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Jersey Mike's Subs makes fresh sliced, authentic Northeast Style Sub Sandwiches on fresh baked bread. Subs are prepared Mike's Way™ with onions, lettuce, tomatoes, oil, vinegar and spices. More than 500 locations open and under development throughout the United States.


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Sheryl 06/22/2020
Best sub shop on the Island!! And I come from Jersey! Favorite is a #11!
Walt Finken 06/14/2020
Awesome sandwiches
Earl 06/10/2020
BEST cheese steak around served. HOT FRESH off the grill, bread is ALWAYS nice and soft, only place l go for this great sandwich
Pete Mendala 06/08/2020
As much as I would to give a great review about Jersey Mike's but today I can't. I went to two locations to use a coupon that was sent to me via email and both locations determined that it was not valid at each even though the coupon had not expired...does this make sense to anyone? Seems to me Jersey Mike's is drumming up business sending 'fake' coupons so you could walk into one of their establishments hoping that if the coupon doesn't work you will still make a purchase Plus, to add, when I attempted to contact their customer relations dept. about this matter, they were conveniently closed in the middle of the day.
Sue Thompson 06/02/2020
Best sandwiches I ever had!
Lee 05/06/2020
I had a free sub for my birthday so went to the Frank Lloyd Wright location in Scottsdale. This was my first outing in two months. Against my better judgement, I went in and waited in line to order. First, they weren't wearing mask. Then I watched a sandwich maker wipe his nose with his hand and continued to make a sandy. Needless to say, I ran out as fast as I could..never to return free sub it not.
Seabeewife 05/05/2020
Best Subs anywhere!!!!! No place makes them better!!!
Bonita Smith 02/25/2020
Best subs around I live in South Hill va. Area and I drive 50 to 55 miles just to get these delicious subs! LOVE JERSEY MIKE'S IN COLONIAL HEIGHTS VA !!!
Jeanie Bianco 02/02/2020
Very simple. THE BEST IN OUR AREA Jeanie
Bobbi Steffey 01/30/2020
The one & only best place for a sub everything is slice fresh NOT SITTING OUT FOR HOURS EXPOSED TO EVERYTHING - I've only dealt with Jersey Mike's for over 10 yrs & will NEVER get a sub anywhere else LOVE THIS PLACE
Maureen Harmer 12/02/2019
The Jersey Mike's on Mantoloking Road, Brick, NJ is the best Jersey Mikes, I've been to. I love most Jersey Mike's Subs stores, but this one is clean, the employees are smart, sweet, fast and friendly. I know when I go there I will be out in a matter of minutes no matter how many people are on line.
P. Kelly 11/29/2019
Really like Jersey Mike's subs. Always use coupons when I purchase them and never had a problem. A few weeks ago, they had a BOGOcoupon - Buy one, get one free for the larger sub. Ordered that,but they would not accept that coupon. It was the same type of coupon that they always accepted but would not accept this one. Needless to say, I was very annoyed and left the store without the subs. This happened in the Lewisburg, Pa. Subway.
Anonymous 11/27/2019
I love all the food.
GeorgannReiter 11/03/2019
Once I got the wrong sandwich.They were making one .they gave it away..so had to. Wait for the 3 th one to be made..Last. time wrong meat...took it. Back..And also. ..the one girl had to yell at me.
Trish 09/30/2019
The best subs ever 😋!!!
Opel 09/30/2019
I went to a Jersey Mikes in Lovejoy Ga. The sub I bought was a steak and cheese. It was too salty. I did not go back because I didnt taste it until I got home and I live too far away to go take it back This is the closest one to where I live. Thank you Opel Nash
Wanda 09/29/2019
Had Uber eats delivery. Still hot when received. Great sandwiches & great delivery.
Ed 09/04/2019
Since Jersey Mikes came to town have been eating their subs. Great food. Love their Italian, Mikes way and herb bread. The big Kahuna is a great meal to take home when my wife wants something easy but tasty for dinner. We love their subs. People are real nice too.
Maddox 08/02/2019
Your sandwich's are the BEST !!!
Angela Holt 06/15/2019
Hi my birthday rolled around I waited for my birthday coupons so I searched. Is it true you no longer do birthday coupons , Angela. 5/15/61
Anonymous 04/24/2019
No military discount. I would say all the fast food locations plus sit down restaurants in my home town altoona pennsylvania give military discounts because of the sacrifices the military have made. after all, they are the reason we don't all speak German during WWII. having spent 22 years of my life in the defense of this great country, veterans, active duty military and especially those men and women in harms way are worth everything they earn and veterans like myself likewise. do I frequent locations that thank the military by providing discounts and some times even free meals, hell yes I and others do.
Paul 04/08/2019
Best Subs in the area!
Jean 02/05/2019
Love your sandwiches
Cindy 01/26/2019
We love your subs!! Your staff in the two shops we’ve been in are always helpful & happy. Good food & happy people makes a great place to eat💕
Anonymous 12/19/2018
It's a shame your so stingy with the bacon on these high-priced sandwiches and the staff is so mean to you when you ask them about it!!! I paid $7.00 for a mini and got 1pc of bacon and they broke that in half over my sandwich! geez!😏
Cheryl Roberts 11/20/2018
Love this place. Could use a little more meat and cheese
Me 11/07/2018
They don't accept coupons at The Villages location. Been using coupons for 2 yrs. Now new manager says no.
Sharon 08/22/2018
I wish all the stores had the same discount and point system. I eat there 3 to 4 times a week. The one in north Richland hills Texas does not know anything about double point days. The one off I 35 in Fort Worth says jersey mike no longer give double points. I don’t know what to think
Jill 07/18/2018
Love the subs! Not interested in chips or drink!
Linda 06/21/2018
Their subs are great, a lot of meat, a lot of meat. I have to say it twice because there is that much meat in them. If you haven't been there you must go !!! My husband and I love their subs , everyone there is so nice and friendly. A great place to take the family!
Rob D. 05/07/2018
Glade That Jersey Mike's Came 2 Town..!!!
Jeanne Smith 04/27/2018
The best sub I have ever had. In WNY in the 60's we had Mike's submarines. These are equally as good. Thanks for taking me back to the good old days!
David Brown 03/05/2018
Best Philly cheese steaks in the area! I love #56😃
Bill 02/21/2018
Mikes are great and the sandwich’s are great. Except the Bradenton, FL store. The other nine I visited were the very best.
Anonymous 02/10/2018
I have heard that Jersey Mike's is a really good sub shop but their coupons expire way too soon.
Nakita 02/06/2018
Best Steak & Cheese Hoagies ever. ..
Brian & Lynda 12/20/2017
We luv the subs...fantastic!
Darlene 11/05/2017
Love your subs and your friendly faces. Best subs in the Midwest. Darlene
Janet Rustia 10/09/2017
The Best Big kahuna Philly cheese steak.....
Edward L Beverly 09/28/2017
My Husband is Ed Beverly a former 49ers, and he loves your Subs, we are both from Pennsylvania, but love to enjoy a Sub from Jersey Mikes. My Birthday is April 2nd. His was September 27th,. Thank you for the wonderful Service.

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