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Comments about Coca-Cola (36)


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Linda 06/04/2024
Coca cola is the only soda I drink and have been drinking them since I was a teenager
Sarah Carroll 04/26/2024
The only drink I drink is Coca Cola
Bobby. French 01/12/2024
The only drink I'll drink is Coca-Cola. Original flvor
Cheryl Guest 12/04/2023
I personally drink 15 cases per month I need some coupons.
Beth Ellison 08/08/2023
It's the best and that's all my family ever drinks Coca-Cola products!
Judy A. Ruff 07/18/2023
The best soft drink as long as it is made with cane sugar!
Loretta 05/12/2023
Have been drinking Coke for over 50 years. Best cola !
Ethelene Nix 05/06/2023
Drink Coke Zero nothing else
Elizabeth 02/20/2023
We LOVE ❤️ Regular Cokes and Sprite. It is good, but we can't buy as many with the increase in prices!! I would LOVE some couons. I have.been a Coka Cola collector for 40 year's!! Thank You for Your consideration!!
Anonymous 10/24/2022
I have been drinking Coke for 75 years. My Gran used to put it in my baby bottle at 6 months. I still want a bottle of Coke/day!
Thomas Lybrand 10/21/2022
I 💕 Coca-Cola in small bottle, but I really miss the 12oz bottles too as they were so GREAT!!!
Vera Steward 08/05/2022
I absolutely love “Regular Coca Cola”. However, my hips do not. Therefore, I will need to drink “Diet Coca Coka”.
Don Lee 06/27/2022
Coca cola makes great FLOATS
June Mckee 04/18/2022
I love Coca-Cola I don’t drink nothing else I will go thirsty before I would drink anything else hope I get some good coupons thank you
Sharon 02/26/2022
I’m happy to be able to find zero cherry coke again!! My favorite drink!
vicki 02/01/2022
I love coca-cola classic drank it since I was a Kid now 64
Karen Stevens 01/21/2022
Love Coke Zero its the one my whole family drinks
Kay Davis 01/16/2022
I’m very disappointed Coca Cola didn’t bring back coke life They promised they would & now they say no, it wasN’t popular. Why then was people waiting for delivery & it disappeared in first day. Half the coke sits there for days. I loved the Diet Coke made with stevia was so wonderful. I am allergic to the regular Diet Coke.
Jayme Armstrong 01/03/2022
Been drinking it since oh ...wow I am old as dirt but I can’t believe the price jump ....even the sale prices are SCAREY..... Shaws offered as a special( just for u free ) one new single cans of coke mixed with caramel and two other flavors.... OH TO DIE FOR ...LOVED IT..BUT COULD NEVER AFFORD THE EVERY DAY PRICE....💔😢.
Claudia 12/23/2021
Love Diet Coke!!!
Sally Burgett 10/25/2021
What happened to the coke coffee? I love it!
Gary 08/02/2021
My favourite drank is coke zero
Jean rehnelt 06/28/2021
Love diet coke
Melissa Martinez 03/19/2021
I love Cherry Coca Cola won’t drink Pepsi at all 😍
Jeanine Brown 06/01/2020
Diet caffeine coke is so hard to find in the Anderson In. Area.
Edith Redmond 05/03/2020
Love coke get up every morning and that the first thing I get when I get to
Alyce Utz 03/12/2019
Ginger lime diet is all I drink and is not always easy to find!!!
Georgia 01/30/2019
Diet coke is all I drink, 12 packs a Month, I don't Like Pepsi or any other diet soda
Noreen Hernandez 12/20/2018
This is all we drink very good product
Virginia 05/29/2017
I have been using diet coke for years
Kathleen Pulek 01/12/2012
For me, Coke is the nectar of the gods. here is nothing like that clean, crisp, sweet taste.
hope 12/19/2011
I love Coca-cola I love the new white can look, it is not that difficult to tell they are the real coke if you just look . If it was diet or another flavor it will say so just like before the new look. So i say keep the can and everyone else needs to pay better attention to what is on the box. I confess I use to drink pepsi but switch along time ago. Coca-Cola is the best.
Allyson G. 12/18/2011
Coca-Cola is great because it has always been around. It is a classic. It is here to stay.
Srividya 12/13/2011
The coke is an awesome drink. I feel very refreshed after drinking it.
Carol Searle 10/27/2011
I love coca cola ..It has a very special satisfying taste it .Its flavour is what I really enjoy and there is none other like it ..
Linda Jo Helton 10/05/2011
I love Coke. I use Diet Coke since I am a diabetic. I think the taste is much better than any other soft drink. I buy Coke every chance I get to go shopping.

About Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, one of the world's most iconic and recognizable brands, has played a pivotal role in shaping the global beverage industry since its inception in 1886. Founded by Dr. John Stith Pemberton in Atlanta, Georgia, Coca-Cola has grown into a multinational beverage giant, with a presence in over 200 countries. Best known for its flagship product, Coca-Cola, the company offers a diverse portfolio of beverages, including Diet Coke, Coca-Cola Zero Sugar, Sprite, Fanta, and a range of non-carbonated drinks. The distinct, effervescent taste of Coca-Cola has become synonymous with refreshment and enjoyment across cultures and generations. Coca-Cola's enduring success is not only attributed to its signature beverages but also to its innovative marketing strategies. The brand's iconic red logo and memorable advertising campaigns, featuring the jolly figure of Santa Claus and the timeless "Share a Coke" initiative, have contributed to its cultural impact. Beyond its commercial success, Coca-Cola has demonstrated commitment to environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The company has made strides in water conservation, recycling, and community development initiatives, aligning its operations with broader global goals. As a symbol of joy, refreshment, and a shared moment, Coca-Cola continues to be a global cultural phenomenon, ingrained in the fabric of everyday life and celebrated for its timeless appeal.

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