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Visit a CiCi's Pizzza restaurant near you for fresh pizza, pasta, salads and desserts, or pick up your favorites and go home a hero.


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Comments about Cici's Pizza (25)


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Robert 03/02/2023
Monica 01/30/2023
Great place good pizza and very good employees
ams 01/22/2023
Love Cicis been coming to Cicis on Seigon Lane in Baton Rouge,La. for years. I just wish they would offer dessert pizzas instead of those little cinnamon rolls and coffee
Diane 06/30/2021
I like 🍕♥️😋
William Barton 06/08/2021
Good value for your dollar
Lynette w/pizza lovin family 04/09/2019
All of the locations in my area closed...we miss them so much. It was our weekly family outing. Please open a Cici's in south jersey!! Even philadelphia area would be ok
Diana 06/04/2018
one in indiana pa closed awhile back.....loves their pizza especially the spinach one....where is there one i can go to???
nina 08/13/2017
I love it. We had one in Gainesville, Ga and it closed. please please bring it back. the place where it was is empty. Please , we have to go 40 miles at least.
Grammy 07/25/2017
My Grandkids love CC's as do PawPaw and Grammy😁. Awesome place...Great place and service👍
Rohini 04/18/2017
I love this place I like food their
Melissa Lira 02/04/2017
We love it! Great pizza and service.
Lee Willey 02/01/2017
Cheap? Make me pay for seven times to give me one free. Not a good deal.
Connie 01/17/2017
We ate at Cici's tonight and was very dissatisfied. The quality went down and prices went up. The plastic tableware was a very bad decision, eating a salad , how do you stick a plastic ford in a baby carrot? Impossible! Just all around a bad experience. We do not plan on going back until quality goes back up. And the bathroom stunk with a terrible ordor..... Thank you for your time.
Rosa 12/08/2016
My family and I alway eat together at cici's. We love it.
Anjum 12/07/2016
Always wonderful!!! Great people work in the Ashland location.
Faye Lowery 10/21/2016
Why are all Cici's closing? They are the best pizza in town. I live in Alabama and have to drive 40 miles to the closes one to me the other one that I know of is around 90 miles.
Cuchy 09/01/2016
Nice and Good price i love It
Anonymous 07/20/2016
Everyplace i go around lexington ky all cicci's are nolonger in business where can i go?
Linda 01/05/2012
Excellent service, friendly,clean, hot food, affordable, and family friendly!
Elsa Ning 12/29/2011
I been there a few times. Good food, good price. Really like it.
katie 12/26/2011
it was great fun in the arcade, it was clean, it had a friendly atmosphere and i really enjoyed the pizza!!
gelexia mclaurin 10/04/2011
The lady at the register was not polite. The pizza was great. It was clean.
Bhagya 08/28/2011
Cici s pizza has everything I needed, effordable price, taste, and large size good for my family
Nohl 08/24/2011
Cicis pizza makes the best pizza and breams sticks ever and if I had enough Money I would eat their every day
Beatrice colunga 06/25/2011
excellent services

Money Saving Tips at Cici's Pizza

1. Take advantage of lunch specials: Cici's Pizza offers a lunch buffet at a discounted price on weekdays. Check the location's website or call ahead to confirm the hours and price.

2. Join the Cici's Pizza Perks program: Sign up for their rewards program to receive exclusive offers, discounts, and a free adult buffet on your birthday.

3. Visit during off-peak hours: Consider visiting Cici's Pizza during non-peak hours, such as mid-afternoon, to take advantage of lower prices.

4. Share your meal: Cici's Pizza offers unlimited pizza, pasta, and salad, so consider sharing a meal with a friend or family member to save money.

5. Order takeout instead of dining in: Ordering takeout can save you money on drinks and tips.

6. Look for coupons and deals: Check local coupon books, newspapers, and online coupon sites for Cici's Pizza coupons and discounts.

7. Skip the extras: Avoid adding extras like dessert or drinks, which can quickly add up to the bill.

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