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Welcome to Dillard's, Inc. We are a retail department store offering fashion apparel and home furnishings from coast to coast. Dillard's caters to a broad spectrum of the population.


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Margaret Stacey 10/16/2019
The website is totally messed up I can't even log in. It has been this way for awhile. I have tried with different phones, laptops, iPads etc etc it's totally awful. I guess I or my friends won't be shopping Dillard's. And we so loved this store đŸ˜Ÿ
Margaret Stacey 09/29/2019
There website is so messed up and distorted it's impossible to shop. I've complained about this before and no response. Guess I'll have to shop only at Macy's since your not going to fix your website. Margaret
Janis Dickinson 05/02/2019
Great brands for fair price.Good quality merchandise.Helpful clerks.
Renee baxley 07/30/2017
I would like to personally thank Beverly in the bedding department for being extra helpful to me. I purchased a comforter and I had a pacemaker done two weeks ago and she personally helped me carry it to my car on the curb. You don't get that sincerity anywhere else. Thanks
Angelia Cotton 11/28/2016
I love the styles, and choice's. And the sales Representative are always helpful in the women's plus size department. They always seem to remember me. I feel so welcome when ever I shop there.
Shivani 12/15/2011
Dillards is one of my favorite places to shop. They have great deals and great clothing trends.
Kathy Lansford 06/25/2011
very nice and pleasant people in store.

About Dillard's

William Dillard, the founder and Chairman of Dillard’s, Inc., developed a keen interest in retailing at an early age. He started his success story in 1938 when, with $8,000 borrowed from his father, he opened a small store in his wife's hometown of Nashville, Arkansas. By that time, he had better than 12 years of part-time and summer experience working in his father's Mineral Springs, Arkansas store. After completing college (University of Arkansas-1935) and graduate school (Columbia University School of Business-1937), Mr. Dillard began working as a management trainee for Sears Roebuck & Company. Shortly after completing the training course, a period of only seven months, Mr. Dillard left Sears and opened his first store.

Even in the beginning, Mr. Dillard was well aware of the value of effective advertising in building a business. With each move/expansion, the company has stressed value in its advertising. Aside from a short period during World War II, the Company continued operating and expanding its Nashville location. In 1948, Dillard, looking for more growth prospects, sold the Nashville store and used the money, along with some outside financing, to buy controlling interest in a Texarkana (AR,TX) store. His competitive strategy was to offer attractively priced national name brand merchandise along with customer credit. By 1953, it was the leading store in Texarkana. From Texarkana, Dillard expanded to Tyler, Texas in 1956 with the purchase of an existing store. In early 1960 he entered into a similar transaction for a Tulsa, Oklahoma store which was twice the size of the now thriving Tyler operation. Like his other acquisitions, he was quick to make it profitable and to pay down acquisition-related debt.

Today, a major part of Dillard's marketing philosophy remains based on Mr. Dillard's sound selling methods, keen attention of day-to-day organizational details, alert selection of personnel and hard work. Presently, the chain consists of approximately 300 stores spanning 29 states, all operating under one name - Dillard's.

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