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Glenda Kavanagh 11/18/2022
Are you ever coming back to the Greenville SC area! Favorite pizza ever!!!
Kay 05/31/2022
Love the toppings, they are very fresh!
Marilynn 03/14/2022
So happy to have moved near Papa Murphy's. Delicious, reasonable, and less expensive. Wish they been near me when the kids were still home.
Employees are always polightand 02/23/2022
Love this pizza! I get gourmet veggie and everyone loves it. Won't eat any other pizza.
Bob 01/03/2022
Ordered a gift card on Dec 15. Not supposedly sent out until Dec 21. So took 6 days to supposedly fill the order. No tracking information provided as stated. Still has not been received by recipient. Unsatisfactory! Will never order another gift card from Papa Murphy's.
Will Young 12/11/2021
love the freshness and taste of Papa Murphy's pizzas and the ability to prepare it at home
Gerrie Erxleben 12/11/2021
Oh My goodness! :) Great Service! The employees are most wonderful! :) You feel welcomed, they are FUN and professional and get to your order ASAP. Food is always excellent! ;) Thank you so much! :) I shop for senior, I'm a CNA for seniors and alot of them are just done with needing to anymore! :) Gerrie Erxleben, CNA
Linda 10/29/2021
One of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. Employees are friendly and professional. Good choice of toppings
Barbara Horton 08/20/2021
We LOVE Papa Murphy’s.
Jennie C (Not Karen) 07/27/2021
I have spent the last TWO HOURS searching Online & also the APP to find Your Menu Items & Especially your PRICES! In the good 'Old Days, when you would Physically go In to the Store to place your Order, there would be a Giant Menu Board showing what you have & how much it would Cost. So, what's so Hard about having a Miniature Board Online or in your App? What I mean is: A LIST of your SIDES, DRINKS & DESSERTS...INCLUDING the PRICES? I LOVE Papa Murphy's Pizzas & Desserts, but I Still need to know how Much it's going to Cost BEFORE I add it to my Cart. Otherwise, when the Final Total comes up, I would have to go back & forth changing my Order. Now, I know this makes me sound like a Total Jerk, so I'll say this a different way... WHY DON'T You Show the PRICES???
Glinda Rankin 02/05/2021
Love your pizza !
Raymond Langdon 11/14/2020
They have the best
David 11/08/2020
Prompt service. Pizza was ready for pickup as advertised.
Alice Burton 10/11/2020
best pizza in town
AC 09/05/2020
Great pizza...love the gourmet veggie!
Tom 08/07/2020
I love Papa Murphys pizza! Many great options. Reasonable price. Easy to order, always on time, great taste. Amount of sauce is not overwhelming.
Paul Arzeni 06/30/2020
Great pizza great service, and selection
Vicky lett 09/14/2019
Love love love your pizza but would love to see the taco pizza back more then once a year. It’s to die for. Love it
Mary Hiles 09/08/2019
Great pizza and salad.
YBidaki 07/17/2019
excellent pizza option.
leTune 02/01/2019
Their crust is NEVER crispy - even when I pull it off the 'paper' tray. Always soggy...… have tried pizza stones, bottom rack of oven, etc etc
Deb 12/16/2018
We need to be able to order online and use online coupons/deals in Brookings, SD. Why is this unavailable? We are a college town with the premiere state university. Pizza is a BIG deal here. Love the pizza, can't use most of the deals. :(
Anonymous 07/13/2018
Love papoa Murphy's Pizza it connvienent, clean, and the employees are always curtious.
Linda Farris 06/05/2017
Love Papa Murphy's I come from Fort Oglethorpe Georgia to get pizza love love love ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nicole 04/15/2017
I love the Cowboy pizza I wish they would make a Mexican Pizza
Lora 04/05/2017
We love your pizzas we're there every week or two love the way you watch their make your pizza and then we bring it home and cook just the way we want it
Hssevera@Sbcglobal.net 03/15/2017
Best choice we ever made was switching to Papa Murphy's pizza. Even the salads are great!
Barbara 01/25/2017
I enjoy the pizza and the opportunity to receive free cookie dough by completing a survey.
J. Schliefer 09/01/2016
WoW Your Pizzas are fantastic This was the first time we tried your pizzas and we will be back many more times you can bet on that! J. Schliefer
Anonymous 06/08/2016
Beats all other pizzas and you can freeze them too
Sue Brinkley 01/27/2012
Our favorite pizza of all time. It is our Friday night dinner each week. We are hoping that you will come out with a whole wheat crust in the future.
becky finchum 01/02/2012
i get a thin peparonia and a veg and bOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOy are they are GREAT. We have eaten most of them but these are our favorite. I love being able to see it made fresh.

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1. Sign up for Papa Murphy's email and text club: By signing up for this free club, you'll receive exclusive offers and discounts, as well as updates on new menu items and promotions.

2. Order a "Murph's Meal Deal": Papa Murphy's offers meal deals that include a pizza, a side, and a dessert, which can be a cost-effective way to feed a family.

3. Use coupons: Papa Murphy's often offers coupons for discounted pizzas and sides. You can find these coupons online, in local newspapers, or in the mail.

4. Order a half-and-half pizza: Papa Murphy's allows you to order a pizza with two different toppings on each half. This can be a great way to save money if you have different preferences than someone else you're ordering with.

5. Bring your own toppings: If you have your own toppings at home, you can bring them to Papa Murphy's and add them to your pizza for no extra charge.

6. Check for daily specials: Papa Murphy's offers daily specials, which can include discounted pizzas or deals on sides. Check their website or ask your local store for the current specials.

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