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maryann vondervor 07/18/2023
Rick 11/20/2022
Your app sucks and it does not work
Karen 09/16/2022
I'm not very good with apps but your employee at Oneonta.NY McDonald's @ Rt.23, her name was Terri, showed me how the McDonalds app works. Now I'll be able to order online using McDonald's mobile app.
Glenda 08/23/2022
Good service , excellent foods
Jill Schulz 08/08/2022
Always a great menu for great price!! Thanks
Kat 07/22/2022
Not everyone likes to order on line , I like my burger my way and you can't order it on line! I WANT THE SAME BENIFITS ! I spend enough here I should ... just put all coupons out for everyone !!!
Mallory Hartman 06/26/2022
McDonalds! Machines down no cones or shakes! Ordered a basket of fries with order special for 6$. Fried hard as rock, stale. My craving died. Called manager 3X no response, judging asking for a replacement! Went back in to be told Mgrs don' t talk to customers! They close at 7pm inside, they don' t want to pay inside counter people at night!!
Sandra Whittington 06/21/2022
I can never get a milkshake or an ice cream when I want one. Machine is always down. With the cost of gas I have to go with out when I waste a trip to McDonalds. Probably going to quit wasting my time and money
Connie 06/05/2022
Best fries always hot
Mikey 05/07/2022
Best fast food restaurant in the Bronx thank you very much for your deals.
Belle 02/14/2022
I’m 78 and have been enjoying McDonalds since I was. Teenager!
Luvenia nobles 10/29/2021
Your food cost to much. Why can’t I ever get coupons from McDonald’s? Send them to my address I have four kids
Jeanine Roberts 08/11/2021
Your app is one of the worst functioning apps I have ever tried to use. It won't even download.
barbara 06/29/2021
Crispy chicken was not Crispy. Was soggy. Will never buy again. Best bang for the bucks is the 2/$3.50 double cheese burger. Its always good. Sometimes not hot enough but always good. Even my dog loves them with onions, pickles & condiments. Now just add Big Mac dressing & u got a big mac.
Coach George 05/24/2021
Too often the Wi Fi doesn’t work & you can’t use the deals!
Janice carter 04/21/2021
Best milk shakes EVER!!! Love their hot mochas !!!
Anonymous 02/13/2021
Your food is way to expensive for a fast food.
Anonymous 01/30/2021
We need the in dining to resume. Miss meeting my friends there . too cold outside
Lynn 12/26/2020
Their prices are outrageous! We are finished with them.
Debra 12/03/2020
The best Sandwhich is back the MC Rib
Betty 10/04/2020
I love McDonald's. The food is great and convenient.
Nancye Woodward 07/23/2020
Great selections! Good quality food! Your ice cream is better and smoother than Dairy Queen!
Carl Whittington 10/16/2019
I can’t believe you charge 3.50 for a gravy biscuit what a rip off
cathy 08/28/2019
The new promotion is a RIP off. buy one get one for $1. buy 10 nuggets $4.19 get 10 for $1 = $4.10 when you can buy 20 nuggets for $4.99. The world should know how your ripping the public off
Anonymous 06/10/2019
South Park location needs better management. Service is poor and unfriendly. The worst location in flotence.
Marlina 02/21/2019
Fast and friendly customer service i like frappe caramel
Ron Adams 02/09/2019
Greatest service ever. Truly a model for all to follow. Restaurant # 948 :)
Adolph Evangelista 01/23/2019
Love McDonalds. Prefer real clerks instead of computer.
Brandon Kelley 01/03/2019
Wonderful place to eat!
Pat 01/02/2019
My Dad is 94 and LOVES McDonalds
Marsha 12/10/2018
I go M - F everyone is friendly and prompt. Restaurant is clean and I have never had an issue with my order.
Susan Bain 12/04/2018
Go there frequently, always in & out quickly! Thanks and good job, restaurant #12609 in Montgomery, Tx.
Regan Birkhead 11/14/2018
The service was absolutely outstanding! Everyone was so nice and inviting.
Yoli Parada 11/05/2018
I had a good visit. But trying to get a validation code has been miserable. If I wasn't a senior I would for go these. Thank you
Sharon Schippers 10/30/2018
Receipt 05316-13881-03018-16346-00182-2 Again incomplete order given! Ridiculous I do not have the time, gas or patience for this
Donna Griffith 10/15/2018
2nd time happen Burgars uncooked raw meat .beware can make you sick. Valrico Fl 33594 reported to manager. Says need to check sandwich before you leave?
Susan5275 09/18/2018
Too many flies in the Lowell MCdonalds, disgusting when serving food, there is a way to take care of them. Thank you
Annette 08/14/2018
Am at the Paradise Valley store, Phoenix AZ. Very pleasant and got my order right the first time!
Lynda Beard 05/31/2018
Survey site did not work but wanted to compliment the staff at Forney, TX, #10883. Restaurant was immaculate even though it was early breakfast time. Staff was courteous and helpful while being pleasant. Great job!
Virginia 03/13/2018
Trying to go to website to do the servy but it’s not prompting me to questionare. Too complicated

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Money Saving Tips at McDonald's

1. Order from the Value Menu: McDonald's Value Menu offers a range of items at affordable prices, including burgers, fries, and drinks.

2. Download the McDonald's app: The McDonald's app offers exclusive deals and coupons, which can be used to save money on your purchases.

3. Look for limited-time offers: McDonald's frequently introduces new limited-time menu items and promotions, so keep an eye out for these deals.

4. Opt for water instead of soda: Choosing water instead of soda or other drinks can save you money on your meal.

5. Use combo meals: Combining your burger, fries, and drink into a combo meal can often save you money compared to ordering the items separately.

6. Bring your own drink: If you're a fan of iced coffee or other beverages, consider bringing your own drink and adding your own cream and sugar at the restaurant.

7. Take advantage of free condiments: McDonald's offers a range of free condiments, such as ketchup and mustard, which can be used to add flavor to your meal without adding to the cost.

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