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Juan Gascon 06/10/2024
The only thing I hate about shopping at Dollar General is realizing how badly we are getting ripped off every where else!
Shannon Blackmon 12/23/2023
I Love ❤️ Dollar General
Vivian Puryear 09/14/2023
Why the heck do you all make it so hard to use or get the digital coupons. People spend enough money in the stores to not have to go thru this crazy of trying .Shouldn't have to sign up anything
Anonymous 07/25/2023
Love it and the prices.
Liz perez 07/15/2023
Live close and is so convenient and great prices. One of my favorite places to shop.. Like the staff.
Anonymous 07/08/2022
My store here on wards road lynchburg in campbell county has very friendly and helpful employees. Store is little disorganized but a nice experience every time I go!
Anne 07/10/2021
Your store In sneedville Tn on main st in town is filthy ! The shelves are half empty ! New employees monthly with bad attitudes unfriendly and rude! It’s a hot bed for germs and angry customers! Get it in shape it’s sad it gives your company a bad name - I been to your other stores they were not like this one !!!! Please help 😢
Anonymous 12/19/2020
Love Clifton Forge Va store. The treat you like family and are always willing to help
Flora Ernst 05/21/2020
I love our Dollar General stores here in Gloversville,NY...the staff are always polite and helpful.
Richard Turner 04/21/2020
1. You folks have a new manager at your Mt. Vernon Va. Store and know that he is the first manager in the past 2 years that believes in a stocked store, Thank You. for he is doing a great job!!! 2. There has been NO weekly sales ad in the past 2 weeks and I hear that you folks are discontinuing them, WHY OH WHY!!!!???
Jeremiah Sullivan 02/22/2020
I like it because it helps in our economy, but I would like my store to have clearence events. We don't have them here.
Kathleen Colarusso 12/21/2019
Stock goes down quickly once the truck comes to stock it on Sundays!!! Inventory midweek in Mechanicville,N.Y. is just about gone!!! They need to restock twice a week. If groceries aren't there, they can't sell them, and I can't buy them!!!
Patricia flesher 12/15/2019
Love shopping at Dollar General.reasonable prices
Anonymous 12/12/2019
I very much dislike Dollar General! Aisles are narrow, with boxes piled high. Floor, is dirty, dark, dingy, shelves are so high, that if you need something on the top shelf, you can’t reach it. And there is NEVER a Clerk around to help. Live in a small town, only wish there were some Other store to give them competition. It is very depressing going in there Can’t imagine ever having to work there!!!!
Debbie Kempfer 05/06/2019
Your app never works for me you always say my password is wrong it's so frustrating to try using your app
Rachel Tyner 10/26/2018
I'm setting up an account for the dollar general in my area ,every time I fill it out you won't accept my password.. I've never encountered. Company. That didn't want a customers business.
Crystal barnes 07/31/2018
Sad that when I go to use these coupons they don’t work, cashier says it’s bc home office didn’t send bar code for it ect. I have wasted time, gas and energy. I’m to the point I don’t even want to go back to roller general bc of it. I have had misfortune that has pushed me to shop on a strict budget and use coupons and I just don’t understand how when I go to use these coupons it doesn’t work. Then to be treated as I have by cashiers bc I’m using coupons or trying to. Just really disappointed. Longtime shopper with your store chain and I must say. Not sure I will go back.
Lisa Elliott 07/31/2018
Dollar general where I live is very nasty. The have carts they leave in the center isle. Yesterday there were 6of them. The customer has to move them to get what they need. When you drive up all the workers are sitting on lounge chairs smoking. I have decided it would be best to start shopping at family dollar.
Micheal 05/29/2018
Customer service was amazing friendly workers great place to put a store it's appreciated
Anonymous 02/18/2018
Love shopping at DG almost every week. Hate shopping at Walmart cannot get in and out
Zuleyma morales 02/12/2018
I enojoy dollar general because i always find what im looking for
kathryn griffin 10/11/2017
Dollar General is great. great sales, conveinent, and friendly staff.
Sabrina Clayton 03/21/2017
I shop in store just about ever other day
Michael 11/21/2016
I find every day low prices,the people who work there are just so wounderful,they treat me like the Champ that I am"
Sukhpal Kaur 08/03/2016
I wasn't able to use my coupon when I went there.i should have gotten 9 dollars off but instead got none.
Barbara Nichols 07/31/2016
Love dollar general need lots of coupons. Spend a lot of money
Tammy Howard 07/31/2016
LUV my DG, low prices & friendly people. lets not forget convenient!!
Carolyn 07/14/2016
Love love my dollar general store spend plenty money need coupons
linda McIntosh 05/13/2012
Every time I shop at Dollar General I find name brands and good prices. The employees are always so friendly and helpful.
carol 03/17/2012
I love shopping at Dollar General. They have great buys and accept coupons. You rock!!!

