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Only King's Hawaiian creates irresistibly delicious Hawaiian bread authentically crafted in the true spirit of the islands. Our irresistible original Hawaiian Sweet Bread, wholesome Honey Wheat Rolls, and Savory Butter Rolls are the perfect ingredient for any family meal, holiday...


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Diana Weaver 01/28/2020
I love your rolls I wish they didn't cost so much .My boyfriend have them every night with pull pork for dinner
Tricksue 07/18/2018
Kings are best dont waste $ on store brand like kroger. they are a sticky mess and threw them away
Debbie 03/30/2018
Why is the bread not sold in most store? Can find the rolls but not the bread.
Brenda Green 08/25/2017
The best bread I ever taste put in mind of my mother dinner roll on Sunday dinners.

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