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Wayne Templeman 12/19/2021
The last 3 times I have been to the Plano Ted Lobster, the food has not been as good as I remember. Got catfish one time and one of the pieces was not eatable. Next time got the Sailors plate and one piece of fish was not eatable. Next trip I got the shrimp plate, the pasta was not good and the bread did not taste the way I remember. I am having a hard time not wanting to go back. Any help would be appreciated.
MERRILL Davis 12/17/2021
Got 2rices instead of coleslaw and. Got coconut shrimp instead of Walt's.
JPH 12/02/2021
Today , my 79 birthday was the worst meal i hv ever had Always get Walts shrimp It was “swimming in grease “ on my plate Been going there forever but now hv doubts No offer was suggested Server was very nice & i made sure he knew it wasnt his fault, the chef should hv a lesson in frying shrimp
John 09/15/2021
Could not get the 65plus discount to work following the instructions on the red lobster sign in place
Ken white 04/03/2021
My fave seafood of all time
Fred 03/12/2020
Take out orders aren’t done correctly. I posted on Facebook with NO reply. I sent 2 or 3 emails but NO reply. Called today & they said they are sorry & will try to do better next time. Poorly run store in Wauwatosa. Just 1 appetizer order of coconut shrimp & a dessert but they couldn’t get it right! 2nd time it happened. No sauce either time. I even asked for extra sauce this time so they could get it right. Again, NO sauce! POOR management or poor help. Get it together!
Sandra 02/11/2020
Way over priced. It’s very disappointing. Food was small portions. Went with friends for lobster fest an couldn’t afford to even get any.🥵
Anonymous 12/24/2018
I went to your Hicksville location on December 6th and arrived at 5.45pm and waited 20 minutes to be seated and was overcharged because the server was slow and rude. The manager told the server to give me the early bird special of $16.99 for the soy ginger salmon she charged $19.99 per meal and took off $2.00 per meal which was an overcharge of$1.00 per meal because she did not follow the manager orders and I was not going to argue with her. she brought over the salad and it took 10 minutes to bring over the silverware. I was disappointed with the service. I appreciate that you give this attention and the server should be trained properly. thank you
Rosa 11/19/2018
We use to go alot, cannot now because of HPB. Need to reduce the sodium, cannot eat much it makes our blood pressure goes up alot. Make some tasty healthy reduce menus to.
Cora Harris 08/16/2018
I love Red Lobster Been going to my place (RL)for many many years Got my family start going to eat at(RL) and that love it Thank you for (RL)!
Cornell Bradberry 07/24/2018
I loved it Lobster
Richard Jones 06/11/2018
Ate there last Friday. Wasn't impressed. Fried shrimp soggy. Scampi just throwed in bowl. Not pretty looking.
Paula Bagby 06/10/2018
My favorite restaurant because of the food and great service and coupons
Its our anniversy and want to have a great meal
Bobbi 10/26/2017
Food always good— service always too slow !
Bob 08/30/2016
They don't have Alaska Coho or Sockeye Salmon!
Carol Sperling 04/06/2012
We absolutely LOVE eating at Red Lobster. The Food choices are lovely and served beautifully, with tender care taken to detail. The Wait Staff are always very courteous, & friendly, making it a very enjoyable experience... for one of our "week-day" Dates for my Husband and I... married 35 "blissful" years. Blessed with 3 kids & 10 "Grand"-kids... we encourage all of them to visit your nice Restaurant, when looking for an enjoyable meal outside of their Homes.
Karen Frost 02/07/2012
What a wonderful deal the $15 dinner was with soup and salad and entree and dessert. The food is delicious and the price was right.
Wendy Boudreau 01/04/2012
RED LOBSTER is and always will be my most favorite restaurant EVER! The closest R. Lobster is a 4 hr drive from where I live so whenever I get a chance to go to Winnipeg I HAVE TO GO to Red Lobster. The food is the BEST, very friendly staff and the ambiance is warm & welcoming. Thank you SO MUCH!
Linda 11/30/2011
Anonymous 02/02/2010
Coupon printed correctly. Store accepted it no questions asked. We were there for dinner and recieved $4.00 off on two entrees. Our server even returned the lunch coupon to us to use in the future.

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