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Kenneth Jackson 06/09/2022
Kenneth Jackson : I love your great value meals and I can't wait to go to lunch there every afternoon while I'm at work thank you so much
Hazlett 01/30/2022
Nothing makes me madder then for a business to have a come on for an ad that they do not honor. We were supposed to get 20% off our order. The manager said they didn't have a key for that?? Guess she didn't know how to add and subtract.
Lola 05/05/2021
Why don't your mail in coupons have some breakfast coupons also. Too much Fried Food is not good for us. Please add some breakfasts coupons too.
PATRICIA 06/18/2020
8 times out of 10 they get order wrong even when they repeat it
Jorge Zapata 10/03/2018
Thank you jack in the box for the coupons I'm disable and my wife and I enjoy eating at Jack in box...
Anonymous 09/04/2018
Not the nicest counter person I ever met but the food was hot and fresh
Irma Mohr 08/07/2018
Thank you for your coupons, I'm a grandma with low income, today's my grandchild an I enjoyed a delicious hamburger, God bless Jack in the Box, so customers like me can afford it.
Winnemucca Nevada 89445 06/24/2018
It took the Winnemucca Nevada crew 27 minutes for a bacon cheddar potato wedges with sour cream. All I can say is absolutely unacceptable. 4:28 order in.....4:55pm order up only because I asked where's my food after a few cars went thru the drive up then people inside, who came after me, got their food n left. Oh we lost it sorry. No more sorrys. get ur shit together.
Caroline Barrios 03/27/2018
The Frankford and Tollway's store is the fastest and its team is really pleasant.
Mary McElroy 01/31/2018
When doing survey for buy 1 jumbo jack get 1. Is 3.79 and it comes with cheese however we are told that you have to pay extra for the cheese but when you buy a Jumbo Jack with cheese it is $3.79 please explain it's the same price but with the survey they say you have to pay extra for the cheese don't get it but you're about to lose my business
Afolabi Ajani 10/08/2017
Good and tasty food
Manny 07/25/2017
Bring back your great 3 tacos for 99 cents...miss those tacos...
vanessa teichman 02/17/2017
Love it. Buttery Swiss n mushroom, Best tacos, onion rings, n shakes.
Amanda Coolidge 12/25/2016
I can hardly wait until I can get my Eggnog Shake.
anna low 06/17/2016
i texted for the online coupon and presented to the cashier and spoke to the district manager (Sacramento Florin) and he said they do not accept mobile coupons.

Money Saving Tips at Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box is a fast-food restaurant known for its diverse menu. Here are some money-saving tips to consider when dining at Jack in the Box:

1. Combo Meals: Opt for combo meals, which typically include a main item, a side (like fries), and a drink at a bundled price. These combos are often more cost-effective than ordering items individually.

2. Value Menu: Check out Jack in the Box's value menu for affordable options. This menu usually features smaller-sized items at lower prices.

3. Coupons and Promotions: Look for coupons and promotions on Jack in the Box's website, mobile app, or in local newspapers. These deals may offer discounts or special offers on specific menu items.

4. Sign Up for Offers: Consider signing up for Jack in the Box's mailing list or loyalty program. Members often receive exclusive offers, discounts, or even free items.

5. App Deals: Download the Jack in the Box mobile app to access exclusive deals and discounts. Some promotions may be app-specific, providing additional savings.

6. Limited-Time Offers: Keep an eye out for limited-time offers and promotions, as Jack in the Box often introduces new menu items or specials that come with discounted prices.

7. Meal Deals: Look for specific meal deals that may offer a combination of items at a lower price than if you were to order each item separately.

8. Combo Snacks: If you're not extremely hungry, consider ordering combo snacks or smaller portions. These options can be satisfying and are often more budget-friendly.

9. Student Discounts: If you are a student, check if Jack in the Box offers any student discounts. Some locations may provide special deals for students with a valid student ID.

10. Senior Discounts: Inquire about senior discounts if you are eligible. Some Jack in the Box locations may offer reduced prices for seniors during certain times or days.

11. Double-Check Receipts: Always check your receipt to ensure that any discounts or promotions have been applied correctly. If there's an error, bring it to the attention of the staff for correction.

12. Take Advantage of Combo Upgrades: Some combo meals allow you to upgrade certain items for a small additional fee. Consider upgrading to a larger size or adding extras to get more value out of your purchase.

Remember that promotions and policies can vary by location, so it's a good idea to check with your local Jack in the Box for specific details. By combining these money-saving tips, you can enjoy a meal at Jack in the Box without straining your budget.

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FAQs about Jack in the Box

1. What type of food does Jack in the Box serve?

Jack in the Box is a fast-food chain known for serving a variety of items, including burgers, chicken sandwiches, tacos, breakfast items, and salads.

2. Are Jack in the Box locations open 24 hours?

The hours of operation for Jack in the Box locations may vary by location. While some may be open 24 hours, others may have specific operating hours. It's advisable to check with the specific restaurant for accurate information.

3. Does Jack in the Box have a breakfast menu?

Yes, Jack in the Box offers a breakfast menu that includes items like breakfast burritos, sandwiches, and hash browns. The breakfast menu is typically available during specific hours.

4. Is Jack in the Box's menu customizable?

Yes, Jack in the Box allows customers to customize their orders. You can make modifications to items, such as adjusting ingredients or opting for specific condiments.

5. Can I order Jack in the Box online for delivery or takeout?

Some Jack in the Box locations may offer online ordering for both delivery and takeout. Customers can check the specific restaurant's website or use third-party delivery services.

6. What are the popular menu items at Jack in the Box?

Popular menu items at Jack in the Box include the Jumbo Jack burger, tacos, Chicken Teriyaki Bowl, and the Ultimate Cheeseburger.

7. Does Jack in the Box have a value menu?

Yes, Jack in the Box typically offers a value menu or a "4 for $4" deal that includes a selection of items at an affordable price.

8. Is Jack in the Box's menu suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Jack in the Box may have vegetarian and vegan options, such as salads and modified menu items. It's recommended to check the specific menu or contact the restaurant for dietary information.

9. Does Jack in the Box offer promotions or discounts?

Jack in the Box often runs promotions and may offer discounts on certain items. Customers can check the restaurant's website or inquire at the location for information on current deals.

10. Are there Jack in the Box locations outside the United States?

While the majority of Jack in the Box locations are in the United States, there may be some international locations. Customers can check the official website for information on specific restaurant locations.

About Jack in the Box

Jack in the Box, founded in 1951, is a well-known American fast-food restaurant chain recognized for its diverse menu, innovative offerings, and a distinctive clown-headed mascot. Operating across the United States, Jack in the Box has become a popular choice for customers seeking a quick and flavorful dining experience.

At the heart of Jack in the Box's appeal is its commitment to offering a wide variety of menu items, ranging from classic burgers and tacos to breakfast sandwiches, chicken tenders, and customizable salads. The restaurant is known for its inventive approach to fast food, introducing items like the iconic "Jumbo Jack" burger and the late-night focused "Munchie Meals."

Jack in the Box's drive-thru service, coupled with a 24-hour operating model in many locations, caters to the needs of customers looking for convenient and accessible dining options. The brand's focus on technology includes mobile ordering, delivery partnerships, and an intuitive app for streamlined ordering.

The restaurant's playful and irreverent advertising, often featuring its comical mascot, contributes to its brand identity. Jack in the Box's commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in its customer feedback initiatives and a variety of value-driven promotions.

With its diverse and ever-evolving menu, Jack in the Box remains a popular choice for those seeking quick and tasty fast food, emphasizing variety, convenience, and a touch of culinary creativity.

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