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Ellen 09/09/2022
Love the smell and cleaning .have used it for years.just hate the cost now which has caused me to use something else sometime.
Annette Wilson 04/26/2022
Been using Gain detergent for many years will continue purchasing gain in the future my favorite laundry detergent
Natalie Durivou 04/22/2022
I have used Gains Laundry soap for years. Like the smell and how it cleans my clothes
Alice Bradley 03/19/2022
Nothing can compare to Gain I will not use anything else I love my Gain
Ann Edwards 01/26/2022
I've been using Gain laundry detergent and fabric softener for many, many years. I'm allergic to certain ingredients and Gain is the only one that I don't have any reaction to. I am 71 years old and a Retired DSS Worker, that can really use a discount on your awesome Gain products.
Linda 12/24/2021
Wish could get coupons in the mail
ruth vicente 11/18/2021
love the smell and leave clothes clean
Vicki 11/17/2021
This is my favorite laundry detergent. Not only does it clean better than anything else, it makes your clothes smell so fresh! Love it!
Kelly Ha kel 11/11/2021
I have been buying gain laundry soap for over 30 years. I am going to have to change at this point! Because you lower the ounces in a large container, and left the price the same! And these times that is just dirty! I will definitely be checking out other detergents!
Masa 10/19/2021
I love Gain products, they are excellent with my clothing and smell delicious.
Shanna Smith 10/12/2021
I love gain products my clothes ways smell so good. I would greatly appreciate free coupons and samples!
Diane E Brown 09/11/2021
I love gain products. How do I get free sample or coupons in the mail.
Sue 06/15/2021
I Can’t find Gain detergent for cold water only kind I buy (I live in zip code 12414)
Becky McDougald 03/18/2021
I have always loved gain. It cleans your clothes very well and has a nice fresh smell.
Brown 02/06/2021
Love Gain -Everything again!!!
Cora Brazell 01/22/2021
Gain is my first choice for detergent. I use the powder when I can find it. It cleans so well and goes a long way. I love the original smell.
Sharon Thompson 10/29/2020
Love it its smells and cleans so good
Sharon 10/06/2020
I love the smell of gain
Angelis sheppard 05/28/2020
Love my gain make your clothes smell so clean
Patricia ThomasHarris 11/20/2019
I love the way these fragrances smells, makes my clothes smell great for a week once I wash them. thanks gain, you rock.
Deretha Baker 10/21/2019
I love gain products. I've always been so happy with the look and smell of my laundry. I just recently started to use the dish detergent and was well pleased. Actually I love all gain products and usually shop weekly since such good deals. Thanks for such wonderful products!
Cortina Lewis 01/23/2019
I love gain products they are the best wouldn't use anything else
Kellie J Miller 01/05/2019
I love gain products.
Jane 11/10/2018
My daughter in law introduced me to Gain. I bought it and have used nothing else since ! I love the scents and the softness of my clothes out of the dryer !
Connie Bowman 09/05/2018
Love the way the smell stays in my clothes with the fireworks
Constance 08/20/2018
I love the fresh water sparkle smells so good
Donna Palmet 06/08/2018
Good product. Love the smell of the original smell
Susan 05/16/2018
I love gain keeps my clothes clean & it stays smelling good all day
Sheila K. Larson 02/12/2018
Why is it so hard to get and print Gain/Tide coupons? The paper has go to P&B and then I have to add another App and then the coupons are not there. Or go to brandsSAVER and also need to add another app. I have tried multiple times.
Karen Wilkes 08/22/2017
Gain has been our family number one detergent.
Tonya 08/09/2017
I love gain! The smell is fabulous!!
Shirley Funcheswnis 08/02/2017
We love gain. gets clothes clean and smells good.
claudia ward 08/01/2017
I love the smell and it cleans so well
Jennifer Vance 01/13/2017
I'm having problems with the flings sticking to our clothes...I know that if I hadn't opened em already, I'd for sure trade them in for the liquid..Can you send some coupons please?
Gain Laundry 08/30/2016
my family will only bring gain into home no matter who stop's at store, but i'm proud that they will go outta there way to always have a coupon. that's the only way we can afford it -- gain only.

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