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Visit a CiCi's Pizzza restaurant near you for fresh pizza, pasta, salads and desserts, or pick up your favorites and go home a hero.


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Lynette w/pizza lovin family 04/09/2019
All of the locations in my area closed...we miss them so much. It was our weekly family outing. Please open a Cici's in south jersey!! Even philadelphia area would be ok
Diana 06/04/2018
one in indiana pa closed awhile back.....loves their pizza especially the spinach one....where is there one i can go to???
nina 08/13/2017
I love it. We had one in Gainesville, Ga and it closed. please please bring it back. the place where it was is empty. Please , we have to go 40 miles at least.
Grammy 07/25/2017
My Grandkids love CC's as do PawPaw and Grammy😁. Awesome place...Great place and service👍
Rohini 04/18/2017
I love this place I like food their
Melissa Lira 02/04/2017
We love it! Great pizza and service.
Lee Willey 02/01/2017
Cheap? Make me pay for seven times to give me one free. Not a good deal.
Connie 01/17/2017
We ate at Cici's tonight and was very dissatisfied. The quality went down and prices went up. The plastic tableware was a very bad decision, eating a salad , how do you stick a plastic ford in a baby carrot? Impossible! Just all around a bad experience. We do not plan on going back until quality goes back up. And the bathroom stunk with a terrible ordor..... Thank you for your time.
Rosa 12/08/2016
My family and I alway eat together at cici's. We love it.
Anjum 12/07/2016
Always wonderful!!! Great people work in the Ashland location.
Faye Lowery 10/21/2016
Why are all Cici's closing? They are the best pizza in town. I live in Alabama and have to drive 40 miles to the closes one to me the other one that I know of is around 90 miles.
Cuchy 09/01/2016
Nice and Good price i love It
Anonymous 07/20/2016
Everyplace i go around lexington ky all cicci's are nolonger in business where can i go?
Linda 01/05/2012
Excellent service, friendly,clean, hot food, affordable, and family friendly!
Elsa Ning 12/29/2011
I been there a few times. Good food, good price. Really like it.
katie 12/26/2011
it was great fun in the arcade, it was clean, it had a friendly atmosphere and i really enjoyed the pizza!!
gelexia mclaurin 10/04/2011
The lady at the register was not polite. The pizza was great. It was clean.
Bhagya 08/28/2011
Cici s pizza has everything I needed, effordable price, taste, and large size good for my family
Nohl 08/24/2011
Cicis pizza makes the best pizza and breams sticks ever and if I had enough Money I would eat their every day
Beatrice colunga 06/25/2011
excellent services

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About Cici's Pizza

Cicis is an American buffet restaurant chain based in Coppell, Texas, specializing in pizza. There are approximately 500 franchised and corporately owned restaurants in 35 states. In November 2015, the company began a new marketing campaign which included the renaming of the company to Cicis, along with the addition of a new logo and redesigned website. (From Wikipedia)

In addition to its current restaurants, in 2010 Cicis announced plans to add another 500 restaurants in the next 10 years (with the possibility of expanding internationally into Canada and Mexico). Cicis has won numerous awards and has also been named one of the top 25 performing brands by The Wall Street Journal and a top 200 franchise concept by Franchise Today. The award for worst restaurant ideas has also been awarded to the pizza chain

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