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Comments about Home Depot (8)


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Kate 10/26/2021
Where are items made? USA? Show more prices
Bill 02/12/2020
I’m surprised to hear anything bad about Home Depot!! Their customer service is second to none. I will continue to use them for my projects or product purchases.
Jeri 12/26/2018
I really like your store, a lot, and I'm a lady!!!
L.A.Sharp 03/30/2017
EVERY single time I have gone, if I can finally find someone to help me they act as if they don't know their products or where they are. It is a bad joke every time I go. We need a Lowes closer.
Linda Workman 02/26/2017
I think some of your things are really nice and good price. But some things are really high. I've been trying to find paint. WOW I can't believe the prices
Linda Silverberg 12/22/2012
Home Depot has everything I need for my new home. Their help is outstanding and know just what to recommend for every project that I needed
Srividya 03/28/2012
I purchased a large set of GE energy efficient light bulbs from Home Depot. They have a huge collection and variety of bulbs to choose from. I got the product that I required
James Keith 01/03/2012
Home Depot is a great store.They are always very helpfull.I buy all my tools there and I would not shop any where else.

Money Saving Tips at Home Depot

Home Depot is a popular home improvement retailer where you can find a wide range of products for DIY projects and home improvement. If you're looking to save money at Home Depot, consider the following tips:

1. Join the Home Depot Garden Club: Sign up for the Garden Club to receive exclusive promotions, discounts, and gardening tips. It's a great way to stay informed about seasonal deals and offers.

2. Check the Savings Center: Home Depot's website features a Savings Center where you can find current promotions, special buys, and discounts. Regularly check this section for updated deals on various products.

3. Sign Up for Emails: Subscribe to Home Depot's email newsletters to receive updates on sales, promotions, and special events. Some email subscribers may receive exclusive discounts and early access to sales.

4. Use Price Matching: Home Depot has a price-matching policy. If you find the same product at a lower price from a competitor, they may match the price. This ensures you get the best deal available.

5. Shop Online for Specials: Home Depot often offers online-exclusive deals and promotions. Check their website for special online savings and discounts that may not be available in-store.

6. Take Advantage of Pro Xtra Membership: If you're a professional contractor or a frequent shopper, consider signing up for the Pro Xtra loyalty program. Members can enjoy bulk pricing discounts, purchase tracking, and other benefits.

7. Look for Rebates: Some products at Home Depot come with manufacturer rebates. Check for rebates on the product pages or inquire with store staff to see if there are any available for your purchases.

8. Shop Clearance and Overstock Items: Home Depot often has clearance and overstock sections both in-store and online. These sections can offer significant discounts on a variety of products, from tools to home goods.

9. Utilize the Home Depot Credit Card: The Home Depot Consumer Credit Card may offer special financing options, discounts, and exclusive promotions for cardholders. Be sure to review the terms and benefits before applying.

10. Attend Workshops and DIY Clinics: Home Depot regularly hosts free workshops and DIY clinics. Attend these events not only to gain knowledge but also to potentially receive discounts or special offers on certain products.

11. Buy in Bulk: If you're working on a larger project, inquire about bulk pricing. Home Depot may offer discounts on larger quantities of materials or products.

12. Ask for Floor Models or Damaged Items: Inquire about floor models or items with minor damage. These may be available at a discounted price, and the damage might be cosmetic or easily repairable.

13. Take Advantage of Seasonal Sales: Home Depot often has seasonal sales, such as the Spring Black Friday event. Plan your purchases around these sales to get discounts on seasonal items, outdoor equipment, and more.

By incorporating these money-saving tips, you can make your Home Depot shopping experience more budget-friendly while still getting the products you need for your home improvement projects.

FAQs about Home Depot

1. What products does Home Depot sell?

Home Depot offers a wide range of products for home improvement, including tools, building materials, hardware, appliances, lighting, flooring, paint, and outdoor equipment.

2. Does Home Depot price match competitors?

Yes, Home Depot generally offers a price match guarantee. If you find a lower price from a competitor, Home Depot may match that price.

3. What are the store hours of Home Depot?

Store hours may vary by location, so it's advisable to check the official Home Depot website or contact the specific store you plan to visit for accurate and up-to-date information on hours.

4. Does Home Depot offer online shopping and delivery services?

Yes, Home Depot provides online shopping for a wide range of products. Customers can choose to have items delivered to their doorstep or use the "Buy Online, Pick Up In Store" option.

5. Does Home Depot have a loyalty program?

Home Depot has a loyalty program called "The Home Depot Pro Xtra" for professionals, offering benefits such as discounts, purchase tracking, and personalized offers. Additionally, there is a consumer loyalty program for everyday customers.

6. Can I return items to Home Depot, and what is the return policy?

Home Depot generally has a return policy that allows customers to return most items within 90 days of purchase with a receipt. Some exclusions may apply, so it's advisable to check the details on their official website or inquire in-store.

7. Does Home Depot offer installation services for purchased products?

Yes, Home Depot often provides installation services for products purchased in-store or online. This may include appliances, flooring, windows, and other home improvement projects.

8. What are the credit card options available at Home Depot?

Home Depot offers consumer credit cards, commercial credit cards, and project loan options. These cards may come with special financing offers, discounts, and rewards.

9. Are there any upcoming sales or promotions at Home Depot?

Home Depot frequently offers sales, promotions, and special events. Customers can check the official Home Depot website or subscribe to newsletters for information on upcoming deals.

10. Does Home Depot offer workshops or DIY classes?

Yes, Home Depot often provides workshops and classes on various DIY projects and home improvement topics. Customers can check with their local store for the schedule and availability.

About Home Depot

Home Depot, founded in 1978, is a leading American home improvement retailer that has become synonymous with providing a vast selection of products, expert advice, and services to DIY enthusiasts, homeowners, and professional contractors. With over 2,200 stores across North America, Home Depot stands as a comprehensive destination for all things related to home improvement and construction.

At the core of Home Depot's appeal is its extensive inventory, featuring a diverse range of products, from building materials, tools, and appliances to decor, outdoor living essentials, and home improvement supplies. The store's commitment to quality is reflected in its partnerships with reputable brands and its own private-label products.

Home Depot's knowledgeable and trained associates contribute to a customer-centric shopping experience, offering guidance, workshops, and resources for both beginners and experienced DIYers. The company embraces technology with features like online ordering, curbside pickup, and the Home Depot mobile app, providing convenience and accessibility to customers.

As a community-focused company, Home Depot engages in various charitable initiatives, including the Home Depot Foundation, supporting veterans, affordable housing, and disaster relief efforts.

Home Depot's emphasis on quality, customer service, and innovation has solidified its position as a trusted and influential player in the home improvement retail industry, catering to the diverse needs of homeowners and professionals alike.

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