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Welcome to Family Dollar stores, your neighborhood dollar discount store. Find the products you and your family need the most at the lowest prices.


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Willie Ann Stigall 11/02/2023
Love family dollars the cashiers are always helpful kind
Ann Hawkins 03/29/2023
I clip the coupons I want to use and they won’t activate in the store so I don’t go to family dollar anymore.
Susan Witte 12/18/2021
Shopped at Fennville michigan family dollar store this morning Dec 18, 2021 and spent over $79 with using card when paying asked about $5 off if you purchased $25 or over with them stating you have to have coupon. I have gotten coupon before from paper in store clipped out with them not having any out and them saying no it's not in paper. I dont know where to get it so really dissatisfied with family dollar store
Tracy Seieroe 11/09/2021
I’m so great full and blessed to have the Family Dollar Store in Belle Fourche S.D. The staff are so nice and helpful! Thanks Tracy Seieroe
Dawna Safford 09/14/2020
Ironically I can receive Family Dollar email your email but when I go to open up Family Dollar for smart coupons Family Dollar.com will not open not even on a website I'm so discouraged I use someone's computer yesterday and I could login but I can't login on my Apple phone the company has not return my call when I called Regarding these issues my next step will be the Better Business Bureau because some people don't have an app or access to even a computer or a cell phone to utilize Family Dollar coupons! The store manager for the Family Dollar here in my little town says it's the only way that i can utilize the coupons to have an app on your cell phone somethings wrong with that picture.
Nancy Melendez 10/24/2019
I've been trying to download digital coupons for a couple of months. I've called your company and left name, phone number and email address, and no one contacted me at all. Your websites do not work. And your app is not compatible with my phone. I really love shopping at family dollar store. Please correct this matter.
LuAnn Hanning 09/29/2018
I went to family dollar for the first time and spent over $127.00. I had coupons for many of my purchaced items but the line was so long and the nasty looks i got while going thru my phone to show the cashier all my coupons was scary. I love the new store in ozone park Queen's.. But I'm very disappointed i didnt get to use over $40.00 in coupons. Hopefully next time i will have a better experience. Thank you
sabriba 10/05/2017
I love shopping at family dollar u save money and the coupons r great and I like seeing all the new stuff
Vivian Lopez 03/25/2017
I am a follower of the family dollar 100% , We are very blessed to have a store like family dollar.
Gloria Wynter 03/18/2017
I love family dollars
Anonymous 12/13/2016
I love doing my shopping at family dollard. That's where i buy everything I need. They have great bargains.
maryellen vargas 10/08/2016
The store in Jersey City City Line Bayonne is a mess it needs to be straightened out
Debra J Shaw 10/06/2016
Went to store on Sibley cashiers was very helpful. She helped me download my coupons.
Lisa Perez 09/21/2016
Love shopping there. Cheap prices. Courteous employees.
SS 09/19/2016
Can never get site to come up and when we have go store use coupons and they would not work.
Tammy skinner 09/08/2016
I love this store. they always have great stuff
Kenneth Willis 09/02/2016
Went to your store couldn't use my smart coupon did everything the website said
Shiela 05/16/2016
Store 2665 in Soperton georgia is the cleanest store I have been to lately
Queen 05/07/2016
I like shopping at family dollars store

Money Saving Tips at Family Dollar

1. Check the weekly ads: Family Dollar publishes weekly ads that feature discounts on a variety of items, including groceries, household items, and personal care products. Look through the ads to see if there are any items you need that are on sale.

2. Use digital coupons: Family Dollar offers digital coupons that can be loaded onto your account and redeemed at checkout. You can find these coupons on the Family Dollar website or app.

3. Shop store brands: Family Dollar offers a variety of store brand products that are often less expensive than name brand products. Consider trying these products to save money.

4. Sign up for Smart Coupons: By signing up for Smart Coupons, you'll receive exclusive offers and deals via email. You can also load digital coupons onto your account and redeem them at checkout.

5. Take advantage of the penny deals: Family Dollar occasionally offers penny deals, where you can purchase a specific item for just one penny with a qualifying purchase. Keep an eye out for these deals in the weekly ads or in-store.

6. Look for clearance items: Family Dollar regularly marks down items that are no longer in season or overstocked. Look for clearance sections in the store to find discounted items.

7. Buy in bulk: Family Dollar offers discounts on some items when you purchase in bulk. Look for items that you use regularly and stock up to save money in the long run.

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