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Brook 10/23/2023
I can't ever get any coupons in the mail. They will not let us use any we have. I think that Hardee's should take coupons. They let some people use them ever time they come in. The food at Hardee's on hwy. 29 has gotten real bad They do not cook good any more. They need to do something and teach them how to cook. Real bad.
Elizabeth Barbier-Szafranic 12/13/2022
Love your biscuits and gravey
Anonymous 10/22/2022
I go to Hardee's in Niles MI they are only open 6 days a week maybe. There hours are 6 or 7 to 2 Mon thru Friday and 8 to 2 Saturday but not always open. They say staffing short but I don't see them doing anything to change that but have now hiring on the sign. As a former manager I am shocked the company allows this and I love the food
Isa Barnett 08/14/2022
My family and I love Hardee's
Dawna L Walius 04/23/2022
I love you guys! I can afford your entrees! Food is hot n fresh! I have been in restaurant business for 50 years n I am super Picky! AS well your staff in Milford n Georgetown Delaware r the best! Delightfully patience which is a task in its self! Bless you all! You make "My I am not cooking day" so exciting n looking forward to! Thank you from my growling belly! You need a RAISE 😉😘 Ms. LEE
Daniel 03/04/2022
I bought a Bacon Burrito and thought I was a McDonald's it was so small for 6.59 Inc Tax no thank you I am done with Hardees.
Ellarine Stroud 01/12/2022
I made a purchase this morning at Hardee's Airport Birmingham with a coupon for a sausage egg biscuit and they would not except it,Good thing I had some extra money.Why would you send coupons and a person can't use them.
Brenda Barfield 11/09/2021
Love the Mushroom &Swiss burger! My favorite place for delicious food.
Robert Sauerwine 05/14/2021
Carl’s Junior and Hardee’s need to have to honor each other’s coupons since they are both owned by the same company.
Candy 02/25/2021
Miss the onion flavored mayo on the Frisco burger. It was something different. And delicious!
Wilma Chandler 12/17/2020
They have the best Biscuits of any fast food place around..and they serve them until 2 PM..
Daniel Roberson 11/30/2020
I love Hardee’s Breakfast the best fast food breakfast ever. I wish Hardee’s would come back in the Chicago S.W. suburbs. The one that was close to me closed about 5 years ago.
Kenneth Long 11/28/2020
Enjoy the breakfast sandwich Also enjoy hamburgers
Steven Pritchard 09/06/2020
Good biscuits
Virginia Netzband 08/23/2020
I like Hardees food. I hate they closed the one closest to me.
Tanya R Martin 06/14/2018
When Hardees had the sliders for $1,my husband and I bought so many of them. They taste great! Their onion rings are great too!
Sibyl Moore 03/04/2018
Are you ever going to build a Hardee's in The Mint Hill North Carolina area
Regina Nicholson 01/31/2018
Hey guys, I enjoyed the deal I purchased so much,can't wait til next time, see ya soon.
Abel 03/01/2017
Hutchinson Minnesota : Disappointed. Used to be a regular stop going through town. #1503755. Overpriced and chocolate malt tasted like a Vanilla shake with more whip cream than ice cream
Jacqueline Parham 02/28/2017
Went to Hardees to get kids fresh hot sausage biscuits for breakfast.
Jeff Gramig 02/13/2017
Went to Hardees today and ordered a bacon thickburger and it didn't have any bacon at all. I asked the manager and she said she forgot to put it on. Well she never came back. I ate my meal and went back to counter and asked hat was going on. They forgot again and I was finishedand thaey wanted to hand ey 4 peices of bacon to take home. I told them thankyou but no thanks. Pitiful.
Denise tyson 12/18/2016
We had a terrible drive thru experience. It took for ever to get our food . Then our fried where cold . We had to pull forward and wait for more fries. Then she forgot to give us napkins and a straw.
Rose 11/20/2016
We have an awesome Hardee. The girls treat us like family.
Anonymous 07/31/2012
Some idiot came up with the idea that everything should have bacon on it. There are those of us that HATE bacon. I hate paying the price of a sandwich with bacon only to take the bacon off and throw it away, or having it left off. Not everyone thinks WOW bacon. Not every sandwich is priced with cheese. Cheese is added at an extra cost, do the same with bacon.
Anne Chilton 01/01/2012
Hardees is a place in our small town to go to see all the familiar people-to eat a good Breakfast at a god price
Judith Holland 11/02/2011
My family loves the chicken tender. They are a lot bigger than the chicken nuggets and the batter is delicious. Also love the chicken tender fillet. It is breaded with the same batter as the chicken tenders and the piece of chicken is usually larger that the bun. The are extremely good. Would recommended either to any one who llikes chicken.

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