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Comments about Cici's Pizza (26)


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jack 06/16/2023
great place to eat
Robert 03/02/2023
Monica 01/30/2023
Great place good pizza and very good employees
ams 01/22/2023
Love Cicis been coming to Cicis on Seigon Lane in Baton Rouge,La. for years. I just wish they would offer dessert pizzas instead of those little cinnamon rolls and coffee
Diane 06/30/2021
I like 🍕♥️😋
William Barton 06/08/2021
Good value for your dollar
Lynette w/pizza lovin family 04/09/2019
All of the locations in my area closed...we miss them so much. It was our weekly family outing. Please open a Cici's in south jersey!! Even philadelphia area would be ok
Diana 06/04/2018
one in indiana pa closed awhile back.....loves their pizza especially the spinach one....where is there one i can go to???
nina 08/13/2017
I love it. We had one in Gainesville, Ga and it closed. please please bring it back. the place where it was is empty. Please , we have to go 40 miles at least.
Grammy 07/25/2017
My Grandkids love CC's as do PawPaw and Grammy😁. Awesome place...Great place and service👍
Rohini 04/18/2017
I love this place I like food their
Melissa Lira 02/04/2017
We love it! Great pizza and service.
Lee Willey 02/01/2017
Cheap? Make me pay for seven times to give me one free. Not a good deal.
Connie 01/17/2017
We ate at Cici's tonight and was very dissatisfied. The quality went down and prices went up. The plastic tableware was a very bad decision, eating a salad , how do you stick a plastic ford in a baby carrot? Impossible! Just all around a bad experience. We do not plan on going back until quality goes back up. And the bathroom stunk with a terrible ordor..... Thank you for your time.
Rosa 12/08/2016
My family and I alway eat together at cici's. We love it.
Anjum 12/07/2016
Always wonderful!!! Great people work in the Ashland location.
Faye Lowery 10/21/2016
Why are all Cici's closing? They are the best pizza in town. I live in Alabama and have to drive 40 miles to the closes one to me the other one that I know of is around 90 miles.
Cuchy 09/01/2016
Nice and Good price i love It
Anonymous 07/20/2016
Everyplace i go around lexington ky all cicci's are nolonger in business where can i go?
Linda 01/05/2012
Excellent service, friendly,clean, hot food, affordable, and family friendly!
Elsa Ning 12/29/2011
I been there a few times. Good food, good price. Really like it.
katie 12/26/2011
it was great fun in the arcade, it was clean, it had a friendly atmosphere and i really enjoyed the pizza!!
gelexia mclaurin 10/04/2011
The lady at the register was not polite. The pizza was great. It was clean.
Bhagya 08/28/2011
Cici s pizza has everything I needed, effordable price, taste, and large size good for my family
Nohl 08/24/2011
Cicis pizza makes the best pizza and breams sticks ever and if I had enough Money I would eat their every day
Beatrice colunga 06/25/2011
excellent services

Money Saving Tips at Cici's Pizza

Cici's Pizza is known for its buffet-style dining and affordable prices. If you're looking to save money while dining at Cici's, consider these tips:

1. Cici's Pizza Perks: Sign up for Cici's Pizza Perks loyalty program to receive exclusive offers, discounts, and updates. Members may also receive special promotions on their birthdays.

2. Check Cici's Website for Coupons: Visit the Cici's Pizza website for any available coupons, promotions, or limited-time offers. Sometimes, they offer printable or digital coupons that can be used in-store.

3. Specials and Discounts: Keep an eye on Cici's Pizza's specials and discounts. They may have specific days or times with reduced prices or special promotions, such as discounts for seniors or kids.

4. Cici's App Deals: Download the Cici's Pizza app to access exclusive app-only deals, promotions, and discounts. The app may also offer rewards for frequent visits.

5. Student Discounts: If you're a student, inquire about any student discounts that Cici's Pizza may offer. Some locations provide special deals for students with a valid student ID.

6. Military Discounts: Check if Cici's Pizza offers any military discounts. Some locations may provide special deals for military personnel with a valid ID.

