website. These can provide significant discounts on your meal.

5. Share Appetizers or Entrees: TGI Friday's portions are often generous. Consider sharing appetizers or entrees with a friend or family member to save money and avoid wasting food.

6. Lunch Specials: Check if TGI Friday's offers lunch specials or a separate lunch menu. Lunch menus are often priced lower than dinner menus, allowing you to enjoy similar dishes at a more affordable cost.

7. Take Advantage of Happy Hour: Many restaurants, including TGI Friday's, have happy hour promotions with discounted drinks and appetizers. Plan your visit during these hours to get more value for your money.

8. Look for Combo Deals: Some menus feature combo deals that include a variety of items at a bundled price. This can be a cost-effective way to try different menu items while saving money.

9. BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage): Check if TGI Friday's allows customers to bring their own non-alcoholic beverages. This can help you save money on drinks, especially if you're dining with a group.

10. Dine-In During Off-Peak Hours: Some restaurants offer discounts or promotions during off-peak hours to attract more customers. Consider dining in during these times to take advantage of potential savings.

Remember to check with your local TGI Friday's, as promotions and offerings may vary by location. Additionally, staying updated on the restaurant's social media pages can be a good way to learn about any new promotions or special deals.

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FAQs about TGI Friday's

1. What is TGI Friday's known for?

TGI Friday's is known for its casual dining atmosphere and a menu featuring a variety of American-style dishes, including burgers, ribs, sandwiches, salads, and appetizers.

2. Is TGI Friday's a family-friendly restaurant?

Yes, TGI Friday's is generally considered family-friendly. It offers a diverse menu with options for both adults and children, and the atmosphere is casual and welcoming.

3. Does TGI Friday's have happy hour specials?

Yes, TGI Friday's often has happy hour specials, including discounted drinks and appetizers during specific hours. The exact happy hour offerings may vary by location.

4. Can you make reservations at TGI Friday's?

TGI Friday's typically accepts reservations. Guests can make reservations online or by contacting the specific restaurant directly.

5. Does TGI Friday's offer vegetarian or vegan options?

TGI Friday's provides vegetarian and vegan options on its menu. Options may include plant-based burgers, salads, and other meatless dishes.

6. Is TGI Friday's known for any signature dishes or cocktails?

TGI Friday's is known for its Jack Daniel's Grill menu, which includes dishes infused with Jack Daniel's whiskey. The restaurant is also famous for its Long Island Iced Tea cocktail.

7. Does TGI Friday's have a loyalty program or rewards program?

TGI Friday's may offer a rewards program or loyalty program that provides members with special discounts, promotions, and rewards for frequent visits.

8. Can you order TGI Friday's for takeout or delivery?

Yes, TGI Friday's often offers takeout services, and some locations may provide delivery options. Customers can place orders online or by phone.

9. What are TGI Friday's operating hours?

Operating hours can vary by location and day of the week. It's recommended to check with the specific TGI Friday's restaurant you plan to visit for their current hours of operation.

About TGI Friday's

TGI Fridays, a global restaurant and bar chain established in 1965, has become synonymous with a vibrant and casual dining experience. With locations spanning across the United States and around the world, TGI Fridays has earned a reputation for its lively atmosphere, diverse menu, and signature cocktails. The brand's commitment to providing a fun and social environment has made it a go-to destination for friends, families, and colleagues looking to unwind and enjoy great food.

TGI Fridays is celebrated for its extensive menu featuring a variety of appetizers, burgers, sandwiches, steaks, and indulgent desserts. The restaurant is particularly known for popularizing the concept of happy hours and introducing the now-famous loaded potato skins. With a focus on American comfort food and international influences, TGI Fridays caters to a broad range of tastes.

The distinctive red-and-white striped awnings and friendly service contribute to the brand's welcoming ambiance. TGI Fridays' bar is often a centerpiece, offering a diverse selection of cocktails, beers, and wines. Whether it's for a casual weeknight dinner or a celebratory gathering, TGI Fridays remains a reliable choice for those seeking a lively and flavorful dining experience.

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