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Mary Powell 11/24/2022
They won’t take coupons received in mail at Subway in Tishomingo Oklahoma last three years. How come?
Gram 08/31/2022
Ordered a subway at a Westchester n y area. Love the subs. But the sandwich maker was very rude to me kept shaking the tip cup prior and after the sub was made. I know tipping is a voluntary means by the buyer , but I would not tip due to the sandwich makers rudeness that I was to tip.
Anonymous 07/18/2022
Salmon, Idaho, does not allow a cup of water with sandwich. Salmon resident laughingly pointed out they do not even have a water option on the fizzy sugar water machine. Tell them whether they like it or not water is a legal requirement for restaurants, especially when customer requests.
Brenda Crossfield 05/03/2022
Have trouble doing on line orders with the apps. Can't we get paper coupons that actually work. Love Subway but with six people in the family need some help with the cost that actually works. Brenda Crossfield
Dewayne 04/15/2022
Got coupons in the mail here in sturgis MI went to get a sub and they said they don't except coupons lost another customer
Myrna West 04/02/2022
I had my BMT and it was delicious as usual!!
Donald Caldwell 03/18/2022
I love subway but prefer the thinner wraps. Never see coupons for those.
joe bailey 03/16/2022
subway at union street 28311 schenectady ny didn t take your cupons that you send in the mail/ i got two cold subs cost me 23.74 . i have been going to subway for years . guess what .. you lost a customer.. joe b
deb reisinger 03/11/2022
the subway on 3'rd street is a terrible subway they don't except coupons or let you get extra vegs on your subs for free they charge us. bad for business. other subway in Columbia let's you use coupons and get extra vets at no extra charge. will not get any thing at the subway on third st.in Columbia again. even though it's closer to us very mean employees there also.
Bonnie 03/02/2022
Why don't you text coupons any more I have not received any in a very long time some people don't go online or use the app that the specials are on
Charles Goines 02/27/2022
I have been trying for 1/2 an hour to JUST READ A MENU. This is the most confusing mess. I just want to examine the menu, select what I want, create an order for the whole family and come somewhere to get and pay for it. Will somebody PLEASE send me a menu or at least tell me where to find a clear, English menu!!! SIMPLE!!!
Vaness Ackey 02/25/2022
It has good food. the subway is made the way you want just tell the Sandwich maker how you want the sandwich it's done even heated up.
Ellen 01/25/2022
We love subway sandwiches and wraps
Sue 12/23/2021
Only drive up open . Would like to get out of vehicle for awhile
Esthela 11/30/2021
The last couple times that I placed my orders have not been the correct . I called the store after I received my orders and nobody ever pick up the phone to let them know
Vee 11/12/2021
I just love the tuna sub Italian BMT is my favorite tho
Terry Quinn 11/05/2021
I was not happy with my last visit to Subway. I ordered the sweet onion chicken teriyaki foot long. The chicken was plain with a squirt from a bottle of a little teriyaki sauce. I was told they don't sell it enough to have it ready to put on a sandwich. Most of the chicken had no sauce at all with a big puddle on the bottom of the bread. It was the worst sandwich I have ever gotten there. It ruined my favorite sandwich. Sorry but you have lost 2 customers because my mom and I will not be back.This occurred in Roseburg Oregon at Subway #13603-0
Jon 11/04/2021
Subways has closed their support. No support email and they closed theme support phone. Spend a fortune on advertising yet cut customer support at the same time.
MERLE ELWELL 10/18/2021
Every time I walk in Subway I always get the best how have I had in Friendly also
Christina Coppard 09/28/2021
Love Subway, employees are great, efficient and smiley! I visit the store of Evans and Monaco. It's my fav. clean and fresh!!
Shelly noyes 09/18/2021
Always very nice and helpful when ordering our sandwiches
Nancy 09/11/2021
I have often had Subway sandwiches. Yet, i possibly will consider somewhere else. The one nearest me closed so I have tried several places recently when out and about. I have noticed a change in my favorite sandwich, the steak and cheese on Italian roll. The last few times I have been given two slices of tomato, often with very white core showing, whereas it was always 3 slices of tomato on the 6 inch sandwich. Today the cheddar cheese was almost nil. The person fixing it put about 12 little pieces of the grated cheese on it and then proceeded to remove about half of that before toasting the sandwich. Prices have gone up and quality down.
Yolanda Grisolia 09/03/2021
Love the choices and getting it exactly the way I want.
Bob & Karen Pencek 02/28/2021
How about 6 in specials ? Buy 1 six inch, get 2nd 6 inch 1/2 price !!!!!!!
bryan 11/17/2020
I love subway subs and i believe it is the best place to get subs .
Kathy 10/24/2020
Why doesn't all Subways have the buy two get one free. I live in Cedar Hill and have one right down the street doesn't honor it. Then theres one 6 miles down the road that doesn't honor it. Then there's one 6 miles down that doesn't honor it so why even have the offers.
Valerie Marks 10/04/2020
Why cant they send regular coupons buy one get one free to my email instead of buy two get one free my app
Debbie davis 09/28/2020
I love the subwY in holston valley hospital, they are beyond nice..I go there everyday the 3 to 11pm shift. thanks subway employees
Raffey Muñoz 09/19/2020
Saw commercial on TV for BOGO FREE sandwich. Went into Amarillo TX location. Was told it was buy TWO get One free online orders only. Then a gentleman came in requesting BOGO FREE. He had also seen it on TV. Honor your Commercial Ads! We both cannot be wrong
John 09/18/2020
Subway sandwiches are just awesome always fresh, made with the best ingredients.
gary 09/09/2020
Advertised after 4 pm, 2 foot-long for (x amount) ad on line but not honored at Chico branch (east ave.) We tried again 9-10-2020 and our two 1/2 sandwiches were give without any mayo or oil & vinegar (we weren't offered a choice) really made a dry sanwiches,
Robert Andrews 09/03/2020
Good service tonight.and great sub
Rachel Bernier 08/24/2020
your subs are delicious
Former GLUTEN FREE Customer 08/10/2020
Wondering why Subway does not offer Gluten free bread, I read on official site that in some locations this is offered, I haven't found any, especially in CA, specifically Contra Costa Country, Please Please bring this to people that Love your sandwiches but Can't have gluten, I as well as many others don't eat there anymore, Thanks
Marian Hill 08/09/2020
I love Subway. Delicious, quick and the clerks are very nice
Finus smith 07/31/2020
Don't understand why your Hamilton ave location St. Louis do not allow customer to use the rest room. But serve you food no hand sanitise and allow customer to use self service soda fountain. Love your business but I walk out.
Irene 06/11/2020
Why do you offer bogo when all subways don't participate so they are franchise but they should be obligated to do what is advertised not be able to use the excuse I tried two in my neighborhood with disappointment wasted gas and time company should correct this why does a consumer have to research if store will honor advertising are they so cheap they can't honor advertising especially during these times they are hurting but so are we and something is better than nothing DO SOMETHING
Barbharvey 05/13/2020
Best steak cheese subway that my husband and I enjoy in Sebring Florida
Lucky 04/28/2020
My husband ordered grilled chicken sandwich, when he in and opened it no chicken in it, only 3 slices of tomatoes, little spinach and onions it, worst sandwich ever
Jesse 03/04/2020
I thought buy a footlong, get one free wow! what a great deal. I ordered on-line. The way they have the app set up is hard to follow, and it ended up that there were several things wrong with the order. I was disappointed.

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