7. Group Discounts: If you're dining with a large group, ask about group discounts. Cici's Pizza may offer special rates for parties or events.

8. Birthday Club or Freebies: Inquire about any birthday club or freebies for celebrants. Some locations offer complimentary meals or discounts for individuals celebrating their birthdays.

9. Follow Cici's Pizza on Social Media: Stay connected with Cici's Pizza on social media platforms to receive updates on promotions, giveaways, and special discounts. Some locations share exclusive deals with their social media followers.

10. Family Deals: Look for family deals or packages, especially if you're dining with children. Cici's Pizza may have promotions that cater to families at a more affordable price per person.

11. Combo Meals or Value Deals: Consider ordering combo meals or value deals, which often provide better value compared to ordering individual items separately.

12. Frequent Diner Programs: Check if Cici's Pizza has a frequent diner program where you can earn rewards or discounts for repeat visits.

13. Feedback Surveys: After your visit, check your receipt for any feedback surveys. Participating in surveys may provide you with a coupon or discount code for your next visit.

Always check with your local Cici's Pizza for specific promotions, discounts, and policies, as offerings may vary by location. Additionally, be aware of any expiration dates or restrictions associated with the deals you choose to use.

  Expired Coupons (May Still Work)

FAQs about Cici's Pizza

1. What is Cici's Pizza known for?

Cici's Pizza is known for its buffet-style dining, offering an all-you-can-eat pizza buffet with a variety of pizza flavors, pasta, salads, and desserts.

2. What types of pizzas are available at Cici's Pizza?

Cici's Pizza offers a range of pizza varieties, including traditional favorites like pepperoni and cheese, as well as specialty pizzas with various toppings.

3. Is Cici's Pizza a dine-in or carryout restaurant?

Cici's Pizza is primarily a dine-in restaurant, with a buffet-style setup where customers can enjoy unlimited servings. Some locations may offer carryout options as well.

4. Does Cici's Pizza offer gluten-free pizza options?

As of my last knowledge update in January 2022, Cici's Pizza does not offer specific gluten-free pizza options. It's advisable to check with the specific location for the latest menu offerings.

5. Can you order Cici's Pizza online or through a mobile app?

Cici's Pizza may offer online ordering or a mobile app for certain locations. Customers can check the official website or contact their local Cici's Pizza for information on ordering options.

6. Is there a loyalty program or rewards program at Cici's Pizza?

Cici's Pizza may offer a loyalty or rewards program that provides discounts or special offers to frequent customers. Details may vary by location.

7. What are Cici's Pizza's operating hours?

Operating hours can vary by location and day of the week. It's recommended to check with the specific Cici's Pizza restaurant you plan to visit for their current hours of operation.

8. Does Cici's Pizza offer birthday party or group reservation options?

Yes, Cici's Pizza often provides options for hosting birthday parties and group events. They may offer special packages for larger gatherings.

9. Are there any promotions or discounts available at Cici's Pizza?

Cici's Pizza may run promotions and discounts at various times. Customers can check the official website or inquire at the specific location for information on current deals.

About Cici's Pizza

Cici's Pizza, founded in 1985, has become a cherished destination for pizza lovers seeking an affordable and diverse dining experience. With over 300 locations across the United States, Cici's stands out for its all-you-can-eat buffet concept, offering a wide array of pizzas, pasta, salads, and desserts at an unbeatable price.

The restaurant's hallmark is its endless pizza variety, featuring traditional favorites, specialty pizzas, and innovative creations, all crafted with fresh ingredients. The buffet format allows patrons to savor multiple slices, ensuring a customizable and satisfying meal for every palate. Beyond pizza, Cici's offers a selection of pastas, salads, and desserts, providing a well-rounded dining experience for families and groups.

Cici's commitment to affordability and value extends to its welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for casual gatherings, family outings, or quick lunches. The restaurant's dedication to a budget-friendly dining experience has made it a staple for those seeking quality food without compromising on variety or cost.

With its expansive menu and commitment to a family-friendly environment, Cici's Pizza remains a popular choice for pizza enthusiasts looking to indulge in a limitless and delicious feast.

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