Money Saving Tips at Dollar General

Dollar General is a discount retail chain, and if you're looking to save money while shopping there, consider these tips:

1. Digital Coupons: Take advantage of Dollar General's digital coupon program. You can load coupons onto your DG Digital Coupons account and redeem them at the checkout by entering your phone number.

2. Sign Up for Dollar General's Rewards Program: Join Dollar General's Rewards Program to earn points on qualifying purchases. You can redeem these points for discounts on future purchases.

3. Weekly Ads and Sales Flyers: Keep an eye on Dollar General's weekly ads and sales flyers. They often feature discounted items and special promotions. Plan your shopping around these deals.

4. Dollar General App: Download the Dollar General app to access exclusive deals, digital coupons, and in-app promotions. The app may also provide additional discounts or savings.

5. DG AutoDeliver: Consider using DG AutoDeliver for regularly purchased items. This subscription service allows you to set up automatic deliveries at a discounted price.

6. Store Brands and Generic Products: Opt for Dollar General's store brands or generic products. These items are often more affordable than name brands and provide good value for the price.

7. Buy in Bulk: Purchase non-perishable items in bulk to take advantage of lower unit prices. Dollar General often offers bulk or larger size options for various products.

8. Clearance Section: Check out Dollar General's clearance section for discounted merchandise. You may find items marked down significantly, especially after seasonal changes.

9. Check for Manufacturer Coupons: Dollar General accepts manufacturer coupons. Combine these with store promotions and discounts to maximize your savings.

10. DG Digital Coupon Stacking: Take advantage of DG Digital Coupon stacking. You can use both a manufacturer coupon and a DG Digital Coupon on a single item, maximizing your savings.

11. Refer-a-Friend Programs: Some Dollar General promotions involve referral programs. Check if there are any ongoing referral promotions that allow you to earn discounts or bonuses for referring friends.

12. In-Store Promotions: Keep an eye out for in-store promotions, such as "Buy One, Get One Free" or special discounts on specific categories. Look for signage or ask store associates about ongoing promotions.

13. Discounted Gift Cards: Check for discounted gift cards to Dollar General from third-party websites or retailers. Purchasing these gift cards at a discount effectively gives you additional savings on your purchases.

Remember to check the expiration dates and terms of any coupons or promotions you plan to use. Dollar General's promotions and policies may vary by location, so it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with the specific rules at your local store.

  Expired Coupons (May Still Work)

FAQs about Dollar General

1. What is Dollar General?

Dollar General is a retail store chain that offers a variety of products at discounted prices. It carries a wide range of items, including household goods, groceries, clothing, beauty products, and more.

2. How many Dollar General stores are there?

Dollar General has thousands of stores across the United States. The exact number of locations may vary, and new stores may have opened since my last update.

3. Is everything at Dollar General really priced at one dollar or less?

No, not everything at Dollar General is priced at one dollar or less. While it offers many items at affordable prices, the store carries a range of products with various price points.

4. Does Dollar General have an online shopping option?

Yes, Dollar General provides online shopping through its website. Customers can order products online and choose either home delivery or store pickup.

5. What types of products does Dollar General sell?

Dollar General sells a variety of products, including groceries, cleaning supplies, health and beauty items, household essentials, clothing, seasonal goods, and more.

6. Does Dollar General accept coupons?

Yes, Dollar General accepts manufacturer's coupons and offers digital coupons through their DG Digital Coupons program. Customers can also use Dollar General store coupons.

7. Is there a loyalty program at Dollar General?

Dollar General has a loyalty program called DG Rewards. Members can earn points for purchases, receive discounts, and access exclusive offers.

8. Can you return items to Dollar General?

Dollar General has a return policy that allows customers to return items within a specified timeframe with a receipt. The policy may vary, so it's advisable to check with the specific store.

9. Does Dollar General sell fresh produce and groceries?

Yes, Dollar General sells a selection of fresh produce, dairy products, frozen foods, and pantry staples. The grocery offerings may vary by location.

10. What are Dollar General's store hours?

Store hours can vary by location and day of the week. Dollar General stores typically have regular operating hours, but it's recommended to check with the specific store for their current hours.

About Dollar General

Dollar General, a retail giant founded in 1939, has evolved into a cornerstone of convenience and affordability in the American retail landscape. With over 17,000 stores in 46 states, Dollar General stands as a ubiquitous presence, providing a diverse range of products at budget-friendly prices. The company's commitment to delivering everyday low prices has made it a go-to destination for shoppers seeking essential goods without breaking the bank.

Dollar General's stores are strategically located in both rural and urban areas, ensuring accessibility for a broad demographic. The merchandise spans a wide array, including household items, groceries, health and beauty products, apparel, and seasonal goods. The store layout is designed for efficiency, allowing customers to navigate easily and find what they need quickly.

Beyond its role as a retail hub, Dollar General is dedicated to community engagement through initiatives like the Dollar General Literacy Foundation, which supports literacy and education programs across the nation. The company's focus on simplicity, value, and community impact has contributed to its sustained success, making it a reliable resource for millions of customers looking to stretch their dollars without compromising on quality.

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