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Elaine 09/29/2020
Looking forward to Saltgrass reopening with regular menu items. Spinach & kale salad was taken off, but waitress said that she would check to see if they had the ingredients and if so, I could have one. They did & I did & it was wonderful. No kale = no problem. I always asked to not have it anyway. This was before Covid shutdown. We have gone back several times since reopening & I ordered my favorite spinach salad. The waiter said that he could make one for me. It was not the quality of the ones that I had before, which I expected it to be. All was ok except for the spinach. It was just grabbed out of the bag without going through it & taking the wilted ones out. So, I piled them on my bread plate and ate the rest. I figured they were short handed & I guess it was the best they could do at the time, but next time I do expect better & I will call the manager over & explain the problem for better results next time.
Julie Edmisson 06/15/2019
we love this place and frequent it often for special times.
Shirley Abbassi 02/22/2019
Great place love the food
William Osterholm 09/16/2018
Best prime rib in College Station,Texas. Ate lunch there today, was excellent and good service too.
Christopher 09/01/2018
Went to 59 North location ordered chicken and ribs for 25 double the price of TGI Fryday. The chef burned the ribs all over. waiter was ok. atmosphere ok. but food was unsatisfactory for the price. my wife ate filet surf and turf, she gave it a 10. my bro in law ate porterhouse and stuffed mushrooms, he liked it, 58 dollars he had a coke. My sister had same as wife. my bill was 87 dollars. Not impressed, won't go back. Overpriced for what you get. I still left a tip to 100 dollar the total. My bro in law gave no tip. my wife threw in another 5 dollars
Laura Trout 05/07/2017
It is my b day and that is the only place I want to go so my husband and my friends are taking me today may 7th 2017. I just cant wait yummy yummy. Thank you saltgrass for making my b day great.
lisa olivares 02/08/2017
Loved everything. Will be going again soon.
C. Dawson 07/28/2016
I ate at Saltgrass recently. The grilled shrimps were delicious! The Waiter and atmosphere were superb.

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1. Check for promotions and coupons: Saltgrass Steak House occasionally offers promotions and coupons on their website or through email newsletters. Keep an eye out for these and take advantage of them to save money.

2. Visit during happy hour: Saltgrass Steak House offers happy hour specials on select drinks and appetizers. Visit during this time to save money on your meal.

3. Share your meal: Saltgrass Steak House serves large portions, so consider sharing your meal with a friend or family member to save money.

4. Skip the extras: Saltgrass Steak House offers add-ons like appetizers and desserts, but these can quickly add up. Consider skipping these extras to save money.

5. Join the Saltgrass Steak House loyalty program: Sign up for the Saltgrass Steak House loyalty program to earn rewards points that can be redeemed for discounts on future meals.

6. Opt for lunch instead of dinner: Lunch prices at Saltgrass Steak House are typically lower than dinner prices, so consider visiting during lunchtime to save money.

7. Take advantage of special deals: Keep an eye out for special deals offered by Saltgrass Steak House, such as discounted gift cards or limited-time menu items.

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