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Don 04/30/2023
There is a distinct difference between Shoprites here in Bergen County, New Jersey. The Inserra markets typically have less of a selection and appear lower in class than the non-Inserra Shoprites. No Bowl & Basket ice cream either! They don't even have carry shopping baskets at those Shoprites! The Inserras consist of Palisades Park, Lodi, and Hackensack Shoprtites. Every time I go to Palisades Park, I'm reminded why I normally go to Englewood, probably the best Shoprite in Bergen County.
Tom 01/02/2023
I used to shop at stop & shop I would buy a few things to get me buy for the week I would spend twice as much and fill two bags . I started shopping at shop rite and I can spend the same amount and get four bags of food . I hate shopping at stop &shop and if I have to I make sure I get only things on sale
Sandra Rosario 06/12/2022
ShopRite is my favorite supermarket. I’ve been going to the supermarket since they opened and it has been a good experiences. The workers are kind and helpful. Never encountered any problem.
Jesman 11/08/2021
ShopRite have lower price than any shop
Joseph Vaccarella 05/26/2021
Very pleased with the weekly discounts and the meat, fish and produce quality.
Gerry G 12/31/2020
Love my Shop Rite store in Mullica Hill, NJ They have everything you need great promotions and friendly staff
Rosemary 11/17/2018
Use to be able to get the digital coupons now I can't. Try to sign up again, put my email in and it doesn't work.. Very frustrating. Hate to have to do it at the store. Love shopping there but want the digitalis.
Joan Harper 02/18/2018
loved it for years looking forward to learning how to set up home delivery
Kate 07/06/2017
Very good place/ the staff are friendly and helpful
margaret f. naselliGJsC 04/22/2017
shop rite is clean & the assc. are very helpful.
Leah 03/02/2017
Shop rite had so many things of their own that tastes delicious. We prefer the shop rite brand of many things over name brand. And the naked desserts are great.
Elaine 01/06/2017
The men/women in the deli department are very friendly and truthful
Bev briwn 06/05/2016
The guys working in meat Dept are simply THE BEST! They give the best advice!

Money Saving Tips at ShopRite

1. Use coupons: ShopRite accepts both manufacturer and store coupons, and they offer digital coupons that you can load onto your ShopRite Price Plus Club card. Make sure to check the store's weekly circular and website for coupons.

2. Sign up for the ShopRite Price Plus Club: This free loyalty program offers members access to exclusive discounts, digital coupons, and special promotions. You can sign up in-store or online.

3. Look for ShopRite brand products: ShopRite has a variety of private label products that are often cheaper than brand-name products. These products are of high quality and offer great value.

4. Shop during sales: ShopRite has regular sales on various items, so keep an eye on the store's weekly circular and website to take advantage of these sales.

5. Buy in bulk: ShopRite offers discounts on items when you buy them in bulk. Consider buying non-perishable items in bulk to save money.

6. Use the ShopRite app: The ShopRite app offers digital coupons, personalized deals, and a shopping list feature. You can also use it to check prices and compare items.

7. Bring your own bags: ShopRite offers a discount for bringing your own bags. Make sure to bring reusable bags with you to save a few cents per bag.

8. Shop at off-peak times: ShopRite can get crowded during peak hours, which can lead to longer checkout lines. Consider shopping during off-peak times to avoid the crowds and potentially get better deals.

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