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For over 65 years, Luby's has consistently been serving good food at reasonable prices.


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Gay Land 08/21/2022
Excellently prepared food. Variety and appetizing
Susan Jones 08/29/2020
Can there be a better (Restaurant) place to eat? No it’s the Best!
Rebecca Lovr 11/01/2017
Looking for Luby’s Thanksgiving Day takeout specials. Would like to order family sizes. Anybody have information ?
Willie williams 04/17/2017
I go to lubys at lease tree time oUT of the week I enjoy the food very much love it
Anonymous 08/19/2016
I would like to know the closest Luby's. We loved going there but ours has been gone for many years. My zip code is 66604
Gerry Bradford 07/09/2016
Lubys always has great food. I have never been disappointed.

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