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Comments about Kraft (14)


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Mike 08/04/2022
Love your food
Viola price 07/10/2022
I love ❤️ all the craft 🧀 cheese products
Connie 06/21/2022
Kraft is the best
michele Taylor 11/07/2021
Kraft is a favorite in our household
aurora 09/02/2021
aiways buy craft food for family
Troy 03/10/2021
Kraft is our go to product we don’t bother to consider other brands or use coupons for cheaper products. Cheaper in cost and cheaper in taste they are
Dee Magee 10/22/2018
Not a day goes by that I don’t use Kraft products
Rosario 10/11/2018
All my my family enjoy kraft products they are sooo good
Melissa 02/24/2018
My children will not eat Morgen but Kraft products they love Kraft everything if it's not it's not happening. If you could sent me all the Kraft coupons u have available I can promise u they would all be used and my 3 children and husband and myself will be extremely excited. Would appreciate it very much Kraft is the best number one comp with there delicoude foods with every bite.
Linda Wireman 01/02/2018
I love your foods very tasty
Judy Irish 11/13/2017
My grandchildren love your kraft shells and cheese, they say it's truly the cheesiest and I would like to see how I can get in store coupons mailed to me for your delicious products. Thank you so much.
Kathy king 10/17/2017
Trying to find chicken egg noodle dinners in 7 oz. Boxes
Lisa. Noel 10/08/2017
We eat a lot of your cheese in this house. And I am a single grandmother raising my grandson. So will you please send me coupons for any and all of your products please.. Thank you; Lisa
Val Hastings 06/14/2012
My review is about Kraft cheese sticks - the most wonderful invention in a long time. Not only is it a quick protein fix but it has minimum calories for people watching their weight or who are diabetic. For seniors (me and my hubbie !) they are ideal because they are individually sealed and stay fresh in the fridge for a longer time than an opened package of block cheese. They are also so very convenient for travel when, in our particular case, we must go to stores that are 45 min to an hour away so we sometimes pack a thermal bag with a few of the cheese sticks, some Kraft crackers and a cold or frozen drink for our trip from our rural area to the nearest city for an all day shopping spree!

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