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A serve-yourself, all-you-care-to-eat dining experience featuring the freshest vegetables, salads, made-from-scratch soups and muffins, hot pastas and more!


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Comments about Sweet Tomatoes (38)


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Judy Losee 03/19/2020
Just started to go here and LOVE THE PLACE
Joseph weiss 02/07/2020
Way over priced
Anonymous 01/30/2020
Great Place but still too expensive
MARY Ann Rowell 01/29/2020
Aside from the food being fantastic the employees are so polite and kind and very accommodating
James Harvey Phoenix 12/15/2019
Same over price coupons every time. that's a lot of money for no protein. my friends feel the same way. they don't go there anymore either
Anonymous 12/14/2019
I love how clean and fresh their salad bars are! So much to choose from so my family loves this place!
Jason roberts 11/20/2019
It's way too expensive for iceberg lettuce and watery soup
Martine 11/04/2019
i think Sweet Tomatoes is great ~ wonderful selection of foods. Definitely would recommend.
Sandra Sorseck 10/25/2019
Way to expensive. I used to go there, but not anymore.
Esther 10/24/2019
Helpers at the table are amazing specially the one who s there more time. Food is perfect for me. My only complaint is the server who help you find a table
MARY Ann Rowell 07/17/2019
With Annette, Jackson, Doris and Maria the cashier we had the best Hospitality that is offered by Sweet Tomatoes. Thank you all!
Larry massey 07/16/2019
Silverware and cups were dirty, thay need a good dish washer. The balsamic salad dressing was either spoiled gone bad, homemade raw, worst I've ever had, did not eat the salad, throw it away, would not go back there again
Tony 07/03/2019
I believe it is way to expensive for the quality of food you get.
A.J. 06/25/2019
Great place to eat. Clean in the serving area & in rest room. Food is good. Specials of 10% for Seniors every day. 2-5 pm is another great special. Two people can eat for under 18.00
Sandy gilbreath 05/28/2019
Love sweet tomatoes. Great service from oretcia maybe mispelled. Food great . Manager fabulous. Been going there for few yrs. Tks
Maurice H 04/18/2019
It is good to see a place where they actually do for Seniors. Their 17 and change for lunch with a drink is not bad at all! For two!
Mario 04/05/2019
You pay for quality, healthy food. Comparing it to Coral food is like comparing a gourmet lean cut fresh burger to a Burger King Whopper. No thanks, I will pay a little more and eat healthy
Romy 01/04/2019
I love the gluten free coconut muffins.
Consuelo C Beckman 11/04/2018
Great food Good and friendly service Good price I will recomended
Kay 09/10/2018
It’s overpriced with no meat. Can go to Golden Coral for the same price.
Dee 04/26/2018
Have you opened or are you planning to open another restaurant between Palm Springs/Clearwater and Brooksville in Florida. I miss the one on US 19 in Port Richey, FL. It's been closed a looooong time ago.
Janet McPhilimy 03/15/2018
There are no coupons for two people to use at ST. Why not? I am not in a family of four There are plenty of couples who would come to ST if you had coupons for discounts for two people to eat. What about senior citizen coupon discounts? As it is now, we can now longer afford to eat at ST.
Grace Spoto 03/08/2018
Me and my Husband love this place ! We try to go once a week! We love the soup choices
Grace 01/21/2018
Delicious but getting too expensive to enjoy.
Lee 12/04/2017
My daughters and love the food delicious soup bread pasta dishes crispy vegetables and of course deserts
Edward 11/18/2017
We love y'alls food nutricious the soups are good we always go there to eat.
Keith 04/05/2017
Your food is a notch above average, but certainly not worth the price you now charge
John 01/24/2017
The salads, soups, potatoes, and breads are all home made and fresh. I never ate at a Sweet Tomatoes till I came to FL. Great variety and great food.
Rose M Roths 01/16/2017
I wish there was a Sweet Tomato in Wichita, KS. I used to go to the one in KC, but I have not been to KC for several years, and I think they closed that one down.
Hicham 08/03/2016
Excellent healthy always enjoyed and come back
Deb 05/17/2012
I love Sweet Tomatoes, the salad bar is amazing and they always have vegetarian soups that are so tasty and wonderful. If you have room there is a variety of fruit, bread and pasta also. And of course the soft serve ice cream with sprinkles to finish off your meal
judi semel 04/12/2012
love this place.. great selection for vegetarians....very fresh salads and other foods... pizza, soup, froz yogurt...and reasonably priced!
Beverly Saucerman 01/07/2012
one of my most favorite restaurants. Love salad bars. The variety is scrumptous. Always look forward to soups. Everything is delishous. We have always recieved great service & help.
sylvia rigotti 01/05/2012
Michael J Riley 01/05/2012
Good, kind, courteous employees as well as excellent food and also good prices. We love using the coupons too!
Irwin Sobil 12/23/2011
Appreciate the constantly renewing/upgrading all the delicious food items.
Marlene Cohn 12/20/2011
the food is always fresh and there is a great assortment to choose from
hind 07/07/2011
good food and clean

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