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DeeJ 07/06/2019
Way way too expensive and crowded! Disney World over rated and priced
Essie Smith 04/17/2019
Disneyland has no coupon that will help me pay to go there still can't afford it
Veronica Alvarado 02/14/2019
I would love to take my children once, it is a magical place my daughter dreams of going with me but it is difficult because I lost my job but I would like to have the annual pass and be able to go with my children when they want.
Massapequamom 02/07/2019
Very expensive! Not a family outing anymore! Bring your Bank Account! Shame on them!!
Shawn 11/29/2018
Too expensive, and we live in Anaheim...it's a joke!
Dani 11/15/2018
I love Disneyland and we have had our yearly pass since my daughter was 3 yrs. old. She os now 16. We go almost everyday!
Anonymous 10/18/2018
I use to go with my mother to🎢Dismeyland. Im 50 now. I have Gran--kids that I would like to take for the 🎅🎁🎄holidays. It use to cost 20 💸 Not the happiest place Your broke when you 🏃
Shotzy 05/24/2018
I believe Walt would turn over in his grave.. He founded Disney for children to be happy. Even middle class no longrer can afford and underprivileged will never know. Waters 4 $ dollars a bottle. God gave us free. That is pure greed.
Pat 04/11/2018
Hi, I agree way to expensive! Water was over 3.00! This is not about memories anymore! It’s about greed! I hope they fold!
Beverly Culwell 03/14/2018
TOOOO EXPENSIVE, ordinary people can not afford to go to Disneyland. I was one of the first 50 that went through the gates when Disneyland opened in 1955 I still have a coupon that was used. Sooo sad
Nancy Ewing 10/18/2017
The last time I was there was when Toon Town was built don't know how long ago it was but that's the last time
Maria ramos 08/06/2016
I love the park and my son too he's 4 years old we been taking him every year we hope to take him this year too.

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